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Here are the remarks I just made on the earnings call.

q3 results:
Hello everyone -- thanks for joining us.  It’s great to be on the call today and to share our progress since we last spoke six months ago.  As you can hear my voice is still hoarse so I will keep my remarks reasonably short.  

I am sorry for the scramble earlier today.  As our printers have said, they hit send on the release just a bit early.

We had a strong quarter -- I am really happy with our business.  

Revenue was up 45 per cent year-on-year, and, at just fourteen years old, we cleared our first $14 billion revenue quarter.  Not bad for a teenager!

Today, we live in a world of abundance… abundant information and abundant computing.  

Most of us carry at least one device, all the time, every day.  In fact many of us would feel naked without our smartphone.   It’s hardly surprising mobile search queries -- and mobile commerce -- are growing dramatically across the world. 

And we use these devices interchangeably, depending on our situation.  I switch between my Nexus phone, Nexus 7 tablet and my new Chromebook that we just announced today many times a day.  

While this abundance causes disruption, it also creates amazing opportunity.  And Google is super well-placed to take advantage of these disruptive opportunities.  

Why?  Because our search query volumes have grown this quarter as measured year over year.  And we are seeing tremendous innovation in advertising which, I believe, will help us monetize mobile queries more effectively than desktop today.  Indeed our mobile monetization per query is already a significant fraction compared to desktop.   

In short, as we transition from one screen to multiscreens, Google has enormous opportunities to innovate and drive ever higher monetization.  Just like Search in 2000.
Now we took a big bet on Android back in 2005.  We believed that aligning standards around an open source operating system would drive innovation across the industry.  Most people thought we were nuts.  

Today there are over half a billion Android devices-half a billion - with 1.3 million more being activated every day.  You should all run out and buy the Nexus 7 tablet for $199.  It’s had rave reviews and recently won “Gadget of the Year” from T3, the gadget experts.  You’ll love the integration with Google Play.  It is an amazing device.

This time last year I announced that our run-rate for mobile advertising hit $2.5 billion.  That seemed like a pretty big number -- even for Google.  Now we have built up additional mobile revenue from users paying for content and apps in Google Play.  Including these new sources grossed up, I can announce our new run-rate for mobile is now over $8 billion.  That’s quite a business.  

We have so many opportunities today, that unless we prioritize we spread ourselves too thin.  Last month, we sunset another 19 products.  We’ve now closed or have combined 60 products and features in the last year.  And, we’ve put a ton of energy into ensuring that our remaining products work really well together.   Because as screens multiply, it’s more important than ever that we converge our services.  

Users want one consistent, beautiful and simple Google experience.  Technology should do all the hard work, liberating users to get on with the important things that matter in their lives.   And this screen independence is at the core of our strategy.  

Take Chrome on Android, for example.  We only launched in February but the experience is already amazing.  When you are using Chrome, switching devices is truly painless.  All your tabs are there, ready to go.  Search on your desktop and the result is right there on your smartphone.  You can even click the back button, and it just works.   And as more users upgrade to Google+ -- it’s now over 400 million -- users are enjoying amazing experiences across devices like instant photo upload.  

In the same way, we want to make advertising super simple for customers.  Online advertising has developed in very device specific ways, with separate campaigns for desktop and mobile.  This makes arduous work for advertisers and agencies, and means mobile opportunities often get missed.  

So we’re working to significantly simplify the campaign experience -- working very hard on that.  Advertisers should be free to think about their audience, while we do the hard work of dynamically adapting their campaigns across devices.  I’m very excited about this.

I talked at the start about the abundance of information.  In the early days of Google, you would type in a query, we’d return ten blue links, and you would move on fairly happily.  Today you expect more.  You expect Google to understand deeply.  And you expect us to turn your intentions into actions in the blink of an eye.  

If you search for “Tom Hanks movies”, chances are you want … movies with Tom Hanks!   And thanks to our Knowledge Graph that’s what we show now -- right from the results page: clean, fast, and organized.

And if you’re shopping, say for “Ugg boots”, we now give you pictures, details about the different boots, prices and information about local inventory -- again right from the results page: clean, fast, and organized.

There’s much more we can do to get you the right information at just the right time.  

You might have have a really important event in the city (perhaps a first date), and the traffic is bad.  You need to leave early to avoid being late.  Or maybe you’ve just landed in a new country and you’re at the airport ATM trying to figure out how much cash to withdraw?  Google Now, which we launched on Android in June, gives you all that information and more … automatically, with zero effort required on your part.  

It’s still early days but these kinds of tips and recommendations are super powerful.  They really save users time and hassle.  This is why I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities ahead, given our expertise in Search and Mobile, and our track record monetizing high usage products.  

Everyday, I wake up and I’m delighted that our opportunities keep growing.  And, that we’re birthing to our users great products that are defining the future.  It’s a truly exciting time to be at Google!  
Google Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results. Download PDF version [132KB]. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 18, 2012 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced financial results for the quarter ...
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Nice one Larry. Keep making amazing products.
Go, Google, go - looking forward to the new products and features!
Google is the internet!
I'm so impressed with this amazing company which has altered my life in so many ways - all for the better.
The haters love the 60 point drop today. Keep on moving with technology! 
My wife happened to shop and purchase Ugg boots just hours ago so reading this reference from +Larry Page now feels like an uncanny coincidence... :-P Anyway, good job Google, as usual! 
Even being in a country where Google doesn't offer the full range of products (buy devices or music on Google Play for example) I am continually impressed with Google's innovation and have fully integrated almost everything I do into Google, I'd be lost without it. 
Evolution doesn't happen overnight!  I've always expected good things from Google, and they always deliver.  Keep up the good work, +Google !
I'm betting you're quite annoyed with RR Donnelley.
From my limited examination of reports they appear to have made an epic boo boo.
It sounds like things are going well.  Why did the market punish the stock so much on the report?
Larry, I'm writing a paper on you right now. My English teacher asked me "who's Larry Page" and I simply said, "the man who made the website you're on right now". 
There is abundant information available, but (Like eating bamboo) it's caloric content is quite low.  What's needed is the information equivalent of eating steak, so that we won't have to be slow-moving information pandas.
Really like the Google product range. Keep up the hard work and looking forward to the 29th! 
I lost it at Ugg

But more seriously, I couldn't picture the internet without Google. Google hands down have to be my favorite company.
-Sent from a Nexus 7
Thank you for this very informative explanation +Larry Page. I for one have always been totally optimistic with regards to +Google and this company has never let me down through the years I've been engaged with utilizing it's amazing unparalleled services and experiences. I foresee a very strong earnings outlook when the conference is held and a strong bounce-back for #GOOG  in the future. Best of luck to this amazing company for many years to come.
Results would be even better if Google products were available all around the world.

For me it is not understandable why I cannot buy Nexus 7 in Slovenia, while it is available in Germany. Did Google forget that they can sell device all over EU?
Possibility are immense, in the whole connected Google world. 
Google never seizes to amaze me with the abundance of tools they provide to make the internet world a much more organized and useful place!! Keep it up Google! You guys are by far the best at what you do!!     
Wow, you're rich :D

When will Google Drive application be bug fixed? I want to pay a subscription to Google for moore space in Google Drive, but Google Drive has many bugs which makes it unusable on many pc's (eg. Laptop and my home PC) because of its errors.
And the Linux users (and me) are waiting for a Linux version for Google Drive application.
I've bought many Samsung products which were so badly hardware-designed that I'm suspicious about this one. Perhaps one day there's a Google logo in front, and we can see the holistic approach that made Apple deliver high-usability.
Sounds considerably better than Wallstreet understood it today.
+Christian Kohek -- Google barely makes any money of the physical hardware when someone purchases a Nexus 7. The component cost of the Nexus 7 almost add up to the sale price of the device. Google only makes  $42 profit on the $249 16 GB model, thus Google only makes money when people buy content through Google Play Store (App, Music, Movies, Book, TV Shows) thus it just doesn't make sense for Google to sell the Nexus 7 in countries were they can't offer their full range of services. Nexus 7 is pretty much only a media delivery device for Google. Check out this link, it explains what I am talking about.
Good move to help rebound the stock.
Getting better all the time! Looking forward to the next Nexus!
Absolutely ridiculous situation with the stock dump. Google make some fantastic products, are doing really well and all that global data out there properly organised and presented makes a difference to people. Google are one of the few IT companies that seem to be evolving to meet the future. Everyone else is releasing iterative products or copying to meet where the competition is now..

All I can say is now is a great time to buy Google stock if you're after a bargain. It's clear that the so-called smart money dumped it cheap, and it will be right back up there once sanity returns.. :)
Hope you feel better soon Mr. Page.
Luc K.
Go Google! 
+Larry Page love the +Nexus 7 plug... I can only imagine what your +Nexus phone looks like.  Since I can't pay +Google directly for the amount of value, enrichment and service you bring to my life professionally and personally, I'll pick up some stock... thanks!
Keep up the great work Google! Can't imagine life without my Galaxy Nexus and all the Google services I use daily. Why Google? Because of the integration. Again keep it up looking forward to the future!
Oh, boy! All my Google stock! Oh, wait - I have no Google stock!
I'm a Google user, as long as the product is good I will adopt it. The share market is a fickle beast, I don't think you need to worry quite yet, and that new chrome book, yes please, sign me up. 
The playground is open. Ten days to go.... Thank you.
I wasn't phased by the unusual market event.
they ll come back, where the hell should they ad their other companies? bing? =] time to collect shares back.
The Stock Market is a most unfortunate phenomenon which epitomises human stupidity. It is best to keep lunatic systems such as it to games and mental exercises; in the real world such an abomination has no valid place where a society is to value intelligent or compassionate living. The entire system is anathema and the product of mass psychosis. Its continued existence in this world of information and technology is a transgression of immense magnitude. Companies listed on the Stock Market are legally obliged to maximise profit at the cost of the environment, the good of people, and at the expense of all that is decent and worthy. That is why we live in a global sewer on our way to oblivion instead of an Eden. Greed is not good, cooperation is. A world in which a rich-poor divide exists is a disharmonious world in which criminality is intrinsic. None of us are safe or free while the monetary system persists, not even billionaires.
+Christian Kohek not exactly true, each country has their own rules and like Slovenia, Argentina, and the Czech republic, they follow both EU rules and their own countries. Youre sorta right though. In countries that don't have rules like such, they can sell the same version all over the EU.
I remember when I was much younger...'Cooperation', was the 'buzz' word...It seems like Ronald Raygun changed it to 'Competition' one day and nobody ever looked back..!..sheesh!!!!...:)O(:..
I believe Motorola is a great acquisition and some surprising opportunities are going to arise from it.
Congrats on the top 40. You deserve it big time!
Larry, Chile es lo mejor (bacán), ven para acá, lo pasarás bombaaa!!
Let's think a google+ to cover all the "social network world" do you imagine? it' ll integrates google :P ñan
welcome the Nexus4&Android4.2,And than update all Android phone to Android 4.2,THX God…
$8.5bn mobile rev, amazing! Rock on Google! You are the future, not apple, not FB. 
Brian S
Thank you Adblock Plus!! 
I think Google does well in its search/android business. But really need to draw up a clear strategy on MOTO.
B Fahl
Great Larry we just need to hear you talk about Motorola as we invented the Mobile Market and below to the best company in the world...Google..thx
I love the fact that El Goog's is switching from Information to Knowledge. Very exciting possibilities in this transition related to  behavioral prediction and inferences drawn from massive data sets which looks poised to upend "common sense" in countless domains. Great job Larry and Co.. stomp on the ̶g̶a̶s̶ electric!  
Google helps us to maximize the use of a fundamental asset: our time.
With speed, relevance and simplicity of use in many different platforms as you described (and waiting for Google Glass…), Google has a mobile world of opportunities to make the advertisement even faster, more relevant and simple.
Who knows how Google will help to answer tomorrow the two fundamental questions of Metaphysics: What is there? and What is it like? 
There are no limits…
Ricardo Lachac (from Brazil)
As I watched Felix Baumgartner free fall, all I could think about was Google Glass and how amazing that would have been for him to land on the Mascone Center from 24 miles above the earth..
I would love to "run out and buy the Nexus 7," but I tried, and can't. No one carries it. I went to Best Buy and to Sears and to GameStop (places I would never go but where the Google Shopping website told me to find the device) and they didn't carry it. No way it can compete with the iPad if I can't even find a place to test it out and hold it in my hands. 
+Larry Page +Android +Android Developers 
Please make all Google Play services available in many countries as possible... 
Another idea is to have a Nexus "Certification" so that many can create Nexuses (but where you provide updates) and you can create a Motorola Nexus without having troubles with manufacturers that says that you're favoring Motorola...
These were just rumors, but I really love to see them implemented:

This way almost every new smartphone will be a Nexus (because updating an OS costs money for manufacturers).
This way every new Nexus will have the latest version of Android.
This way developers will have less work to do by testing their apps to the previous versions of Android.
This way the Support Library will be obsolete in one or two years.

Keep up the good work!
Happy to see you're fine with your health :-)
ong garry page  chem gio it thoi nhe
The best thing google done was back a good horse (linux) i can see google go further than most of the big players out there because ones OS is unstable and unwanted and the other is too expensive but google is just right like goldielocks 
go ahead ! we are just beginning...
Great update, waiting for Google to converge search and + even more to give better value to social brands like 
Please improve Google Bookmarks. It is still buggy after years inspite of it potential. It would fit so well to Google's capabilities and it's product line. Google makes mistakes and I had to move to Pinboard and  I am concerned as shareholder.
Aw, quit being so commercial. It's not like no company in the world has ever run ever so slightly lower on profits. You're Google, for google's sake! You'll never die. 
Great job guys, but you really need to crack into the business sector a little better, Microsoft still dominates on the corporate front as office suite seems to be the palace of choice for many companies. With better functionality and mobile integration though I could see a fantastic data management model using Google drive paired with some chromebooks and tablets. For example I work with a geotechnical testing company and if we could have field guys entering data while they load up their truck leaving a site (maybe with a small tab or chromebook) we could save hours of office work later on, use far less paper for documentation, and have samples logged and ready for testing before they even make it back to the lab, it'd be wonderful, unfortunately drive is not quite user friendly enough for something like this yet
Amazing, keep the cool stuff coming!
+Arron Shutt There is actually a good reason for the stock drop.
Since +Larry Page took over, google has made a transition from putting users first to putting advertizes first (with things like the abandonment of neutral searches) That means that when I use a google product, I no-longer get the result that is best for me, I get the result that is best for the ad companies.

The problem is that ad companies will eventually throw their money wherever there are eyeballs looking at the screen, and as google focuses more and more on making advertizes happy, I have less and less reason for using their core-products.

The abandonment of neutral search has caused me to move my searches exclusively to Bing and DuckDuckGo.

The removal of visual separation between message and ads in gmail forces me to run an ad blocker (which I prefer not to do) and the inability to turn off the highly offensive sig-trimming has me honestly looking at other providers.

The transition of google books into google play, similar to changing an amazing library into an information kiosk at a highly advertized mall, and all done on the hideous metro interface has sent me straight back to Amazon.

The list goes on, and while google is doing some amaizing things, but more and more, they are doing them in ways that make me decide that they are not for me.

Focusing on the advertisers will allow you to move from "Amazingly profitable" to "Insanely profitable" in the short term, but in the long term, it drives away eyeballs, and in the long-term, the money follows the eyeballs.
Hello. I would like to send you information about project which can attract many people to GOOGLE+ as well as to improve life of hundreds millions of people based on revolutionary and valid regularities. Please give me your E-mail address.
+Larry Page Why are people who are making death threats, and inciting others to kill users, on Google Plus not being blocked from using the service?
+Marc Aupiais I'll field this one, 'caus google won't bother.
Go to the offending profile, and in the whitespace, just below the ads, you will see "Report this profile" 
If you do it with good reason google has a pretty good track-record of taking them down / banning them.
+John VanRoekel I did that, they have not disappeared. They seem to have a history of getting away with it.
hi larry, please remember that the dividend yield is still zero!
Larry keep a great entrepreneur, even if you are at a loss, you've built an empire compliments.
+Larry Page, we are 110% behind your long term absolute conviction, spectacular large scale vision and execution for +Google's mission to make the world a better place.    You are one of the few visionary individuals who certainly does "have a healthy disregard for the impossible" and actually acts upon that crazy vision while the rest of us come along and follow you on that wild ride to change the world for the better.  Keep up the great work.
P.S. Seriously, I'd vote for you as President of the United States on November 4th if you were running.
hello page i am yuna suh 
Congratulations Google :-) keep rocking..
welcome dearest google welcome
future by google\(^o^)/~
Sir larry page,
i Am jayanth reddy of 14 years age.i just want to ask you how to secure a job at google, i mean what degree or study should i hold for a job at google?

Just sell it: With Android you get information even before they are released ;-)
Very good job, I was coming a little bit late to utilize Google services, but I have to say that several services are really a great enrichment. I love Google Finance which is the best information portal of it's kind. I am using an iPhone, but I am also an Android fan because it is the only mobile OS which is at eye level of iOS, and  competition means better products for users. I started this summer using and sharing on G+, I like it because it allows to share stuff to a nice community, it brings an powerful ecosystem, much better compared to a private blog. Keep it up!
Hi, in my android phone HTC one x I use gtalk. The ' >.< ' symbol does not make any icon but bb does, why?
Thanks Larry and Google team keep up the great work and great products
hi Lary what's new from Google
Nexus 7! Gonna get it... I wish you announce google glass soon
Asshole u stole the idea of android from iOS I hope jobs kills u in ur sleep 
Goolge makes me excited about the future of the web.
Hello dear Larry Page! I am inspired by the work and development of the company Google. My dream is to take part in the development of Google. And I have a few ideas for the development of the ecosystem Google. Sincerely RF!
how does someone with an idea get in contact with you?
Dear Larry,
How I wish I could speak to you. What I would give to get some advise from a true pro just once. I am going to start classes in this because the computer is not my strong point like your generation. I was Alaskan working ..
I am wondering where pages upon pages of my 5 star reviews went. I worked very hard for those and have a lot of very great clients I have cared for a long time.
The company who takes care (face-time) of their partners, advertisers, customers and others will make the difference in the mobile market. Good luck and stay healthy!!! 
Larry I recently purchased a 16 GB Nexus 7 and absolutely love it! Now the rumors of a 32gb is out there and now I wish I held off because if the price point is the same I'll be kicking myself. I doubt the store will return my purchase because I want more storage. I love your device and your company. Any suggestions? 
Give it to your significant other and buy a new one?

Congratulations on Google's earnings! 

I bought a Google Nexus 7 and it is great! Apple announced an inferior product yesterday at almost twice the price and, sadly, they will probably sell many times more of them than the Nexus 7. Why aren't you doing more and better marketing of this product? If the idea is not to beat Apple, then why do it?

I saw a Nexus 7 at my local Walmart, but it was lost on a shelf among various generic Android pads. There was nothing telling me this was a Google product. Apple, on the other hand, has a huge colorful display with lovely photos and the huge Apple logo everywhere.

Google needs displays similar to Apple at WalMart and Best Buy!

Then, there are the Apple stores. Easy solution. Buy Radio Shack for $250 million, do a little re-branding, and you get instant Google stores.

Finally, television ads! I have seen the Chromebook ads, and yeah the cloud is cool, but it isn't happening now. Pad computing is happening now. Now is the time to flood the tv networks with Nexus 7 ads to make shoppers aware for Christmas.

Actually, it is probably too late to make any of this happen this year, unless you put me in charge, but please give it some thought for the next iteration.


P.S. Do you actually read these posts?
Only 45% of world's population is having a mobile handset...!!! 
Hi larry! Nice to meet you on this page. I am also a android lover, i am really interest in android succes...
Why did google delte the name of Dokdo (Korean Island) from the google map?
+Minho Park, I see this is a question that is important to you. Let me try and hit this from another angle.

Humans, homo sapiens, organize themselves into groups, and sometimes these groups have disagreements. This disagreement is about a small section of the surface of the planet earth. One groups claims it as theirs, at the exclusion of the other, and vice versa.

That's my scientific (left brain) bases for understanding the situation.

For my artistic (right brain) insight into this conflict, I think the American band Tool in their song 'Right in Two'.

"Angels on the sideline,
Puzzled and amused.
Why did Father give these humans free will?
Now they're all confused.

Don't these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly old monkeys,
Where there's one you're bound to divide it

Right in two

Angels on the sideline,
Baffled and confused.
Father blessed them all with reason.
And this is what they choose."

Tool Right in Two - video

I honestly hope that Korea and Japan can work out their differences, acknowledge the past, and work together to build a better future on this tiny planet.
Fantásticos comentarios! Como Gooogle: F A N T A S T I C O
Ларри красавчег
Google is fantastic, but some products are not available yet in Malaysia...cant wait for it though...
Do NOT kill Google Reader! It's my daily roadmap of the internet!
Rather than smart Phones Stuck to Windshields, why not project map and songs' lyrics directly to the windshield glass for bigger area and at the same time considering the safety issue. 
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