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Check out the video below to see the future. We're still in the very early days of Project Glass -- technology that is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don't. Also don't miss the photos as well.
We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.

Please follow along as we share some of our ideas and stories. We’d love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?

+Babak Parviz +Steve Lee +Sebastian Thrun
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This is a genius idea i cant wait to see more
People will move like robots and they will rarely use their minds!
Quite fascinating. I think their biggest hurdle is making sure the technology is comfortable. It won't last if it tends to cause headaches after a couple hours of use, and that's a trick when you're dealing with something that close to the eye. This has to be the kind of thing people are willing to wear all day.
Great start. Nice to see people pushing the envelope.
This looks very cool! It will be very interesting to see how people react to that fact that they have to wear the gadget right in their face
First step to Cyberdyne microsystems, the Terminator developer :)
All Y
Cue more people walking into lamp posts? ;o)
Looks cool but find it a bit too distracting and kind of too "pushy".
I don't want to trip on a rock / step on a pile of/ hit by a car because I am distracted. Also, wonder if my eye may hurt from the constantly refocusing.
When is the implementation Google? I am standing in line!
looks great, I bet here at NASA the ISS crew would love that for timeline review, calls to the ground, procedure reviews, experiment monitoring and just plain help finding stuff packed away on the station. great job, looking forward to seeing how it develops.
looks great... I'd buy a pair.
Great project! Don't forget those of us with prescription eye wear.
You will also have to be concerned with people driving with the Project Glass heads up display and becoming distracted. It would be great for directions though.
+michael interbartolo It certainly could have a "drive" mode, but that is something that needs to be thought out. There's issues like: what activates drive more? Is it the user or some automatic protocol?
I can't wait till I get mine ;)
Something like the Genie from the lamp. An action gesture voice command to turn on and possible eye movement or other movement to turn off. Having to hold something phone/tablet not always acceptable some sort of 3D holographic display would be a fine thing. Hands free, possibly attached to shoulder/ clothing.
If I'm wasting your valuable time I apologise.
wow that's beautiful, amazing etc etc.... i want it now... no seriously now...
how does video chat work when they can't see you?
This looks great. The real question is.. will it be cost effective for the average person, or will we have to mortgage our homes, sell our organs, and trade in our vehicles for walking? lol
Embed it into contact lenses and I'll definitely give it a try!
My question is how far out is this (realistically) in terms of being a commercially viable platform? I'd say it's technologically feasible now just not practical.
Just to let you know I am willing to test these glasses, and you dont even have to pay me!! :)
Do they have built in speakers or a plug for ear phones ? Are they legal to where while driving ? IDK I would be glad to test them and give you honest feedback. 
B Gim
cool. is it real?
I wear glasses...I assume there must (or will be) be an adapter...Correct?
OMG I wish I can try it, it is gonna be great
If you can make a frame version that fits prescripted lenses as well as work with glasses designers to let them design their own frames for the system.
It's good answer for siri.
Don't refocus it could be dangerous at most for drivers and it's too nervous...
Let user resize windows because it could be too big for someone or make something like more faster speed more smaller window. Speed should be determined from the screen and not from GPS, because i can sit on the bus or i can go through train's wagons or going on ship.
You should make something like 3D or tracking things with information popup...
It should find book between other books and mark it with tracking.
Glasses should learn from the past of using it and decide from users profile/interests what to mark while you at shop or on the street. If i'm visitor it should suggest that i would like to see something amazing near my standing location (interests from past ant profile).
Don't forget non english or without ability to talk persons... User should have facility to make decision using hands in the air. And type text by hands on the air. You should read from movements or using virtual keyboard (user choose).
Ability to scan faces and inform about famous persons. As i know in some countries there is a lot of information about crime people so you should alert about danger.
Some parties publicly available information ex-offenders so if you see you should alert about them too.

I know a killing anti-advertising for this glasses but I will not say it on public because I like google.

It's a very short time period of thinking. If you interested in please let me know by writing message for me and I will think more about it.
And for those who wear glasses? or in the future there will be no problems in sight =) amazinG!
so, where are you gonna put the ads in this?
it's cool, but i don't see this coming to a real world usage for a long time
Google pls Don't make a video before you actually make it, or you will lose the "magic" when it's released.
Holy crap! Now this is cool!!!
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amazing glasses, i wanna buy this one
I'd advise you to check on Lumus, a innovative transparent video glasses company from Israel. They may contribute some of their work and experience with the visual and optic issues.
It seems cool from video but I wonder if it will get old fast!! 
I would definitely buy this if I was able to connect and disconnect it through bluetooth. This can't be a permanent device because I couldn't wear this while I'm in class, for example. Also I think it should be able to connect to any smart phone. It should interact with the Google+ app on an iPhone for example. You would sell a lot more units this way.
oh...i see its like a device ad on to the *face *!!!...would prefer it uses surfaces outside the body !!! Y tag some device on your head.?? #justsaying || brilliant idea though.. #teamInnovate
+1 if you are watching this in 2016 with these glasses on!!
Did it pipe the ukulele in a day book content directly into his melon off camera or is he just a ukulele virtuoso? Also, I hope it isn't only for lefties.
cool, feel like Iron Man in real life
This project simply looks amazing, both in concept and reach! However I am a bit concerned for when Glass is sent to market if it isn't designed to incorporate people who suffer with an astigmatism and/or farsightedness/nearsightedness.
M Psit
thank you 4 everything
Hi, Larry! My name is Eugene. I live in Russia, Saint Petersburg. I found a mistake in your work. If you do not have time, have time to others, and your company to stop development.
This one sounds really cool. It can be very useful unless it doesn't control humans brains as the one who's wearing this tech-glasses very close to it.
looks pretty cool so long as the controls are discreete.
This thing is to use? Transparent! How to protect the privacy?
The main problem for me is how the display would adapt toavoid obstructing your view. This will be critical if you want people toincorporate the glasses into their whole day. You obviously don't want peopleusing it like a handheld; only when they want to. It should be something youcan wear continuously like spectacles.
I was waiting for something like this since I have read "Daemon" of Daniel Suarez. I'm realy excited!
We are Borg! You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!
I think you should add RFID functionality or similar then you could track where everything is in your house by just sticking an RFID tag onto the bottom of it. Project Glass could then direct you to your keys or if you had your sofa tagged as well it could say "Under the sofa". Similarly if you left your phone in a bar or at a friend's house, the glasses could tell you where they are and provide you with the phone number. It could even go further, to the point of creating shopping lists by what is running out in your fridge, search recipes from what you have and telling you when things are going out of date. This would greatly reduce the food waste.
Instead of having this on your glasses have the images projected on to any flat surface from a wearable smartphone. The flat surface could even be your hand. This concept was initially developed by Pranav Mistry and called Sixth Sense.
Just don't disappoint me like the xray glasses I ordered from the back of a comic book when I was 7.
1) I'd lose my mind if my social network was attached to my face.
2) Ladies: nobody is playing the ukulele for you from a skyscraper, while staring at the sun setting over the Hudson.
3) I don't want to get texts on my face while I'm eating breakfast.
4) People don't have good looking friends that meet them at The Strand because, a) people don't read anymore, and b) people don't have real life friends anymore.
5) Dude cant have his own thoughts for 10 seconds. He's constantly bombarded by people. In a commercial world where everyone is happy, pretty, and nice, that's great, but in reality it's awful.

Other than that, it seems pretty great!
isto vai ser fora de serie bem estilo jetson's coisa do futuro
Google Glasses Viral VidParody: 1st per perspec, ads keep popping up to kill nice moments, wrong directions, car crash f/fullscreen mode. :) I kid, sign me up, I'd wear them full time.
I just hope no ads pop up when I'm walking down the street.
I don't like the use cases of augmented reality shown in the video. That's so microsoft like ... Google should only invest into efficient natural language processing systems that are more passive and less distracting.
Nice concept. However, how are you getting the LTE connectivity in there, and what about battery life for the CCD and all that good stuff.
Need to talk technical here. Android is overkill for this. I would do straight HTML5.
Looks pretty cool. Not sure what the final form of the device/technology is going to be, but please consider a clip-on for regular/sunglasses, rather than a standalone glass/goggle gizmo.
I agree, not everybody is a top model! ... but great concept ... would be great for google to do something in partnership with Ray Ban or Oakley ... perhaps they are working on it.
This project is made whit ideas and spirit of Google what i love.
There's something ironic and conflicting about this device. On the one hand, it seems like you'll be able to "be in the moment" more often rather than pulling out a phone and viewing every moment through a square device's touchscreen. But constantly having your vision interrupted by alerts, calls, emails, etc. seems like a nuisance and like I'm "connecting myself" too much to technology. In fact, it might just make me run into a lightpost or get myself killed crossing the street. I wonder what the safety issues are with this?

Also, it doesn't get technology out of the way as they claim. You can ignore your phone. You can step away from email. But putting this thing on your face is essentially making technology apart of you. Even if they include an "away" feature that leaves you alone. You still have this thing on your face, to stay connected to information and other things. It gives me the same weird feeling as a segway or those hands-free ear pieces. It's an admission that you must ALWAYS be connected. That you CAN'T stand being away from technology. Socially, this will be a difficult thing to overcome without having similar stigmas attached to it, as segways and jawbones have.

Does it make some tasks easier. Conceivably. But it's just another step closer to us becoming more machine-like than human. Or rather, a personal admission that technology is a part of us physically and we like it that way. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just not what they claim it to be, "getting technology out of our way". Perhaps they will be able to overcome the social, safety, privacy, and technological challenges this concept presents. But it seems like it'll be a tough one.
Glasses + phone + tablet = future
BANG goes the real world.. hello future!
I really hope it will accommodate my prescription glasses otherwise I will be excluded from all the fun. I want a pair as soon as they come out!
Watching the Masters this afternoon I thought how great it would be for golfers to be able to use Project Glass on the links. Able to display course info, yardage to pin, etc.
WOW! I'm Lovin it... Please sell it also in good old germany!
I will for sure will get them if they ever come out they will make my life more easy.
Can you please make the tabs on top on google sites like gmai, calendar, YouTube and such customizable? What ever we use the most can be moved to be the tabs on top. I use google voice a lot and I like the tab on top. I don't play so I dont need that tab on top.
This is amazing. Those are the coolest glasses.
+Malte Ahl Good point! One thing that really excites me is "Semantic Web".
Natural language processing systems certainly will help in getting search engines getting more appropriate and relevant data. Specially when static content is less and dynamic content is more, WRT to web.
Moreover this can be more of distraction too. +Matt Terhune completely agree with your points!
Pretty fancy though!
I really don't want these. Really.
Wow. What I would do to test a pair of these. Amazing. 
I can't wait to talk to people with these glasses on and realize after five minutes that the whole conversation, they've been watching porn.

Also, I predict an explosion of upskirt websites.

Neat, Clean, Simple and Awesome ... almost seen video five times back to back ...
Holy crap...this is trippy, awesome, creepy (maybe), intrusive and strangely personal technology. I'll reserve judgment until I'm able to take it for a spin myself but it's promising at the least at first blush. Good on Google for giving innovation a chance.
Will you be able to wear it over your left eye? I had an accident and now I cannot see very well out of my right eye. Please make these work with either eye.
I'm not sure what to think about this. There's a long road ahead for sure, but I think that this technology could make people more productive and in some ways, bring people closer together and connected. The privacy invasion possibilities are just too great and mind-boggling, though. Please, Google, be careful. You've got the people right in your hands.
Okay Mr. Page,

I am a avid Google supporter, use all of your products, bought a Google TV and basically sing your companies praises everywhere I go. I say all that to say this, If there were anyway for me to get a pair of these awesome glasses I sure would be grateful. +Larry Page
In first view it looks like great idea, on second - not really. Remember what white-blue webpage changed? You can always ask some people for directions, record something with camera, and so. I don't like when technology is turning us from being human.
Looks like a great idea. Thinking thou that kind of tech will eventualy take away ones natural ability to navigate thru cities and memorize stuff or whatever. People are lazy already :)
Cool, really. Just wonder if I can pick google's glasses up to mine. Or must I chance to contact linses?
Next time google plug connector inside your head, that will be funny
hace un tiempo era el futuro soñado, ahora es el presente, disfrutemos el ahora y sigamos soñando el mañana.
Cool idea, but DONT LET IT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE PICTURES, VIDEOS OR UPLOAD GPS POSITIONS! Seriously, cool idea, but i dont want to crack it to disconnect from google....
This is just a video about a guy using his phone/pc/camera/gps/data collector/....
Input? Really, I can give input?! AWESOME!! I would buy this... 1) navigation system, video game style. Show a big green 3d marker at destination in display. 2) ability to scan, and get instant info onscreen information about object. Example, cars,books... 3)Phone, or bluetooth to phone(could offload some cpu power to phone)? As I said, I'd love to see this developed for mass market!
Wow! Google Android glass(Project Glass) is amazing^^. I hope Google.

I want to add a realtime interpretation and translation feature to google android glass.

I want to be able to add realtime interpretation and translation when I want(anytime,anywhere). When is this feature going to be available?
alai Z
like it very cool.......
Cool! I'll be the first in line for it.
Last 30 seconds pretty cool. I got to say the rest looks awful. That is just too matrix for me.
Seems a tad distracting! You'd also look like a lunatic, being completely random with your eyes and talking to yourself. Good cover up for mad men. :)
very futuristic..... bit scary too but could be very useful especially those with early altzheimers, giving them a bit more independence.... Clever stuff!
This might be the creepiest thing ever invented but also the coolest one!
+Casey Via , I can think of a number of commercial use for his device. Think about rescue teams wearing these in a large building. The blue prints could pop up giving them real time info on where they are in the building. A large inventory warehouse workers could wear them and they could find inventory at a glance. Historic attractions would find them useful as virtual tour guides. I could think of many other commercial uses.
well about time... I have seen similar ideas since 1999-2001 ieee spectrum !
You guys at Google are always innovating. All the best for introducing Glass Technology. Waiting to see its impact on businesses and marketers.
Always making awesome things!!!
spmetimes technology creeps me out
It's better to ask a human being for the direction than ask my glass ?
That's cool :-)
When will the glass be ready?
I want them
Just imagine - going home via the supermarket and accessing the latest view from the fridge (your son has opened it 20 minutes earlier) to check if there still is enough milk.
For everyone working in customer service there is a huge potential in this. Just can't wait to get mine =)
How much it will cost? Who cares it want this thing, and if I have to sell everything I else. I WANT IT! And I want it now!
First time to see this. Looks awesome Larry.
Beautiful! The idea is awesome, but i think the human eyes, if you using that for a long time, suffer... My idea is similar but it's very difficult to develop speech recognition from zero! :) I wanna create something that people using every hours of their life and it will be needful. I'm developing this because it's useful first of all to me and i think that it can be simplify the life of a lot of other people :)
whatever you say and can even be sarcastic lol
have you considerer a device that connect to your existing android phone? like a "bluetooth" headset with really enanched features personally i would like a think like this a lot more :)
It's Amazing.......................
Exactly what happens when I talk to myself also.
Question for the developers at Google- How do you plan to create the interface? Voice control is a nice idea, but it breaks down in the reality of ambient noise, other voices, etc. The voice search function on my Droid barely works while I'm driving, and fails miserably when I'm out in a crowded area. Until everybody has a USB jack in their head for direct synaptic control, this may pose a problem. Good luck though, I hope you can work it out, because it looks awesome.
It be sad if this wasn't true.... Google already fooled me with the whole internet threw toilets....
Google always comes with unique ideas.... i love Google.
Me Gusta ! but if it was an April Fool ?
Can I named it "Googlass" project ?
Dont Tell Me!!! This is awesome man!! Is it real or some animation stuff!!!! Really would like to see that thing in real!!!
I'm looking forward to this... it will be interesting to see how this can be implemented in a business setting so that we can multi-task a little more efficiently.
amazing can't wait till they come out.
very cool, though a little bit distracting, should get used to it before walking out
its look like implementation of 6TH SENSE device by Pranav Mistry .,
it will be great if glass can make a virtual objects in front of our eyes and we can touch them to use like on the touchscreen surface. It will not be a information glass but also a handset, pc, etc. You have many things to think and do with this new product
Just a random thought as I was flying last week, it would be awesome to have augmented reality in windows for air travel, so you can identify what you're looking at on the ground. Then I started thinking about how the angle from which your looking through the window could prove challenging for marking objects. Just rethinking it tonight, and Google Glass came to mind, and how it could combine with other media sources in-flight. Could even move beyond the ground, so during night flights, possibly identify constellations, stars, planets. I wouldn't mind logging into a Google Glass set in-flight and identifying locations I've checked into, my home, where my friends are on latitude. I'm sure the brains at Google thought of all this, but if they didn't, here you go.
Lots of good ideas here. Good balance of integrating our real world with the virtual. Lots of social implications around this technology.
last few days , i getting into an idea how a tv can show many channel viewed by many audiences with theatrical sound system but there is only with one tv set... in my simple mind it could be real someday, and the impact is on the saving of electricity if widely use in many home around the globe. the Google Glass project is hopefully will change how we interact socially and also save the environment by using lesser energy. i LIKE it.
Voice command is not enough. Off-course you will not miss taking aphonic people into consideration. What about the glass' accessories? A magic pen would be the best but I have no idea how this will work.
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哦,很好啊! it's amazing
Larry this is EXACTLY what I went to design school to explore-wearable products, I knew only day we would wear our devices and they would live seamlessly in our lives! Thank-you Google for bringing us the "impossible"! I should prob start designing new glass concepts drawings. Imagine what this could do for the hearing impaired!! Amazing!
when this product come to my country? Larry visit my region Bali Indonesia
How the hell i will have internet connection with me wherever i go!!
nice and cool i liked it much i think the cost will be much
Imei Ho
Geek's dream gadget
No need to talk to stranger anymore
I loved the google glass idea, and now i get one to try. I really would like to use google glass on Fire Department, but i don't know how to get more glasses if the project goes ahead. 
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