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I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire Nest Labs.  Nest’s founders, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, have built a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Google family.  They’re already delivering amazing products you can buy right now--thermostats that save energy and smoke/CO alarms that can help keep your family safe.  It’s amazing to see how they have taken important but unloved devices and made them beautifully simple and useful.  We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!
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Making ugly, vital household products into lovable must-haves is a noble mission :D This is good news. Thank you.
Robots selling smoke alarms. I got it!. Smart move Google.
Getting closer to controlling my whole house from my google account. :)
OK Glass, make it 68 degrees when I get home tonight.
Just bought a nest last week. Im a much happier person because of it. I could never figure out the old ones.
Awesome +Larry Page! Through thick and thin Google is an exciting venture to witness. Thank you for that!
Nice acquisition Larry, will +SmartThings be the next move ?
Another big deal.
Very smart!  It's a nice marriage.  Getting G in more products in the home will lead to even tighter Home Automation.  I'm sure there are more neat things that will be coming from the team (Security is next I would guess after jumping through all the legal guidelines).  Then Google can offer free monitoring maybe.  At least locally to your person.  Then home A/V integration.  Just hold off on that one though G! I'm an AMX/Crestron control programmer! I don't need the competition. :)
World domination one step at a time.
Give this company the creative leeway and funding they need and they will revolutionize homes around the world!
First Boston Dynamics and now THIS :O?!?!
Google steps in home automation finally ;)
Android @ Home doing a comeback?! (:
(Hope so..)
Sean S
I hope this means that it will work with Google Now so you can set the thermostat with your voice and view indoor temperature along with the current weather (outdoor temperature).
Google all the things. 👍
Congrats!  Now let's get these bad boys all #IPv6  enabled, and in my house, stat!  ;oD
Nicely done. Just throw money at them and make them do the whole house just make it affordable somehow please. 
all bases belong  j/kin   Now add wireless on the Nest!!
I'm not going to pretend to understand why they've purchased Nest (especially for as much as they will).. however Nest is a fashionable purchase as was Motorola.. Hopefully this bring fruition to more awesome, cool and especially useful technology into our everyday lives. Kudos.
Great opportunity to bring house automation a little step closer all under your Google account, similar to building automation which optimices every ambient aspect with energy consumption as a priority. This seems great news 
Hey, +Larry Page You can acquire me for a lot less. I'll personally set your thermostat and if I'm still alive when you return home, chances are there is no Smoke and the CO2 levels are acceptable. I'll sell my soul to Google for a mere £10 million (+benefits and access to all new Googlicious tech.)
Jon L
Smart Air Registers Please, something to make the NEST Thermostat even smarter.  give homes low cost zoning. +Larry Page 
Great, can't wait for your company to use it as an excuse to churn out more vaporware.
Android thermostats? 
Hope you'll support the existing products for some time... Just bought 3 of the Nest Protect lately.
Don M
Now I am interested in purchasing. Good job!
All hail the Smartgrid and Demand Side Management 
Cold? Search for local restaurants by temperature. Filter by "not currently on fire".
I'm gonna buy my new home within 2 months... i hope i'll be able to make a perfect domotic home, by my own... i will use Android, of course! ;)
I'm excited to hear! :D LOL
Android devices, Android cars, Android homes what next :-) 👍 
This is an exciting development. Looking forward to the future. 
Would be nice if you offer open apis so that I can integrate my Google account with my +ecobee. There is a definite need for open standards in this area.
This is amazing news. Congratulations to the Nest team for their hard work and amazing vision! 
Hopefully you will open up the API so that it can be integrated with the other home automation products out there, like +Smartthings and Zigbee protocol devices from many manufacturers.  

What the space really needs is a standard...  Many of them use the same physical interface but can't share data with each other.  

You should buy up +Ubi too, for the voice interface with the user.
Google now told me that Larry Page is the CEO of Google. It seems that is true. +Larry Page
Does this mean our thermostats can now send email to our Google+ profiles?
add a 3g 'droid board to it and you've got the whole ISP market wrapped. nice
Hope to be able to install a Nest device also here in Italy! Great project!
I predict John Gruber, who loves nest, will suddenly begin hating nest in 3...2....
#Awesome. Days of overpriced Home Automation equipment are now numbered. Here comes Android integration and easy customization.
Another product that will soon vanish after being bought out
Great acquisition--great products!
Laree Pagee.  Lareeeeee Pagaaaaaaay
Congrats on the acquisition 
Good to know that small companies can become part of a large family such as Google and not be the odd cousin you only meet at weddings and funerals - have family outings with them
Great news! Thank you for everything you!
And the March to world domination continues. All hail Google! 
I have been using nest for the past two years and its truly smart claimant manager. I never have to worry about adjusting the thermostat and saved tons of money on my electrical bill. Congratulation +Larry Page and God bless. 
Larry and team helped NEST prove it's marketability!  I love this move and hope the best for both Google & Nest :)  Hip Hip Hurray!
Can't wait to see where this goes! I've always been interested in Nest products, now I'm very excited!
Good wishes,
Great. Now Google will be spying on the use of my thermostat and smoke alarms...and selling that data to who knows...
Congrats. I m sure these devices will be linked to my Google profile in no time. Can't wait.
Wow!Welcome them.thanks...Larry page..have a good day.
Congrats. Hope you take the tech to the next level
FBI will be knocking on your door asking why you have the temperature set so high
Who else thought Skynet? 
So, Nexus Nest on the way?
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How to enter "deep" inside your own living room, bedroom worldwide, smart move Google  
Gah - and there goes any hope I had that the Nest Thermostat would come to the UK!  

Given that we still don't have hotword detection on Android or Chrome and no opportunity to join the Glass Explorer Program I can see the 'Stat staying exclusively US for the foreseeable.
+Thomas Mitchell Eventually they will take the control too for you ... next release/upgrade! "New: Do you accept ..."
Now Google knows when we are at home. And how we feel the climate. And how much we spend for heating. And...
Now let's bring those price points down!
This is actually preatty cool! Can't wait to see android integration!
Hey +Larry Page .  I don't suppose you could ask them to release their thermostat in the UK, could ya?  Thank you.
OK Google house!
Stop torching the furniture.
"I'm afraid I can't do that Dave"
Brilliant acquisition. Can't wait to see what comes of it.
now google will know what room I'm in even when my android phone's away from my body
Amazing price for nestlabs but I Think it s the Team also
Google, Apple, and Microsoft arw buying all the smaller companies that's killing innovation if you asked me
I have an idea and I want to show it to you.
+Kervens Ixe they used to say that to succeed in tech and remain independent, you needed a mediocre idea, cuz if the idea was good, it'd get noticed microsoft or intel or oracle, and one of the giants would stomp you.  now there are new giants but...
Interesting, I'm sure there is more to this then we think. Possibly the ability to consistently have connected sensors log our lives to provide both a service to the end user and value of data for corporate innovations. I think this is a good move.
Smoke alarm that talks. Thermostat that I can set with a web browser. I see Google's interest, but I cannot see why I should share it.
hi ,Mr Larry Page ,I am a chinese and my english is very poor.
I comment on this page because I think I have found a new idea to create a totaly new field of internet service.
If you have any intresting ,pls contact to me!
Thermostats and smoke alarms fulfill my dreams?
 (Is it true that Google wants to buy General Motors?)
google can change non profitable persuits into profitable one good job sir
Go Larry- take no counsel of your naysayers, and make my house into a Google enabled sensor filled smart voice activated internet of things. 
Congrats. Why not come to medical services also and build a great hospital for the care of relatively poor and needy too?
Do you guys have any interest in medical devices? We make spirometers and ECGs at www.advancedmedicalengineering
Gps orienting it with solar tracking to heat more on side in shade and not on sunny side could be an efficiency grabber, especially when there are a lot of windows :)
Hopefully they will still come out with a windows 8 app, come to think of it when will Google stop being bitches and develop apps for windows 8 and phone 8 as well.
Big Brother is getting even bigger - and the Stasi, ahm pardon NSA nightmare continues. 
Ow No...That means we will never see it in Germany...
can you like me as a frined to l do love you as a frined to
Great news we need Google in Cameroon. we want to enjoy all the services. 
dear Larry,
i am in class 5
we are upset to say but we but get our right search we are founding 
thanks alot and it's my pleasure to send you a commenton google

with warm regards

Anushka jha 
Please sir tell me how i can increase traffic on blogger.
I am searching for many days but could not find perfect. So please help me
if i write you a poem will you ask the google fiber people to nicely bring it to my town.
I think Google should invest in li-fi technologies. That is a next logical step towards a smart home/smart environments.
Ric B
Google really has had disfunctional projects this is one of them.
Great work keep it continue........ :) thnxx
jun s
sad move..not gonna buy their phones in the future
Hi Larry, The chrome cast sucks!!! It wasted me couple of hours and it simply didn't work!!!
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I have used Google maps ever since they came alive. But lately they have changed it so much I cant use it any longer. do any of you look at your products? to see if the changes make sense? Blessings Arthur
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Make the products in the USA and I'll buy them otherwise cool technology, but I really don't need it at all! Their learning thermostats and such would be a want product with current energy $. And there are programmable ones for a lot less that you can monitor and control from a smart phone like my awesome moto x. (Thank you Larry) The Honeywell products are at least Made in Mexico and not China. Come on NEXT make your American tech in America!
Von pratt inc... Brilliant i must say . ' OMG VIA THE GOOGLE MASTERPIECE LIVE
Dear Larry.

Which person could we contact a proposal for international business to make it reach the Executive direction of Google?

A cordial greeting. 
OMG..! On this 19th day of February .. From ceo and founder of von pratt inc business network... +Larry Page I must say Brilliant... By The Google masterpiece. 
Hey Larry!
My name is Gilberto, I'm a physics teacher and statistical.  I read some news about google researches. I want to create a formula to predict human behavior. It'll make a academic job that I'm going to make a presentation in the end of my statistics course.
I'd like help of google with some materials.
Please contact me.
LARRY PAGE  why am  I getting ADOBE WORMS? FUCK!  I can't program but I'm not computer retarded! 1 mega is saving in my photoshop like 20 megs ,  I bet is hernando barragan and his friends! or camilo gaviria , or oscar chavarro retard, or  Tiberio from Los Andes university or  THE MANHATTAN OBVSERVERER   on flickr abobe photoshop developer, since barragan raided to alienate me all my flickr he probably found him!  or the indian hacks that wired said worked for fb and they are hacks or MIT PLP of MIke sommervile  or jack Dorsey! can you help? ME THE VICTIM!!!
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Dear Larry!
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Larry, please allow me to serve google. I have excellent ideas.We can beat Whatsapp and create history.You may find people who are hardworking and talented but may hardly find people who believe "Work is Worship". I have no big dreams to earn money, I beleive I have enough. I do not run after money but my passion "TO WORK FOR GOOGLE"
Hello, Larry!
Most people in the world, his research interests on the Internet through specific sites, where we found more and more information that will investigate other sites ... And always waste time copying the text word by opening a page + Google + pasting the word + and finding information. Very time consuming! You could invent a way to open up a new page of Google, now with the information that interests us (word, portions of text, image), any text we were reading on the web! What do you think?? It's great!
I have an idea to improve the security of android. I talk to?
Hey Larry our profile ferarri 458 spider should be ready tomorrow i think i would like to drive down to Google. Best wishes and see you guys on Friday. 
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Tengo la visión de un producto (aplicación) que sólo Google podría lanzarlo... Y tener resultados que hace tiempo no se ven... Con quién debo hablar?
Google ie always one step ahead, amazing
Google maps will not change the address of my business and we loose custom as it will not recognize the pedestrian walk way after many times trying to contact google in london with no answer of the phones this issue is still a problem and has been for months now 
I doubt you'll read this but Google is my heart and soul. I am  going to college with aspirations to be like you guys. I live and breath for innovation. I love Google for this. The only reason I continue school for computer science is so that I can hope one day to be like you all at Google. Thanks for everything you guys do. Can't wait for glass and the nexus watch to come out I will be getting them to accompany my nexus 5.
I am so disappointed in Google right now.  This is the worst company worst that I've ever dealt with. I have been trying to get my Nexus 7 (which is defective & still under warranty) replaced for a week and all the representatives did was LIE LIE LIE!  I will never purchase anything from Google ever again. Not to mention that customer complaints have to be made via email to a call center rep and then forwarded to someone in a higher office.... Talk about customer service 
Can I have my Adsense account back. I was click bombed.
Hi Larry ! I come up with an idea for Google to compete with Facebook but I don't know how to reach you. I myself do not want to use many online services but because my friends they all use Facebook so I have to. Now I really do not want to waste my time on it. Hope to hear from you.
I need help getting back. To Google. For my server 
Hi Lary we could use a messenger like f/bk and msn had, worse thing they did when they stopped the msn messenger: 
Being an avid Google user, I'm always purposeful in taking the time to educate myself on the meaning of their many different doodles ("fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists,") even on holidays and anniversaries that I was not aware of! Well, today is #WorldDownSyndromeDay and I was looking forward to the Google logo change honoring our friends and loved ones who happen to have an extra chromosome. So, my question of the day is...where is the #WDSDDoodleGoogle?
Yes it should be on, put yourself a post and it will get lots of votes , someone else did that. 
Larry Page,

I am really disappointed with Google. Google Map could have easily posted life satellite pictures for everyone to help search the malaysian aircraft MH370. You owe it to the people. 
If you. Are a relative of someone on it I feel for you and pray, otherwise I think to be honest it's best we all wait till whatever is made official 
Please don't mess up NEST like you killed google maps... Seriously - I have to bing now because g-maps won't even work on my computer anymore it's been screwed up so bad.
Dear Mr. Larry,
Can I get a favour from you?
Please reply me. I'm waiting to your reply.
please read my message
hi, i m elisabetta the girl of the game (!!!?) i m just writing to you because i want to tell to all of you that i want to choose who is in my game , i don t like milan people so i dont want them in the game , above all the people of my university , it is important for me that they will not play in my game , i want to be happy , thanks lisa
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