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I am very, very sad to hear the news about Steve. He was a great man with incredible achievements and amazing brilliance. He always seemed to be able to say in very few words what you actually should have been thinking before you thought it. His focus on the user experience above all else has always been an inspiration to me. He was very kind to reach out to me as I became CEO of Google and spend time offering his advice and knowledge even though he was not at all well. My thoughts and Google's are with his family and the whole Apple family.
Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.
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Well said. Steve, you will be greatly missed.
This is the fastest spread information in the history
Very kind words. You're very lucky to have spent time with him.
RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011). He was a great man. He was a genius.
Yong Er
iPhone 4S = iPhone for Steve.
Very sad day for the tech world. #RIPSteveJobs
"I want to put a ding in the universe."

He did, indeed he did.

Before its too late, thank you for doing the same.
Yep and yep. You can learn a lot from what he did, Larry; some to emulate and some to avoid.
que en paz descanses Steve, (se que desentono hablando en español)
pero fue, es y sera un ejemplo.
Well said. The face of technology has forever been changed because of Steve Jobs. We lost a great one today. :(
Will you do a special doodle for him?
he's a genius! rip steve...
What a sad day for the tech world. He will be missed.
+Larry Page, while I enjoy my Android phone tremendously, without Steve's vision I believe the mobile phone industry, and many others, would be far behind where they are now. He will be missed.
He will be missed.
Hey LP you should do something on the Google page as a tribute to Steve.
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh He was one of your most powerfull enemies,
Howeber great words Larry Page
I saw a report that said Larry and Sergy set Steve as their mentor.
Hope him have Nirvana.
Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You changed the world, inspired us all.

Steve Jobs เป็นตัวอย่างให้กับคนรุ่นใหม่, เป็นแรงบันดาลใจกับผู้คนหลาย ๆ คน, เป็นแบบอย่างของคนที่ประสบความสำเร็จโดยใช้พลังแห่งการสร้างสรรค์
May he rest in peace. His legacy must live on!! :-(
+Jeff Marraccini I couldn't agree with you more. His vision and ruthless improvement of user experience has revolutionized not only Apple, but all of Apple's competitors.
RIP Steve and thank you..
Well put Larry. Thanks. You can surely remember him best by continuing doing what you do now to your max: innovate and remember to Do No Evil (rather: try to do good). And so sayeth all of Norway.
Man was a game changer. First affordable computer, Apple II. First GUI, Macintosh. First to consumers with 64-bit cpus. CEO of Pixar, 1986-2006. Returned to Apple in 1996 and saved that sinking ship.And of course, the entire "i"-series of products that sent everyone else scrambling to catch up. He wasn't the first to come up with the ideas; he was the first to make them accessible. Consumer electronics will feel the lack of his vision.
Kun Zhu
We will miss him.
So sad :( RIP Steve Jobs, you will always be remembered.
Who will take up the mantle of saying "no" to mediocrity that makes money? Who will take up the burden of saying "try again" even to the really, really good? Steve Jobs proved there is a market for reality defying brilliance.
Well said Larry. May he rest in peace.
It's really nice to see how many different groundbreakers he had inspired and supported. The true impact of the loss is huge.
Very well said Larry, regardless of what the haters want to say, Jobs delivered quality because he believed in nothing less. R.I.P Steve
You are so lucky to have spent time with him. He was such an incredible inspiration. Anyone who hasn't seen Steve Jobs speech at Stanford - google it now!
"He was very kind to reach out to me as I became CEO of Google and spend time offering his advice and knowledge" -- Wow, that is super nice.
Rest in peace Mr Jobs and well said sir, he will be missed..!!
At all times in it's lifespan so-far Apple has held design and UI and user experience in the forefront. As no other company has managed to meet that same singular vision, logic says it's due to the core brain behind the brand. As such, we all will remember Steve Jobs with admiration and love, no matter what side of any philosophy you may fall on, you still should and probably are remembering Steve with love. For any faults found with the philosophy of Apple, no one can dispute the genious and brilliance of Apple, and of Steve. From God do we come, and to God do we return. May your travels be joyous, and may your loved ones remember you with happiness and thankfullness for your embrace by the great rewards of the hereafter...
ETA to google logo change?

RIP Jobs
R.I.P. Steve Jobs. The world is a better place because of you!
R.I.P. He was a father of modern technology and cool gagdets we use nowadays. We'll miss u. May ur spirit lives on Apple.
Indeed Steve we'll all miss you very much.
RIP Steve. You are one of the great ones.
Thank you, +Larry Page. My thoughts are also with the family. There are very few men whose death is as widely known in such a short time.
Huge Loss
R.I.P. Steve Jobs
+Yong Er I think you mean "iPhone 4S": the "S" is for Steve.
RIP Steve....He was a brilliant man and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Rest In Peace

Steve Jobs A Excellent Person was in the world with us.
He turn the perfection into science. Everything he made was revolutionary and incredible. We were all lucky to live in Steve Jobs era. R.I.P. Steve Jobs, you change the world.

There is a void left...
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” - Steve Jobs
愿乔帮主一路走好吧!R.I.P Steve Jobs
RIP Steve. U will truly be missed.
It's a sad day for all of us.
I feel very very bad for Steve:(
How great he was!
How much he did for us, just look at my computer and my iPhone, the two essential things. I can't live without them.

I hope he is in the heaven now.
thanks for that tribute. so well said.
RIP Steve Jobs. One of the undisputed greats of the 21st Century.
Good Bye Steve You made a real difference in all of our lives Thank You and God Speed
RIP Jobs ...we missed you but consoled with the legacy you left behind.
Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. Thank you for your contribution to this World.
Every single person who has used a personal computer, clicked a mouse, listened to music on a portable player, watched a movie online, or used most productivity software has Steve Jobs to thank. His all-to-brief life is over, but his impact on modern society will endure.
Nicely said Larry. Wow, I feel like some huge dude just punched me in the gut with a large fist
+1 to that. RIP Steve. You will be missed. 
comparto totalmente contigo, es lamentable la perdida de Steve, nos deja un gran ejemplo de vision de futuro.
Im very sad too, he is a genius!! :-(
always be remembered:(
Google should do a Google Doodle in memory of Steve Jobs.
Irreparable loss. It's really sad to see you go Steve. May his soul rest in peace.
A very nice post, Larry. He's in a better place now. Steve was good at believing in what other's didn't. He's definitely changed the way we communicate, interact, and as the co-founder of Pixar, watch movies. An incredible foot print to leave behind. My condolences to his family.
If it wasn't for the iPhone, Android probably wouldn't be as successful as it is today.
iPhone 4S = iPhone for Steve... 
I'm really grateful that he was part of the movement that brought us developers new form factors and devices to develop for. He created more "Jobs" than anyone else I can think of. I don't have to agree with him on everything but he really was a man of "amazing brilliance".
I am realy sad .. realy realy sad .. There are lots of cures for cancer ..and they did not do it for him!!
Always remember stay hungry, stay foolish....
Adios Steve.... will always be remembered!
He defined The American Dream," Imagination is more important than being Smart" by A.E. but Steve Jobs Was the rare ones who had it all. Whatever what religion you believe in, I'm sure he's in a better place, Any God will ensure that.
ps- Larry Page Good lookin out, nice words.
A sad evening, rest in peace Steve.
I've never been an Apple fan, but I'll miss Steve. He was a great man and a great visionary.
As a human you have to show condolences to everyone who dies.
I think i will never understand why no one cares about the others who died because of apple. But yes..
Requiescat in pace Steve Jobs.
Well said. Steve Jobs' impact on our lives is immeasurable. From Apple to Pixar to NeXt and back to Apple, he changed the way we interact, not just with Technology, but with each other. 
so sad... hikshikshiks
Despite knowing of his condition, this has still caught me off guard. Rest in Peace Steve. As a PC whose only just recently brought myself to purchasing an iPod, I'll freely admit that I've always admired your products.
R.I.P Steve. Your inspirations will continue to live with us.
It would be nice to see a true 'X-Prize' devoted to the cure of cancer. I lost my own father too early, and it seems that Steve was a surrogate father for many geeks out there. Perhaps those at the top with the resources and individual wealth to make something like this happen, will make it happen, in the near future.
Sad day...we just lost a legend!
RIP Steve, your genius will outlive the rest of us.
What he had, was typically very painful to experience at the end stage. In some ways, I feel relieved for him. The loss is on us.
At this time of profound loss, in our hearts, in our minds, with all that we have learned, as much as our own lives have been truly empowered with our vast technologies we must never take for granted nor ever forget the man who made it all possible, nor those who have fallen in the process of one man's rise to power:
Let us remember everyone...
I am consumed with sadness... thanks for posting this, Larry.
People with the vision and drive of Steve Jobs are a rare asset.
Objectively speaking ,jobs' death is like Chinese Zhu Geliang ,his death made the iphone 4s to be a Souvenir
Though I'm not at all a fan of Apple's products, I do feel that the technological world has suffered a great loss on this day with Mr. Jobs' death.

He was great man, with a great vision. His words inspired and his vision propelled Apple Inc. to the powerhouse it is today.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, may your standard of excellence and the quality of your company's products be your eternal legacy.
The most amazing worldwide respected CEO of his generation. A pioneer in design, marketing, tech and leadership. Your Apple legacy on this small planet will live on for generations. Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.
I never had an Apple, an iMac, an iPod or an iPad, but they all changed my life
"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose." - Steve Jobs

Your legacy will treat you well.
Thank You Steve Jobs..You were an inspiration to billions of people...RIP
I never had such an "empty" feeling with a person I never met....
Que triste, se fue un gran hombre, pero se queda un gran legado...
Oh Jesus! He is a legend. 天哪,就是个传奇。
World without Steve jobs is just like students without principle. ....... We will miss your guidance to the world ...
You should do a logo for him.
I hope the guys who has the power to carry his legacy on do it the right way. YOU know who I am talking about.
Steve you are loved by so many people including me :(
kitty Z
pls tell me this ain't real
I'm not an apple fan, but of course I should recognize the genius that steve jobs was. RIP
A piece of computer history is gone. Farewell Mr. Jobs.
RIP. This is a very sad day.
It's a shame he had to die. I wonder how his wife and kids are feeling. RIP, Steve.
RIP Steve. 그는 거인이었습니다(He was the great man of IT, and World)
Hello world we just lost on of our wonders..

I was gong too bed,just checking the Norwegian online newspapers first,32minutes ago,and now I cant sleep.Even us that didnt like the strict policies of Apple.Knows that Steve was a genius and game changer.
Create a google doodle for him pleaseee...
+1 for a Google Doodle for Steve Jobs. #RIPSteveJobs
Well said, Larry.
He was a great man....via apple iPad.
R.I.P Steve, you will be missed!
Fare well and thank you for everything, Steve.
RIP STEVE. Comme quoi on peut être un des hommes les plus puissant du monde, on est tous égaux face â la maladie.
great words Larry.. we r quite sad...
Oh my word! Rest in peace Steve. You were a true pioneer of the digital age.
You owe you maker one life and wow what amazing life it was.
R.I.P Steve. You were such an inspiration to us
Larry make sure you change Google logo tomorrow to honor him!
+Larry Page My heart goes out to his family and all of the great minds he worked with and inspired. His legacy will live on in all that you do and accomplish and all who you inspire in turn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Stay foolish.
“Apple perdió a un genio visionario y creativo, y el mundo ha perdido a un ser humano increíble. Y aquellos que han sido lo suficientemente afortunados de conocer y trabajar con Steve, han perdido a un querido amigo y un mentor inspirador. Steve deja atrás una empresa que sólo él pudo haber construido, y su espíritu será por siempre la fundación de Apple.”
Heartbreaking news.. Rest in peace Steve, knowing you changed the world for so many people, in so many ways!
kitty Z
pls tell me this ain't real
Mac & cheese and Apple slices for afternoon tea. Tipping coffee cups in celebration of a life that bettered ours.
Extrañaremos a Steve Jobs, el genio detrás de Apple. Sin duda uno de las grandes mentes de nuestra época.
RIP. Your spirit lives forever. :(
We without great man jobs may I now ask you to rise and join me in a minute of silence. Thank you
He will be missed and will never be forgotten. Great human being and leader who has brought outstanding technology to the world!

I'm glad he touched your life and positively impacted so many others, that anyone will ever know. My Heart goes out to all his Family, Friends and Apple Inc./Staff. I hope his legacy/work will continue!
R.I.P. Steve! From Adam's apple, Steve's apple will be defined soon.
Goodbye Jobs!
You were a great genius of tecnology.
R.I.P.Steve Jobs.One of the greatest visionaries of our time, Your genius will live on for generations to come...
my condolences 2 family, friends, and colleagues at Apple....
People come and go...but what Steve has done will stay for ever.
When a star falls, the streak of light it emits will be tremendous in magnitude. That is Steve...
Thank-you Larry..for your thoughtful post..may he rest in peace...
Google and the rest of us are better off for having been touched by Steve jobs and his technological legacy.
His legacy lives on, through his brand and his products...
행복한 곳에서 영면하기를 기원합니다.
Objectively speaking ,jobs' death is like Chinese Zhu Geliang ,his death made the iphone 4s to be a Souvenir
Feel like this world lost one of the few brilliant pioneering minds.. so tragic.
Rest in peace Steve....
R.I.P. Steve. Your legacy will live on.
A great man indeed. He will be remembered for all of his work, for his vision. 
RIP Steve... Thank you... your accomplishments changed the face of our world... your legacy will live on forever...... God Bless
Rest in peace, Steve. Your innovations has improved the world, and including my life. Your iPhone is a productive part of my life.
We lost a great mind, a great inventor and the best CEO that changed and touched so many life's. The world lost a great mind, RIP Steve Jobs.
rip?why?I use google to translate rip .not a good word .I am a. Chinese ……
.... dont know what to say, he helped us all
Steve fue y seguira siendo un gran personaje. Descanze en Paz
goodman leave us with the goodname....
So much of my interest in technology was fueled through the genius & trail blazing concepts of this man 
It's really sad to hear about this. RIP
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.for steve jobs
Jack Su
One era ends. A really sad news!
RIP steve jobs we'll always remember, you have changed the world.
Thanks Steve for all that you did, you'll be greatly missed.
Thank you Steve, you changed our world and a will never forget your legacy.
RIP SJ - you've taught me to never settle for the status quo...
He was a great artist. Everybody is feeling sad all over the world.
such a pity... the whole world will miss you.
RIP SJ, I will miss you. I will buy an iPhone4s for you. You know, iphone 4 steve.
R.I.P - to the man who revolutionised the mobile world.
الله يرحمك يا حج ستيف جوبز كنت راجل جامد جدا
I still can't believe this. One of the saddest days of the world. :(
That little machine my political science instructor made me use to write a paper on turned an inner city kid into a dreamer. I wanted an Apple from the very first day I touched it. I wanted to do more than my imagination could/can ever handle. I am still a dreamer because of Apple. May we have more Apples and more dreamers. Thank you seems so trite at this moment but I still have to say, thank you Apple and condolences the Jobs family.
RIP STEVE. Ur innovations will make u live in people's heart for ever.
R.I.P. - Steve Jobs. We will be in the paradise of God.
He set the pace for the everyday sci-fi world we now live in. Just amazing accomplishments. Perfect example of following your passion to the nth degree. RIP.
+Larry Page while were on the subject i'd like to suggest a feature for g+, i'd like to be able to blocked key words in posts automatically so i dont have to see them. steves jobs death being displayed in my stream 10x is useless information.
:( my condolence to the jobs family and all of those who missed a beloved one :(
R.I.P. you were an incredible man and will be remembered for all your hard work and accomplishments
Courage, integrity and humanity. One of the very best. His legacy will inspire the best in many.
my 1st desktop is Apple II GS Mac (1988), iThanks for Steve Jobs, GBU
"Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." RIP Steve Jobs.
Very sorry to hear that. We all will miss him and his great Keynotes.
RIP Mr.Jobs .......... the living legend
Good Bye Steve Jobs..... Your Vision & Inspiration Still Live...
So sad to hear the news.
iSnt iT sad? do u think foxconn's workers will get a 15er today?
This man changed the world computer and life styles of a lot of people... R.I.P. Steve Jobs
Why all the good people always have to go so soon =(!!!
Mr. Lary in google + no chat application?
Indonesian people who enjoy a lot like facebook chat on google + why there has been no
RIP Steve
RIP Steve , thanks very very thanks for all!

From Peru
Rest in pease Steve even though I prefer the Nexus Prime to your iPhone 4S you have done a great Job, Steve Jobs.
Descanse en paz steve toda la empresa de google te respeta y admira
We will miss you, Steve, iCon of Apple, iCon of IT industry. :-(
really :( a lost :(:(
Siempre estaras en cada uno de nosotros.. DESCANSA EN PAZ Steve
World lost one of the great innovator's of technology!
He will be missed dearly.
Profencing Sport
‎1987 I used a Macintosh in my ELS class in DC. Before that computers were as big as a building and were only used by the military and some big companies. Steve Jobs change the world, gave us access to personal computers and ultimately to the iphone and the note pads. Steve Jobs, is the father of networks and of the modern pc and ipad era. Rest in peace. !
whether one loves Apple or hates it, one can't deny the fact that Steve Jobs changed our world. Rest in Peace Steve !
Steve Job is a great man. You're an inspiring man. I always remember what did you say "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish". RIP Mr. Steve Jobs. :)
print 'Hello Heaven.'
RIP Steve Jobs.. We Will Miss U..
Our world is so amazing. yesterday on my comment in google+ i wrote a comment on Larry Page that he could be the next Steve Jobs and today he is gone. My greatest quote on Jobs biography is "Steve Wozniak was the engineering genius and Jobs was the product empresario". RIP jobs
He will not be forgotten long time so longer as computer is becoming personal en desk tops used every where i the world ,u cannot miss them mentioning him in if u ve no ipad iphone en ipod.
Grande Steve, Gracias por ser un ejemplo para todos.
Quien era, ni idea
I won't become a Steve or Apple fan just because he's dead. Of course, he was one of the creator of what hardware and software are nowadays. But i still disagree with most of his choices about what IT should be.
Steve, with your talents, you had the possibility to create a better and more open world, but you did not and i'll always have anger against you about that. I will anyway remember you as one of the founder of my work an passion : IT. Rest in peace.
Sage K.
R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Everybody, "Stay hungry, Stay foolish"
Nobody perfect ,, RIP Steve
OK. Ok Huissain. 121 billion but not anymore! Done!
Should read up about him in Wiki...
Can I be honest? Should have at least had the courtesy to talk to him before Google did Android. Don't be evil.
Is android evil? Alice Chang.. really wanna know, cus you become 2nd person in this story now.. pls highlight me thanks
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It is important for every man to do good things for which us will all remember. For us, others' wealth means nothing.
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