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We are in the middle of our Q1 earnings call right now. Here are the remarks I just gave.

Hi everyone.  Thank you for joining us.  It’s great to be on the call this afternoon.  

If you are listening online, I hope you liked our warm-up video, I hear they had a great time making it.  

OK … We had a really strong start to 2013 -- with Q1 revenue up 31 per cent year-on-year to $14 billion.  I want to give a big shout out to the sales teams that made this all possible.  We tend to focus on product and engineering -- but our business organization is tremendously strong.  They are Google’s unsung heroes.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked hard to increase our velocity, improve our execution and focus on the big bets that will make a difference in the world.

Take Google Now.  Our goal is to get you the right information, at just the right time.  Launched nine months ago, Now provides boarding passes, delivery updates, and traffic conditions … without you having to ask first.  And this quarter we added movie tickets nicely packaged with directions to the theater.

I am also excited about our Voice Search momentum.  Looking for the nearest pharmacy?  Just ask Google for directions, and we’ll deliver them instantly … no typing needed.  And you can now ask conversational questions like-- “do I need a jacket this weekend?”

Voice commands are going to be increasingly important.  It’s just much less hassle to talk than type!  So this quarter we launched Chrome support for web speech APIs.  Developers can now easily add voice recognition into their web apps.  We expect to see a lot of innovation there.    

The velocity around Google Play is tremendous.  It’s a big bet, and one that’s fundamental to the success of the Android ecosystem.  In our first year:  

We have signed partnerships with all the major movie studios, music labels and publishers; and

Our digital content is available in over 20 countries globally -- seven of which we launched in Q1, including India and Mexico.

And last week, we released a beautiful new UI … with better recommendations, bigger images and a simpler way to buy things.  Play is already a great product and we are improving it at a rapid rate.

As devices multiply, it’s really important that our products work seamlessly whatever device you are using at that moment.  

It’s why I love Google Play … the ability to buy books, apps, movies or songs and have them instantly available on your Android devices, even when you buy it on the web.  When you switch devices while reading, your book opens exactly where you left off!    

In the same way, we need to make advertising across devices really simple for our customers.  

Online advertising has developed in very device-specific ways, with separate campaigns for desktop and mobile.  This makes arduous work for advertisers and agencies, and means mobile opportunities often get missed.  

So in February we launched Enhanced Campaigns, a significant upgrade to AdWords.  Nikesh will talk more about that in a moment … but our goal is simple:  to enable advertisers to focus on their audience and message, while we dynamically adapt their campaigns across multiple devices.  I’ve been very pleased with the rate of progress so far, we’re smoothly moving a huge advertising system and ecosystem on a dime.

In today’s multi-screen world, the opportunities are endless.  Think about your device.  

Battery life is a challenge for most people … you shouldn't need to carry a charger around with you to make it through the day.  

If your kid spills their drink on your tablet, the screen shouldn’t die.  

And when you drop your phone, it shouldn't shatter.  

There’s real potential to invent new and better experiences -- ones that are much faster and more intuitive.  

So having seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I am really excited about the potential there.  In just under a year they’ve accomplished a lot and have impressive velocity and execution.

I wanted to finish up by talking a little bit about the future.  

We invest the vast majority of our resources and time in our core products as well as our big bets like Chrome, YouTube and Android.

But as CEO it’s also super important to keep focused on the future.  Companies tend to get comfortable doing what they have always done, with a few minor tweaks.  It’s only natural to want to work on things you know.  But incremental improvement is guaranteed to be obsolete over time.  Especially in technology, where history has shown that there’s a lot of revolutionary change.

So a big part of my job is to get people focused on things that are not just incremental.  Take Gmail.  When we released that, we were a search company -- it was a leap for us to put out an email product, let alone one that gave users 100 times as much storage as anyone else.  It was the same with Android.  And it’s why we’re investing in what appear to be speculative projects to you today, such as self-driving cars.  

We’ve found that with ambitious goals and a committed team you can make progress pretty quickly.  The best people often want to work on the biggest bets -- and there’s not much competition because no-one else is crazy enough to try.

We started Google Fiber because Sergey thought it would be great to show how high-speed Internet access can improve people’s lives.  Three years later, our first homes are live in Kansas City, and in the last two weeks we have announced plans to roll-out the service in Austin and Provo.  

And just this week -- after three years of development -- we started handing over Glass devices to developers.  I get chills when I use a product that is the future, and that happens when I use Glass.  Someday we'll all be amazed that computing involved fishing around in pockets and purses.

There are so many opportunities in the world to create technology that make people’s lives better.  We are still only at 1 per cent of what’s possible … we are really just getting started … and that is why I am so excited to be here -- working hard with Googlers to take our company to the next level.
Google Revenues (advertising and other) - Google revenues were $12.95 billion, or 93% of consolidated revenues, in the first quarter of 2013, representing a 22% increase over first quarter 2012 revenu...
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It's amazing how much money you guys make when most of their services are free xD

Go Google!
Ben Moyer
Pretty sure Google I/O will be the event of the year for many.
Keep up the good work +Larry Page ! You have truly been doing a great job, together with your colleagues, since you took the steering wheel in your hands. I wish I was there working with you...
"Companies tend to get comfortable doing what they have always done, with a few minor tweaks.  It’s only natural to want to work on things you know.  But incremental improvement is guaranteed to be obsolete over time."  

* cough *  Apple   * cough *
Wow! Impressive story. Would love to have a unbreakable, all-day battery-life Motorola X phone ;-)
But one is needed... please terminate the dispute between YouTube and GEZ in Germany...


German YouTube Users are so pissed off about this...
"The best people often want to work on the biggest bets - and there's not much competition because no-one else is crazy enough to try" - love it!
Dear +Larry Page , less than half of your revenue came from the USA, when will you start acting as a global company and stop your US-fisrt/US-only attitude??

Sincerely, a non-US Google account holder.
My galaxy nexus is waiting to be taken over by the next Motorola phone! 
+Roberto Elena Ormad These problems are caused by stupid countries regulations, is not Google's fault. I'm from Mexico and I hate my country. 
Hey +Larry Page  why only posting about Google related topics, nothing personal here about YOU ? :) Cheers
If "voice commands are going to be increasingly important" then please add support for more languages.
_We have signed partnerships with all the major movie studios, music labels and publishers; and

Our digital content is available in over 20 countries globally -- seven of which we launched in Q1, including India and Mexico._

So why does +Google Play keep posting only US deals and ignoring other countries which also have those services???
That is great that Google is expanding, although it would have been great to get new Moto phone information before the One/S4 releases.
Good comments, but I was hoping for even more specifics from the Motorola pipeline. I'm sure some solid products are on the way, but not sure how far out they are. 
Poland still awaits Google Digital Services, I hope I'll see something soon...
+David Perez That's not true. Nothing to do with regulations, it is all a business decision. There is Google Music both in the USA and in Spain (and other European countries). As far as I know, the catalog is pretty much the same. There are often deals and promotions that are only available at the USA store, and are often posted here in Google+ by +Google Play , even if the same artists are in the Spanish store (and I guess also in other European stores).
Was that a copy and paste or did you really write this post up?
Congrats, Q2 will include glass revenue? You just released the next iphone with glass, have to start thinking of ways to invest all the incoming 62%? Increase to revenue.

Great investments:
-adding health monitoring (next biggest industry, wearable health monitors) to glass, user could see there vital stats (big data on human vitals imagin the patterns we will find worldwide)
- investing in medical research, innovations to increase human life expectancy, anyone would pay anything to live a few years longer and the advancements will be huge with google on the problem of death
- creating Telepathy through glass using BCI, think of a question and glass displays the answer (possible now)
-complete preschool to college education through glass replacing schools, information could be overlayed through glass about everything we view
Message if need some more ideas have unlimited

tengo una idea! y si lo resumimos con un consolador????
 o varios chorros de agua helada????
if there are only 5000 glass units in circulation and revenue is up 62%, just imagine how  much more you and Sergei could realize if you, oh I dunno...gave them to everybody on GMail! OMG... no wait, that's the PRICE of Beta glass units! Silly Moi!
Amazing results. Happy to be a Google shareholder. I didn't buy Google shares to make money, I bought them to support Google ways. Keep it up! 
Congratulations. Looking forward to wearing some Glass!
Congrats but I think Google deserves more so you guys should charge 15$ a year for your services 
+Larry Page just give me a job. I am amazed by all these challenges you propose and all I think is: I want to work on this, I want to work on that, I want to work on that too! Say the word and I will be in Googleplex anytime... :-)
Congratulations on an excellent quarter, Google!
Just thank you for all the things you made happen.
Not surprising for one of the most admiring  companies in world...
The problem with Google Play is that the future of entertainment is subscription not a la carte.
It must be thrilling to have so much influence over the future of humanity ;)

As an user, I'm increasingly satisfied of google products. as a developper, I couldn't survive without efforts made by google to the opensource world. 

I hope you continue to contribute to a more social, cross platform, cross-OS, cross continents, and cross cultures IT world . Thank you. 
In Portugal we are still waiting for last Nexus available in Play Store, but when it becomes available, there will already be a new Nexus, so we will continue to wait for a new last Nexus, if some one here want the latest Nexus, either accept the "promotion - pay two, get one" available in a very reduced number of stores, or have to ask a friend to buy it outside... so I can't even recommend a Nexus to friend's :(
Congratulations. Great things down the road. Keep the innovations coming. We all cheer for work well done. 
looks like we have some hints potentially about the new Motorola X phone?

"Battery life is a challenge for most people … you shouldn't need to carry a charger around with you to make it through the day."  improved battery life that lasts more than one day ala droid maxx.

"If your kid spills their drink on your tablet, the screen shouldn’t die." waterproof casing?

"And when you drop your phone, it shouldn't shatter." gorilla glass 3?

"There’s real potential to invent new and better experiences -- ones that are much faster and more intuitive.  "  Key Lime Pie?
Will motorola sell new product's in China?
We are at 1% .... I am getting goosebumps ':)
Hey +Larry Page self driving cars and glass are awesome but they are not mainstream products like YouTube or chrome, what is there in the X lab or however is called for the mainstream or something more wildly available. 
The idea is to develop them so that they'll become mainstream and widely available.  When Android first came out, smartphones weren't mainstream, and definitely weren't widely available.
I love Google! Other companies think outside the box.....Google throws away the box....and then thinks!!!
Hello I received the sake of your Q1 financial report first quarter
revenue growth of 31% of the 10 billion dollars price or fell from 877
yuan to 765.91 yuan now I think this is me to invest in other
companies stockI just looked at you say $ 140 billion in revenue last
year like the last time you sent to me in 2012 revenue of $ 2.1
billion in financial reporting differ significantly from I want to
know in what.
Larry didn't mention the improvements in Google+ and its impact in the company. I think that the things are not going well in Google+ as he expected for this Q1
Hopefully you are aware of me trying to get in touch with someone upper ranked in trying to share issues with accounts effected from changes in the google/gmail transition. things some say are impossible but if can be duplcated are ignored.
In my opinion, someone with your investment would crap all over themselves if knew such a thing was going on. *****thats what you get from leaving the trenches

Google has revolutionized the idea of a company (along with hundreds of other technology concepts) they have so many services that billions of people use daily and it changes their lives, id be surprised to hear of someone doesn't use a Google product daily, they are a SUPER-COMPANY! 
While I now have a Windows phone, I would still consider getting a Droid in the future.  I wouldn't ever get an iPhone.  I love Mountain View, CA.
+Larry Page, I really love to read your seasonal letters.

They are very inspirational and the way of thinking always drives me to think big about my project as well. So thank you for taking the time to explain every time what you've done, why you've done it and what you'll be doing next.

From The Quiet Place Project :)
+Larry Page Happy to see "India" Country name for Digital Music Services :) Hail Google Services.. I love them.. Without Google internet is like standalone PC . 
Hi Larry, when you plan to be back to Chinese market, thanks~~~
It must be so nice to be able to stand up in front of shareholders with good news.  
Imagine how much more you could've made if you guys hadn't closed my Google Wallet account for no reason. I've switched my entire family to iOS since you guys have gimped my Android experience. No reason to use an ecosystem I'm locked out of. 
Err ...+Richard England your still here using google services!! I'm sure Google had their reasons for this, please look at what google does offer us...... and it's not always  about money !
Milan M
Nice, but how long will be G+ in beta version?
That's great and all but what is Google doing against CISPA that just passed yesterday? Nice revenues, but what about the 99% who actually use google products?
+John Blossom Refering to your Google IO post, when Larry Brin states in this address that:

"Battery life is a challenge for most people … you shouldn't need to carry a charger around with you to make it through the day.  
If your kid spills their drink on your tablet, the screen shouldn’t die.  
And when you drop your phone, it shouldn't shatter.
So having seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I am really excited about the potential there."

There's your big launch (or one of them) for Google IO. A Motorola Android phone, with incredible battery life, water proof and shatter resistant".
Thank you so much for your crazy bets on the future!! Go Google!!!
Thanks to bring the future to us ! Go Goooooooogle !
in the philippines, how may i join your company here, if your looking for accounting staff. im here available looking for a job. thanks
No doubt Glass is a great hope, but I hope Glass team wouldn't forget to accommodate those of us who are already "glassed" ;-)
Not Google you can say "Googol" (1 followed by 100 zeroes)
Hey +Larry Page, it is the 1% that has the potential to change peoples lives...thanks for keeping the 99% for the rest to Think - Collaborate - Contribute and solve worlds greatest problems...!
I like giving USD 20 yearly to Google
$10.5 billion for "goodwill".  
+Larry Page Just buy Autodesk and opensource its apps! That would be the best gift for the world and a major recognition of how much Google loves open source. We are also still waiting for making Desktop Linux the most viable choice. Anyway, Google is on the rise...
It doesn't make sense to me. I just want my Google Reader back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Larry Page do you have time to meet or talk
Next week briefly?
Hope you are well
This is the last time I'll use Internet Explorer, ever.  My contract is up in 2015.  Take a look at my portfolio.  I believe we have the same interests in mind.  760 880 4222.  My head's in the clouds, constantly.
Tochi Obudulu Google gets its revenue from ads. Look at the number of little ads that run all over many of their products and how strategically they are displayed based on search or even email content. 
You need to increase your movie and show archive to be at least on par with Amazon instant otherwise there's no point for people to use Play for such media. +Google 
First off yahoo for Google! Second thing is that was a Fantastic Presentation! Well said. Thank You for All Your Efforts
Good morning,

My name is Galbin Florin Claudiu, geography teacher at Enea Grapini Middle School of Șanț, Romania. I'd like to introduce a new idea lesson plan, probably the most innovative lesson plan format.

I am delighted the Google programs and the way the team develops the education, and it will my pleasure to cooperate with them
here is the link for docs format:

hangout: india geographical characterization | eduonair 

is a slight difference between the word format and  docs format because in word format we can give double click on the kmz file and connect us directly with Google Earth;
I hope you will appreciate this idea and also, we can elaborate the best virtual manual of geography (which I conceived);

Galbin Florin
geography teacher
Sant, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania
tel: 0040724766592
+Larry Page
Hi larry,
i heard you'll visit korea.
So, I want to tell you my idea about google translation system and others
I can tell through email too
If you want my idea, contact me

Seunghyun yu ,korea student

+Larry Page The future of Google looks bright! I am excited for the decades ahead as I am sure a majority of the world is as well! 
Really nice to hear it..if you do like this at EOY=$56B..:)
I am clkwong@.
subject : 4G lte smartphone wireless connects to big screen TV.

4G lte smartphone wireless connects to big screen TV,
1. Sony Xperia and one touch,
2.Google Nexus4 and mircast, and
3.Apple iphone5 and Airplay.

For exampe middle and big size vechiles can mount 14" or over size behind the front sitting where 4G lte smartphone can wireless connect,
and 4G lte smartphone works Internet accessing, video conferenceing , or other 4G lte or 4G TD-lte advanced activities.

Thanks Jesus loves.
reported by clkwong@ in Internet!!!
4G lte or 4G TD-lte advaced in car!
there's s a lot interested parties in this google's wealth. Hey +Larry Page make company extension here in philippines, i do apply jobs.
Congrats - and here's to the next 99%!
KK Woo
i think chrome is simple,but too easy.we need some change of hommization!!!
I like the Google Glass most! I think Projector and flexible screen would be the next 2 thing can largely change our mobile life. First come,First Serve. As many people are worry about the privacy issue, I have an idea,like painting the light valve of the camera with different color, then it is quite easy to find who is taking photo or video. I also have very good idea to improve the projector to better resolution and better contrast, hope I can have a try!
Keep up the amazing work larry. Focus on the future. Dont worry too much about the financials, they are gonna anyways
Felicitaciones a usted y su equipo de trabajo por todos sus logros.
I just watched a documentary about Google, and I didn't know that you were from Michigan, and a University of Michigan Grad. Congratulations on your success. I use Google everyday.
what about my disabled adsense account ?
Hi mrs Larry, how can i give you an idea to grow up google glass sales?
step up with Google Idea. i am having a proposal project for you.
Thx for your master these abut the page rank.
HOD HASHARON, Israel and MOSCOW, January 7, 2013 — Altair Semiconductor and Yota Devices, today announced that Altair’s FourGee™ technology is powering the new generation of Yota Devices’ USB dongle soon to be deployed on Yota Russia’s LTE network.
The new devices, which are designed to support on-the-go, as well has home-based internet connectivity over LTE Wireless Broadband Networks, feature an Altair-based modem that works in up to two LTE Frequency bands: the 800MHz Digital Dividend and the 2600MHz FDD frequency bands.
Based in Moscow, Russia, Yota Devices has sold 3 million connectivity devices since 2009, including modems and routers and has 6% of the global LTE devices market.
“We are excited to help Yota Devices deliver innovative and ultra-fast wireless broadband devices to their fast-growing customer base,” said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP Marketing of Altair Semiconductor. “We look forward to continue working closely with Yota Devices as they introduce new and innovative LTE products to the market.”
The modem is based on Altair’s FourGee-3100/6202 chipset, which supports LTE throughputs of 100Mbps/50Mbps on both FDD and TDD variants, using a single software platform. The versatile chipset also covers any LTE frequency band between 700-2700MHz.
The 4G td-lte dongle plugin an Apple macbook air/pro with mac osx 10.8.3 and to set it as wifi rounter. Then it has first verison of 4G td-lte wifi rouner for wifi Android tablet. Will Google plan the android i/o which has faster wifi devices as ipad mini wifi deivice for 4G td-lte wifi???
Thanks Jesus loves.
reported by clkwong@ in Internet!!!
4G td-lte wifi android tablet in Russian.
But how would my Google adsens e account get disabled without any reasons ?
I am clkwong@.
1 price for 3 mobile devices, you have mobile phone , mobile TV and mobile Internet!!!
Nokia Siemens Networks enables world first live TV broadcast via TD-LTE
Beijing, China – January 28, 2013
China Mobile network transmits live, high-quality video of Xiamen marathon for broadcasters
For the first time in the world, TD-LTE* (time division duplex long term evolution) technology has successfully been used for a live TV broadcast. On January 5, China Mobile’s TD-LTE network transmitted a live video stream of the Xiamen International Marathon** to TV centers of China Central TV and Xiamen TV for live broadcasting. The TD-LTE network, solely built by Nokia Siemens Networks, exceeded required parameters to transmit high-definition (HD) video and images from cameras on the move, providing the best live TV experience, matching a relay via satellite. This technological feat ushers in a new era for future outside TV broadcasting using LTE.

As sole supplier of the Xiamen network, Nokia Siemens Networks’ high-quality TD-LTE network supported the entire event with a zero bit error rate. In spite of the increased demand for network capacity with exceptional traffic and load conditions, there was no degradation in network performance, no packet loss and no delay during the two and a half hour live transmission of the mega event on the move. A stable uplink throughput of 5 Mbps (megabit per second) ensured perfect video quality for the smooth TV viewing of millions of viewers worldwide.
“This world-first is yet another proof point for us as a leader in driving the TD-LTE innovation, globalization and commercialization,” said Markus Borchert, president of Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China Region. “With our advanced TD-LTE technology, we ensured optimal network performance with ultra high-quality and reliability for China Mobile to support such a mega international event with very high data traffic.”
For the TD-LTE network, Nokia Siemens Networks deployed its Single RAN Advanced platform, based on its high-capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, to China Mobile’s TD-LTE pre-commercial trial network in Xiamen. The company also provided its Liquid Core-based*** Evolved Packet Core (EPC) platform, including Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway). In addition, the company provided its NetAct network management system, enabling consolidated monitoring, management and operation of China Mobile’s networks.
Thanks Jesus loves.
reported by clkwong@ in Internet!!!
one price for 3 devices.
what about my disabled adsense account...@99$ it was disabled...
T. Nath
Amresh singh ji a sale itne asani se agar amount de de to sab yahi kam karte a nahi dega pase a sirf ullu banate hai
That was a nice thing that you just said what are you doing
what about my google adsense disabled account at 99 Dollars ?
How poor the google play support is!

I know this may not be the right place I complain on google support service, but they did not resolve my issue after about 2 months.

I ordered a replacement for my n4 because of micro phone issue, the order was cancelled for some reason, I contacted google support for 4 times for resoling the issue, every time they promise I can get a resolution within 48 hours from a specialist . But, after about 2 months, I didn't get any follow-up from any specialist.

That is my experience of google support. I'm a google phone user ever since G2(maigic), but now I'm stucked at the G4(nexus). I'm really don't understand why the google support service is so poor since Google is such a great Company I ever know.
this is the coment that i was talking about. Do you know what tweeter is for
Google is Big Brother, from Orwell's "1984". Information is power, especially when you don't share it with your users.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unchecked power leads to self-destruction.
Dear Mr. Larry Page, 
There is one thing I can not understand with the name of Google, you would allow the Android phone in the ugly design of the appearance.  The exterior design of Android phone is not sleek as the name of Google.

Can you please stop them continue produce the low life style of Android Phone with the ugly color and shape?  I felt dis-comfortable to link the ugly phone whit the name of Google.

Nancy Liu
Fremont, CA
my admiration and congratulations to you. I am a lover of all his creation, google is a dream I have years closely following their evolution, study and computer systems imspirados for you! engine are my great thanks for everything they do and will continue doing for humanity.

I hope someday that dream belong to called "GOOGLE"
You guys are really starting to show sign to the public that your just a money sucking advertisement company. All the good people are seeing you guys do all just comes down to more ways to suck more money out of us! I'm mad at you google!
is Android 5.0 released in Google I/O 2013?
I did a report on you, I got an A. You are a very interesting person with fabulous thoughts
Make Google a Co-operative business then we can all join in!
Dear Mr. Page,
The reason I followed you is because American celebrity and All White Men in this country always expect we common people or non Whites, need to admire them.  I have no choice to choose someone too high to reach, a local figure,  my son's age, to stop all these sick expectations from American high self ego White Man and their women.

We common non White people do not admire their skin color, only they can show their intelligence.

Thank you.

Nancy Liu
Bay area.
Mr. Page:
God Blessy You.
From Brazil, Alagoas, Maceió, your sincerely friend
I’d like to introduce you a concept of idea. It’s name is ‘A procedure of providing mobile card payment service for smart devices’ (Korean Patent No. 10-2012-0004321). Details are as follows

1. Smart devices and service provider’s server share several mobile card’s information of one card

2. When customer uses mobile card, franchise sends the card’s information and payment information

3. The server confirms it and approves.

4. When that payment procedure ends, changes the card information. Send and approve it to the server.

It could be divided as these four steps. (And it also follows same steps if it is corrupted by malicious codes)

Yes, there are some other solutions to solve the malicious code problem. Such as using disposable barcode information, or push method

However, those current solutions have some weakness as well

1. Franchises have to purchase certain device or process to tell the information of card

2. For push method or QR code,The franchise would'nt make sure that the payment approved correctly.

3. For push method, it is difficult to be a transportation card and disposable card is impossible to use transportation as well.

4. These solutions are weak to cracking because they saves card information singular way, and ,for push method, customer needs to install a application that provided by credit card company when information is needed.

But, my solution can solve those issues

1. It doesn’t need to change or purchase new process or devices because my solution uses same standards as current mobile cards.

2. After customers choose the main payment card, they don’t need additional secure tools such as entering password anymore to use it safely.

3. Because of the reason that I mentioned above, it could be used as transportation card.

4. More of all, it is safe way to payment because it saves and uses the information of card in multiple way.

5. And application of devices only needs information of mobile card and applet to run which makes the cost down.

6. It is a efficient way to use itself, and it can be connected with other processes if it’s possible.

For successive using of mobile card, I think it is top priority to secure safe way to use it and above all it must skip many complicated steps for convenient. Such as entering password, installing and running application to use mobile cards.

Bottom line is,

1. My solution is efficient and cheap way to solve those problems that I mentioned above.

2. My solution is already registered in Korea as patent, and PCT also.

3. Providing my solution to your franchises in other nations,it can create a profit to you .

For those reasons, I think my solution could be helpful to your company. At your convenience, please email me for more information.


KI-myoung Sohn

010-6667-0830 (korea)
Can you just bring back the old version of G+, please~~~ This new give a a headache
pLease bring back the oLd version of G+.. PLease~ PLease~ PLease~
I'm getting dizzY with the new version. i am confused. T_T ..
 so pLs. bring back the oLd one.
we miss it ..!!! 
Larry so sorry to know your vocal chord condition. You will be O.K. soon ,for you are none but Larry Page , the CEO of our Google- the Heart-throb  of people of the world.
Hi Larry. Now there will come a sermon. Let's see if anyone reading this to Larry's people
In my view, there are three areas where Google has put on its development forces:
First, of course, the continuous innovations that we see in the patches of the applications. I see a high conversion level, but I think that more emphasis should be placed on the timeliness of map contents (base informations) of the application maps.
The second point is the long term innovations: These are projects that the public knows how Glasses or self-propelled vehicles. These are very important projects in which should be invested, because only thus the viability of Google can be consolidated. It looks, in my view already quite good.
The third stream, however, the entry into the corporate world that is not as well developed as the other onces. The first two areas of development can only be achieved  high income  with this third , because the value added of the products is much higher than without, many times. Basically, Google has been a high potetial. In my view in particular we have to look about how the processor cores of the hardware can be secured with safe encryption technology. how works the governance per company, per Country? How can it be organized and also per user. Mobile devices must not be used by third parties/persons! For this purpose a second user Interface is needed, corresponding with the first, a wireless security-key in the form of a check card or of a clock or a ring, something small! The companies need cloud servers with  certified providers of their own choice with a location of their own choice. Here, Google still has a lot to do. And this must happen a lot, Larry! If I have not received dividend, poor co-owner, I have to ask at least to put the money in the right projects. Only this third strand, Google will change the history of mankind. Let's do it!
Peng Xu
Larry, thank you for creating these beautiful products for us. You made my easier and the world smaller. All the best.
Ger Man
Mr. Page... maybe is time you visit the tribes in the Iquitos La Maria Leticia Triangle... there you  shall find a solution... if you are good people enough for them and spend a month out of the modern world.  Your people can [shadow] you through the  Yawanawa. Ask them.
Ger Man
Maybe Google should address Life Engineering too, not only bytes and data problems, You are leading  your path @ an e-info microworld, (which may be called huge if you count on money or targeted people), but maybe, you are missing the other face of the moon, the one that counts if you do that old simple exercise of thinking what would matter to you if the world disappeared tomorrow.

 I think of Google as a teenager named Goo. This young fellow needs to exercise what he knows, but also, you and your partner, the parents, are there to make him part of the wider ecosystem, not a classic tech hikikomori. If the world ended tomorow.. what would you thing would be important for you, and what for Goo_?
Fix your  Shockwave problem!
Dear Mr. Page,

I've just now been reading about Google X in BW. Let me say congrats to you and yours for all your forward-thinking work.

I recall seeing one of your videos re: biological quantum computing. The bright young man talking seemed a bit shy of the 'quantum mind' thesis, as many are, for reasons which are not hard to find. Then again, you may be interested to know that googling "quantum biology" now yields up to 60 million hits.

My own work in this area predates most others' and remains far more advanced.

[Click 'psi' for more background.]

Given your commitment to 'moonshot' ideas, I was wondering whether you'd care to discuss a possible collaboration?

Allow me to mention in closing that this effort has been put forward for a Nobel and even favorably compared to Newton's work on gravity. In other news, the Oxford U Press recently invited me to submit a paper to one of their physics journals. I tell you these things because I am an Outsider and so ... it goes to credibility, especially for those who have trouble following the admittedly recondite issues in quantum theory. 
OK, bigshot, fix Chrome and  Shockwave!  "Aw, Snap!"
Think its possible to get vocal fold paralysis from antibiotics. Lost my voice on day 6 while being treated for a sinus infection. 
Make sure that you are back to good health as soon as possible - dont neglect health - invest money in health also following Bill Gates Foundation model - also take care of your health ....sorry to say this : Steve Jobs is no more because of bad ' Health is wealth' ..................Dont Worry - May Lord be with you ........
bao fu
omg, you are the ceo of the Google, you know, l kown Google android so much. it is so cool! 
D Elder
That is nice and all but really have a lot of problems with google chrome crashing all the time. Need some real guidance on how to fix that problem, any suggesstions?
If you have a spare Moto X, mr Page, you could give it to me. XD
Just read  in the NYT about Google's support of  Senator Inhofe.  I strongly agree with one of the author's statements that through this support "The company (Google) betrays core principles and risks its own business success."  Please don't become another Zuckerberg. 
keep it short and simple anyways great job di
I hope to be a part of the Google team someday!!!
nice coz google expnding!
Guys, not sure if you tought about it, but Google Glass could be a great tool for Police, it could read license plates without the need to be asked for and alert them when there is a report for stolen or crime involved cars. Also may be a good tool for identifying the faces of people reported as lost or kidnaped, you just look around and Glass alerts of positive identifications. Sincerely! Alberto Mendoza.
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