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Just watched this mini movie. It's poetic and charming so wanted to share it --StreetView meets Toy Story. Incredibly heartwarming to see the magical way people around the world are inspired by Google products.

An article on how it was made:
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+Larry Page If i have an idea for a product for Google, where do i send in my suggestion? Surely you have a way to hear what your customers want? :) Thanks
What an excellent, well produced short movie... Thanks for sharing
All of us on the Street View team have been smiling from ear to ear from this. Thank you, and way to go, Tom!
An absolute delight, thanks for sharing and kudos to Tom Jenkins!
I love stop motion, one of my favorite artists in this genre is still +Jan Švankmajer. This one is very polished, and poetic.
Wow, impressive! And congratulations even for the choice of the music: Arrival of the Birds, i loved it.
Hi Larry - Can the Google Contact list be set so there is a marker near the contact noting that they also have a google plus account. It would really help in quickly finding friends to circle.
wow is very well done and fascinating! :)
I am always amazed how creative people are and how much simple messages well done can get under our skin - great job!
would Google make this kind of trip available in street view!! ;-)
Wow... talk about innovative!
I know how it feels....I travel that way street way is the highway............GREAT!!!!
The human mind is amazing!
It is we who have mastered the machine.
Would Google make a trip available in the street view like that?
It made me wonder... can you "drive" a street view from point to point like you can "fly" point to point in Google Earth? That would be cool Are the Google vehicles capturing images or video? That is, If I can "drive" a street view path, will be it be fluid (video) or more stop action (images). I will have to Google this thought. ;--)
Cool! But music can be more fun! Gimme 140 bps!
I like the music in the video. It perfectly expresses the desire of the robot to see the big world outside the office.
funny how most creative productions are done with a Mac, yet google continues to support the other platform. Lol!
Awesome video. Stop motion is great. The idea is wonderful and the music is perfect.
I especially love the rotating desk lamps simulating street lights... pure brilliance. The whole video was great!
Wow! This needs to be Google's next commercial promoting Google Maps. Thanks for the share Larry.
i love stop motion movie as i am doing animation in mumbai..i like all vfx software's... brilliant thought..
For some reason had visions of Cinema Paradiso...
Is this ad for Google street view or apple mouse :-))
Nossa muito legal,
muito criativo e original.
Nice and ad-hoc music! (Arrival of the Birds, The Cinematic Orchestra)
That was a very unique way to use Street View to demonstrate the little advances that make our lives so much easier. Very nice!
Very, very well done. Very creative and emotive.
I always feel like the robot when I use street view for visit those places that I never will see in real life
Mr. Page i am very impressed with your leadership of google as ceo. The consolidation of products is welcome from an investors point of view. If cash can be used to promote green energy initiatives at a return of close to cash then investors should be all for it.
That is a pretty cool video :) Thanks for sharing!
That is truly exceptional...just wonderful!
Ri Na
Sehr schön :)
Google products are definitely integrated into most people's lives. Cute movie :)
This really is great and just made my ride back home more fun!
larry, the youtube button is still present in the g+ (larry)page, dan, it's so useless!
...and of course it is the white robot sitting in the car, enjoying the ride while the black one's got to do all the clicking work!

Still, awesome video!! :)
Thank you! Lovely short film. Everybody have their own dreams :)
Очень трогательно :)
Well done Tom Jenkins.
I love street view and feel like the characters in the movie when I use street view.
Apparently, the road tunnel at around 1:51 is somewhere in Russia:)
Thanks Larry I really enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for that Larry. I own a video production company and it is always inspiring to see what people can do to combine simple, everyday objects with the technology of today. To quote you, that was pure magic!
They all worked together behind the scenes so the Toy would ride! Nice touch.
I love it. I definitely agree that it has some very poetic and emotional undertones. Thank you for sharing it so that the rest of us could watch it, Larry!
That is a amazing well done im trying to this but im getting there what software did you use to put it together :)
Excellent....thanks for posting the clip...
That is beautiful.. love the use of street view...
thanks for this fantastic video! i like it very much!
Wow ! Enjoyed travelling with him. Seems you don´t really need to travel to reach the places you dream of :)
+Larry Page This must feel awesome, seeing your ideas spark creativity like this. This kind of stuff makes me proud to be a Googler.
A very well done piece. Thanks for sharing Larry
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Amazing! I need +10 button!!!!
Never would have seen it without you sharing. Thanks very much!
Aren't we all this little guy?
Emotionnal. It can speak to anyone. Yes we all are this little guy;
Ralf yes we are ALL this "little guy" It speaks to all of us because we all yearn to be free and freedom is a powerful idea.

Give me but a moment of your time people and I can help you understand that we are on the wrong path and point you towards the right one.

Thank you for sharing this Larry.
That's the coolest stop motion I've ever seen!
So Cool 竟然是用定格动画做的!
Was it just me, or did the Apple logo really seem very prominent in that?
I hope a Google recruiter reaches out to Tom because of this. Something like this would make an amazing advertisement for Google Maps.
that's the cutest thing :)
That film really works well - you've got a good set of eyes on you Larry
Loved it! I never expected something so poetic.
Very impressive. I like the little toy, with the capability to dream, looking for what he want, passion for life, and teams who helps...
reminded me of how a person that has the charistics of humanity and business all in him/her, but the work alcholic is taking control.
That was great. It takes great talent and time to do something like that.
Larry this is great and honestly the future of edu/info/entertainment. Let's think mass market. We need platform (Goog alredy has it), content (you know who) infrastrucure (Goog has some but needs more) and further develpoment. I have sent you a few of these ideas to your google email and would genuinely like to expand on these ideas. I am based in Singapore.
Happy T-giving... today...
robot made by google to spy on you...JAY KAY! JAY KAY!
Xin Lee
cannot see the mini movie= =!
I love Street View even more!! (is it possible?)
can usend me ur mail id?
i have an project idea for that i need assistance......................
Even 'Technology' wants to get back to 'Nature'.

Very cool, Indeed.
Very cool.Makes me realize how easy it is to forget some of the truly amazing things technology is capable of and was meant to be used for when all I ever seem to see online are videos of people's personified pets.
Very creative and charming indeed!
Bộ phim thật hay, đó là một điều tuyệt vời!
So funny.. Google also gives the robot to get dream.
that masterful, excellent video, congratulations
I want u guys to know that the Credit goes to +Tom jenkins .. not to google.
Wow, this is awesome indeed.
We use Google maps for all our tracking for the bike sharing system. Google maps is key to the system!
Toy story + Google = great short movie
Sorry about calling you Uncle Larry, I have a Uncle Larry Page and thought he had his son's (my cousin that I haven't seen in years.) pic on his profile. I just realized that the pic is probably a young Larry Page and not my uncle. BK
This is totally Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Try it on the big screen, it's amazing.
Can't thank you enough for sharing! :D
nice movie! i like it
Rui Cao
Freedom in dream...what a sad story.
Avi P
wow,quite amazing

can you circle me pliiiz
Absolutely fantastic!
I dont buy it.
We have only started experimenting with Google+ and the "What's Hot" link, this morning reveals a Larry Page totally fake viral, clapped and admired by 2883 close "friends" of his. Reusing the ToyStory formula to produce a meaningless ToyMapStory? This is obviously a very very boring video and I have no intention of sharing it in any of "my" circles. It is a revolting attempt to conceal a promotional objective (Google Maps).
I love Google Maps... but this video makes me want to hate it for the very first time. I have only started using Google+ but I think I will go back to the old good Facebook for another while. Please Larry, stop this farse now. Unless you intend to continue losing credibility!
guest appearance r2d2. Very nice +5 :)
so sad :( what a sad move :( ... I forgive you Larry
Raj K
Neat ... love it. Lets all aspire for those thing that see just out reach for now.
Interesting... Google Street View on Apple computer.
Somehow sentimental!
Where do you want to escape!!!!!
Thank you, I think ill use streetView to imagine driving up to my Moms place in CA while in GA to surprise her for Thanksgiving. Its manly to cry just alil right?
OK so when is Google StreetDrive coming out ? I want to drive on Street View like this robot.
brilliant, best stop action I have ever seen
Gorgeous film. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the global GoogleVerse we are all part of.
What amazinnnng? I love it and do it more, thanks.
Chan Li
wow , so moving
Nicely done Larry. Best wishes.
"Incredibly heartwarming to see the magical way people around the world are inspired by Google products."

awesome!!! with this opportunity i want to drop one Query, my all time question indeed. : ) is it the real Larry who posts with this account or an employee from marketing strategy team,

i really would like to know,

Thank you for sharing! Very sweet!
this shows me that i will never regret that i shared my thoughts and ideas with google... thanks for realizing
It's very good movie!
Truly amazing had to pass it on. I fill inspired again to start another stop animation project.
agghhh -- "what's hot" is spamming my stream again
Nice but actually brings up a good point as we move into a virtual world, suggest Google capture ambient noise as part of the data stream related to street view...
I wonder if I will live when Street View will also offer smells. That is the next big thing in the virtual world, smell and feel. Larry?
Wow, the best viral marketing spot I saw the last few days +1!!!111elf ;-)
The robot clicking the mouse will be used in upcoming Robot Chicken episodes. {{^_^}}
Alex G.
trop top le video :D
What a great story and short film.
This movie is really fantastic. The robots' "feelings" are so vivid and it feels like you're experiencing the whole thing with the little fella'
Nice job!
Frankly I found it bland, emotionally indifferent. I can't help but wonder how many people would be as giddy as their comments appear, had this stream not been posted by Larry Page.
Thanks for sharing. I thought it was lovely.
I like the video, well made
I loved the music, too!! ...makes me want to go on a road trip!! hehe.... I am a kid at heart so these type of things touch me. :)
that is really Wonderful movie very ........very nice I love it.
nice one..............
This is what i like about google. After looking at this video I have another level of respect for Larry page. He posted a video that has all apple products and not afraid to do so that's what you called being confident! Way to go Larry!
By the way Larry in case you read this. You need to update google + the main thing people complain about is the fact that they can't erase their messages / chat
One last thing Larry I think you should really consider buying htc, you can make wonders and give apple a much better run for their money instead of focusing on Motorola cause other then their licenses they're not worst much 
Funny. Google reaches everywhere, even in apple world.
Iris T
wow, that was really cool.
Legga L
Wonderful story!
I felt a bit of Toy Story, Wall-E, and Night at the Museum. Make the little guy running not driving across the scenes, I might as well think he has a motive to this moonlighting pursuit, the Forrest Gump type.
Brinno's TLC100 & TLC200 time lapse cams can also do the stop motion thing...
geniale e tenerissimo ; )
Brinno's time lapse cams : TLC100 & TLC200
I do really appreciate your warmheart. Google , at the one side, does extraordinary things; but at the other side gives the impression that it consists of only robots that , as a group, evaluates themselves, just Half-Gods. I can give you details about samples drived me to that impression if you write me (
The situation on this small blue planet is very serious as you see in " " and the references given therein. It neccessiates more contribution for any inhabitant including you and me. I will add a better worked version to my site in a couple of weeks. I hope it will attract your attention and corresponding acts.
teary eyed... great production!
Its fantastic........
don't have words for it......
what a creativity!!!!!
How is the google feedback sorted? Are all my google accounts linked together to show everything I do as a human? Is there a program to sort my information to feed me more information to expand my brain? Keep on doing good Larry.
I loved it. Thank you for sharing it
Lovely! I wonder how long it would take me to make a virtual road trip across America? Route 66, here I come :-)
Google is changing the lives of NGOs & CBOs in the Caribbean by providing the access to mapping that has been long out of our reach due to expensive, complicated software. Our NGO, People in Action, Grenada,( is an associate to National Geographic, Center for Sustainable Destinations’ “geotourism” program. We are trying to replicate NGS map making in Google, but yet have to accomplish a way of having community participate in the geo-referencing of places online. We will like to take the mapping up a notch by creating an interactive search site like the US Environmental Protection Agency It is my firm belief that NG, CSD and Google could collaborate on a program that will encourage communities to become stewards of their environment and push for sustainability on the grass-root level. Geo-development, maybe? Google and Nat Geo together have the power to influence the sustainable change our world!!
Hi Larry!!!! Amazing one!!! Thanks for creating such a beautiful product google....Always would love to contribute for its development and success!!!!!
Do you farm at Google? Think you can try GoogleFarm...I Love to see Google go real green.
Great piece. A pity about the product placement (Apple and Staples). Even if unintentional; a small effort to eliminate would have increased the artistic merit greatly.
A stunning beautiful film, that made my day. congrats to all those who put this together.
Beautiful, it got me thinking if the beauty we see in the movie reflects in someway our desire for freedom
Fantastic thought! Creativity meets the concept! :{
its such a piece of art....
Its all about emotion, everything we do revolves around what we are feeling. Thanks.
Really look forward to a more extensive network for Street View, it's just amazing! Hopefully it can cover more restaurant and other entertainment facilities. It helps the business!
我这里看不了youtube ,fuck GFW
Dear 30-Years-Old-Kid,
Communication is not brainwashing, it is something mutual. Better not write anything if not communicating.
Rafa GG
just traveling beauty throuhg the core of internet ... viajando por la belleza desde el corazón de internet
Imagine being here in 1000 years, and discovering this digital gem.
ADF 007
its good friend
good morning Larry i have a technical question for you. i am setting up my own mail server using exchange and inside of my network users/clients can send and receive email among them . However they can not send or receive email from outside the network or other domain. any hint or advice that you can share with me?
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Thats much cool,am new in here and I realy love google staffs and wanna do the google from down here in Africa.........
I just want to say hi Lary Page!!!
google+ is amazing and your posts too. Larry page I wanna send a business proposal for google+ because you guys are missing something. People on google+ are gonna love it. I tried calling 0016502530000 thrice but didn't know the extension number. can u send me your personal Email id,fax or telephone number.
That was absolutely unexpected and hugely enjoyable!
Hahaha.... I'm sort of baffled as to who "Larry Page" is, but I'll tell you this much, you're doing something really right!!!
Enjoy :o)
How Can I send a project for Google?

Classificação geral
I believe the hight mountain road, is Donner Pass, I-80 above Lake Tahoe.
G8 , larry page , your g+ rockz over Zuckerberg's brain child .
Hi Larry! Google services are one the wonderful things I have come across in my life. But I have a problem: I can update my profile and put new posts on my blog Thank you
hacı sanada yazık la acıom. Sen git o kadar heveslen yatırım yap google +'ı kur sonrada kimse gelip kullanmasın tek başına takıl burda. kötü durum valla.
Amazing video. So many lovely touches! Thanks for sharing really enjoyed this one :-)
Pathetic attempt of Viral Marketing. Im sorry but this video is anything but virally interesting. Just being honest Larry.
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