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Just got done with earnings.  Here were my remarks:

Hi everybody.  Thanks for joining us today.  Google had another strong quarter with $14.9 billion in revenue and great product progress.   We are closing in on our goal of a beautiful, simple, and intuitive experience regardless of your device.

Research has shown that people tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the short term … yet underestimate the scale of change longer term.

For years everyone talked about the multi screen world.  Now it’s arrived … BUT at a scale few imagined.  People increasingly have more than one device.  And screens are proliferating -- in the home as well as wearable screens like watches and Google Glass.

When Android was still a skunkworks project, I used to feel kind of guilty visiting the team.  We were a search company and building a new operating system wasn’t an obvious move to most people.  Turns out that was a lot of misplaced guilt!  Over 1 billion Android devices have now been activated worldwide -- and 1.5M devices are lit up every day.

I am also tremendously excited about Chromebooks -- which are growing fast and defying the more general decline in laptops.  Just like the Chrome browser, updates are seamless and frequent improving security and usability.  This is a great example of technology doing the hard work so you can get on with the stuff that matters.

Two weeks ago, we launched the new HP Chromebook 11.  It’s beautifully designed, and lightweight -- at just over two pounds -- and at $279 highly affordable.  Best of all it has a high power micro-USB charger that can also charge your Android phone.  Re-charging is still way too much of a sweat and there’s tremendous potential to innovate.  So it’s great to see progress here.

This quarter we also launched the Moto X -- the first phone Motorola has developed and produced since Google acquired the company.  It’s clean, super fast and the voice features are great.  So while it’s still early days, Dennis and the team have already transformed Motorola’s product quality.  Now they’re working to build out marketing and distribution.

As screens multiply, the ability to navigate across them seamlessly becomes more and more important.

That’s why I love Chromecast -- which we launched in July and it immediately became a bestseller.  Pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and start playing some music from YouTube, or a show from Google Play or Netflix.  With one click the content is there on the biggest screen in your home … your TV.  All for just $35.  And, unlike some other streaming devices, you can continue to email, search and share as the Chromecast handles the hard work without draining your device battery.  Genuine multi-tasking in a multi screen world.

We’re also making great progress across devices with YouTube.  Almost 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic now comes from mobile -- up from 6 percent two years ago.  And in August we updated our YouTube apps for Android and iOS.  You can now leave a video playing at the bottom of the screen while you explore other content.

Our execution and velocity in search and maps is getting better and better -- and from a very high base.  A new maps app for iOS and Android shipped in July that is specifically built for tablets to make the most of these larger screens.  And in September we rebuilt our entire mobile search experience with a simple card interface that is easy to read -- and a design that is optimized for touch.

Our momentum on voice search is tremendous.  We added four new languages this quarter, making it available in over 78 languages and accents. We’ve also expanded the quick answers we can provide just for you.  So ask Google for your flight details and they’ll appear instantly in your search results -- no digging around in your email required.  And the search across Google+ photos is extraordinary.  Search for sunsets … and all the pictures you’ve ever taken of sunsets appear instantly.  If you haven’t tried it prepare to be amazed.

About two years ago when I became CEO again my goal was to ensure that Google maintains the passion and soul of a start-up as we grow.  It’s why I have worked so hard to increase our velocity and execution -- so we create great products that people love to use and iterate fast to ensure they get better and better.  Because great is just never good enough.  When you look across the company it’s amazing how well the teams are executing.  For example, we rolled out Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords across all devices, for all our advertisers, in less than a year.

Of course none of this would happen without great people and we are so lucky that we have them.  I'd like to thank all the Googlers and Motorolans who make everything possible.  Keep up that velocity and execution.

Before I hand over the call to Patrick,  I wanted to let you know that going forward, I won’t be joining every earnings call.  Patrick and Nikesh do a great job covering our business each quarter and they’ll continue to do that great work.  I know you all would love to have me on, but you’re also depending on me to ruthlessly prioritize my time for the benefit of the business.  I’m very confident you’re in good hands with Patrick and Nikesh.  So now, over to Patrick.
Google Segment Revenues – Google segment revenues were $13.77 billion, or 92% of consolidated revenues, in the third quarter of 2013, representing a 19% increase over third quarter 2012 Google segment revenues of $11.53 billion. Google Sites Revenues – Google-owned sites generated segment ...
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lin lai
I am chinese, i love and want google.
Dear Mr. Page, I am very excited to hear that Google is doing so well. I am also pleased to hear Google continues to innovative and brings to the market products for 'the everyday man/woman'. However, I would like to inquire about the direction of Google TV. I believe in its basic application of delivering the Web to your TV. That being said I cannot deny with the development of Chromecast, will there be a true place for Google TV? Thank you for your time. 
Contratulations. I love Google!!!
Well done on the increased profit.

It's a shame you can't buy the Chromecast in the UK without paying 3 times the US price, please bring the Chromecast to the rest of the world +Larry Page 
I love Google. And oh I read the article by Larry.
Well done by everyone! Seems also the analysts asked some good questions this time. Hope everything turns out ok regarding the speaking problem.
will miss you on the earnings call. You are the most enjoyable person to listen on those calls.
Larry, I admire you and your excellent company.  Do you have any plans on a smart watch?
Please send Chromebooks to sell in Brazil!!!
Job well done. Now please start approving Chromecast apps!
"ruthlessly prioritize my time for the benefit of the business"  :)
"Don't be evil" The unofficial company slogan that they live up to every day. Other companies need to take notes.
Congratulations +Larry Page and all Googlers for hard work and innovative are life with key tools to help us out
Fantastic!. Now let's get the Google Glass into the market asap and change the wearable computing market (doesn't exist) forever.
Congrats, and appreciations to you :-) :-) 
Please make Chromecast available in Canada. I am putting off a TV purchase until this is available. Of course, I may end up with a Roku if I don't have a choice. 
I have a great idea, how to take Google to the next level, and make Google OS shine. Billions of dollars up for grabs, in the battle for supremacy, winner takes all. You really wanna see your numbers increase, we should talk.
78 languages and accents. Wow. Is there a list somewhere we can ogle at? 
Sin palabras...extraordinarios logros en innovación e increíbles resultados financieros.
Many thanks to you Larry, ☆ for being and have created the best deal ever and also the best as a source of income and capital gain through financial markets, ever seen in the history. Special thanks Larry/ →☆☆☆☆☆←
How about sponsorship for my community project in PNG   Call me.
A company that does superbly on its present business plus has lots of irons in the fire for the future, some of which are likely to pwn the future.

I expect Google to cross $1000 mark tomorrow, for the first time, unless something nasty in the external environment doesn't spoil the picnic.

What more could an investor ask of a company. Perhaps dividends?
Well done!! Just reading that made me pumped up about all the great things Google is doing :)
Well stated. Looking to you to learn how to manage a million task with only 24 hours in the day.  FYI - Your Google Business Photos Trusted Agency Coordinators, Kyle and Sam....ROCK!
What I like about Google is that while the main profits are coming from all the search products, Google is making other products to remain free or relatively cheap. I must also say that Google products whether free or paid, had bring great value and impacts on people's life. 
Telo G.
I love Google!
congrat for this work and good luck for the future
please mr, +Larry Page  , i read all this words , to read something about my Kitkat !!!
bring my time back or i will sue you 
+Google is great for my business and personal, keep adding G+ Photos to Chromecast :-)
Very proud to be a Google user! 
You are one hell of a Larry where do you get the drive -- the energy from and passion in Larry load. Trevor 
Google+ photo search is really amazing!  I searched car and my son's picture at Legoland driving school taken when he was 7 showed as the last picture!
Technology should get out of the way so you can ruthlessly and relentlessly exploit our personal information for profit.
Antz Jr
Congrats google.. keep inovate
더 멋진 작품을 보여주세요. 구글을 믿습니다.
+Larry Page kudos to Googlers. Love the way Google is heading now.

Could you push for jank free animation and scrolling in Android for the best User Experience in mobile world? It's still below iOS and Windows smoothness right now.

Also please bring Google in Education to Indonesia, especially the Textbooks in Google Play Books and Google Chromebook devices.

Keep up the good job. Happy camper here. "_______^
Tc Y
don't be evil
From all of these products I can tell Chromecast is the one that I love the most. Looking forward for Google Glass ... it's like a dream now.
Good, congratulations. Please, now put more features no driver doc editor (gdoc). Thanks.
You are an inspiration not because of the great business you have helped create but because of your humanity and care you exhibit in all your dealings . 
Hi Larry,
Good morning
It is nice to hear from you that innovations at Google is at lightening speed. Great Job done. Keep your every innovation at the reach of every user on this planet. God's blessings are always with you and your team.
Good wishes,
888.79 -9.23 (-1.03%) at close today
After Hours: 961.48 +72.69 (8.18%)
I hope google will keep pushing forward in changing the world with quantum computation
Just saw that Nexus 5 leak on the Play store...I am totally getting my first Nexus!!!!
Amazing isn't it? Google is great! Keep Googling...
Please restore the Wikipedia function to Google Maps. It is bereft without it. I'm not sure why you would deliberately make something bad.
Lam Ho
Great, keep going on improving the world :)
Often I try to grasp what your time management skills are like.
Take over the world the conventional cos that thinking radical is not always lossmaking
Glad the market responded well to the goog news.
At the end of WWII German money was so worthless it was cheaper to burn roles of money than to buy a log. Wonder what that will be worth in 6 months or so.
Today being Laxmi Puja here in Bengal,India...we pray for prosperity,opulence,success and well being to Google...all that Godess Laxmi stands for !
Brilliant. But personally, I'm looking forward to Google Glass, the rest is not so revolutionary in my opinion.
Some of the search functions are great.  My favourite "Define".  It would be nice if site owners had the opportunity to add this functionality to their web sites - a bit like Free Dictionary.  
Hey +Larry Page, I am a loyal Googler. I use Google literally for everything. Here is an idea that would once again help Google rise to new heights.

Make Chrome OS officially available for download. People could choose to replace Windows with Chrome OS. Old desktop computers and laptops could breathe new life. Schools and businesses could update their old setup to a new setup running Google Chrome OS.

This one thing could drastically change the amount of computers that run Chrome OS. More computers running Chrome OS means more data and traffic for Google, also it means that more developers will be interested in creating Chrome Apps.

Googlers are waiting for it. We want to turn all of our computers into Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. It's good for users and it's good for Google.
In future I'll be working in california at google ;) )))
Aw, it's not going to be any fun without you
Cai Sun
What about Google Now?
Wholly crap. I saw 14.9B and dropped my phone. I know this has been going on for a while, but that's a lot of money for an ad company. Perhaps they're just lucky YahOO seems to jump from one bozo CEO (witness the mess that is YahOO mail... And the new logo) to another, and so have no real competition.
Hey, I have a 3DS and it would be great if G+ could load on that too!
It's quite amazing to see myself loving one particular company so much. Google, you are the best.
Pretty good results. As a Google user I don't mind contributing to your bottom line. 
You know the best way to make Motorola increase its profit, is stop making special phones for carriers, and selling moto x worldwide with the customization thing. 
I do not want to spoil your mood, but there is a problem. With me not want to speak  google employees in Russia, Moscow. I representative the parent committee of the school - "Trust", Saint-Petersburg. My goal is to organize tours 8th grade students to the office to Google in St. Petersburg. Employees of the Google ignore my requests. Please let me know where my issues will be heard. Thank you and excuse me
Why don't you sack up like a man and get the same vote per share other investors get? You are robbing shareholders of both premium price AND more importantly their rights all bc you want your cake and eat it too. Don't be evil.
Congrats larry. As always im blown away by your company. You are the model of how to run a 'business' for all .. Ill never turn off your ads, its the least i can do to allow you to innovate for the masses without ever charging us.. 
Please pay your taxes in all the countries where you are operating. The states need this money urgently in order to finance important public infrastructure!
I will be willing to add to your earnings when the nexus 5 is released. Any news on when it will be released?
The thing that makes Google profitable and succesfull on the long term is that Google is diverse. Multiple products and different areas in which Google is active. If one product doesnt live up to expectations, it doesnt effect the profitability of the company as much as when you have a single product such as Facebook. When Facebook doesnt use the large amount of members and create various products in different areas before the market declines, they may aswell be a "one day fly" that ends after the product has been maxed out. Google doesnt have this problem as they keep developing and enter different areas of a market that is stilll growing and professionalizing. That Google makes 15 billion profit is cause of a long term vision and cause the company is being run well, the fact that many governments struggle is cause of their own doing and id say, in reply to a previous comment, Google doesnt owe any country anything in terms of helping pay for infrastructure etc. as any government should be able to provide for this themselves, but incompetence and shortterm thinking as a result of chasing votes means that the policies will always change and effect the previous policies that were implied. In other words, a country can be stable and profitable just as any company if they would think long term and with a government that knows what they are doing and are experts in the areas in which they operate. As i see in the Netherlands id say that our government has a lack of knowledge in economics judging by the fact that they do the opposite of what they are supose to be doing. Anyways, long reply but congrats to Google and if you could ever use a smartass that isnt affraid of sharing his opinion and has many good ideas that will deffinitly be profitable, feel free to contact me. :P high homophobic uuuu on boo oblige k no ho co homophobic up
Thanks for making our daily lives routine much better w/ your products. It really does make a difference!
android4.4 a little wish
Nice Google! Keep doing what you're doing, you guys are awesome!
Dear Mr. Larry Page, I was a fan from China, Google, please forgive my English is not very good, so I can only use Google translator to talk to you, I was in China's technology news site of view You say goodbye to participate because of health problems Google earnings conference as Google enthusiast, I really admired your actions, although not well in China and experience the Google service, but I'll still stick with Google, because I love Google, but my hope is you can quickly recover the body, the body's most important, I wish you a speedy recovery! One from China, Google enthusiasts, thank you!
Congrats on the success, though I must add something.
I would much prefer you center on usabiity rather than looks. Lately I'm loosing features because of changes you are making, that are centered on "design". 
You really make it excellent. Congratulation, Larry and Google :). 
Good job guys. Keep up the good work. You have my support!
earnings conference call missing on google IR site ?
So how does it feel like waking up being 3 billion dollars richer Mr.Page?
Good Day,

Attached to this email is your winning notification for the prize you have won.

Larry Page
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
2013 Google Corporation. 
I got this email. Is it true? Thank you for your response to the email
Google Apps didn't seem to get a mention from +Larry Page - a significant product in business.
I disagree with you 100% +Gustavo Campanelli.

Design is very important and Google is adding features to their services every month. 
Just don't build new headquarters and Google will be the first trillion dollars company. Keep focus.
Thanks Larry, first time I read these posts, an interesting recap and feedback of what s happening ! 
We love google thanks larry from China where don't have Google
Built your apps and services for windows phone!!!
I love the low key way Larry communicated what should be considered blockbuster results. No bombast here at all. Larry's humility and lack of pretense may be google's greatest strength. There is a lot to learn for other CEOs here. 
Hi Larry and +Hemant Shah ,
good news, better for investors would be a dividend!
Mr Larry, what such great work your company is doing. What great risks and research you have done to improve our lives. To make the world, a smaller world now.
Dear Larry Page, the news are suberb!! Congrats for everything you have done. As a humble and middle aged user I ask something from you: Please make G+ simpler and more practical !! ( this is not only my thought, many many people think the same way in comparison with Facebook:((                                              Google should always be the best !!  
Larry do you accept Industrial trainees from nigeria.
We need Google Fiber to be a core business. Just like you said Larry, this will have a long term impact. Consumers are clamoring for this now and will even pay a premium. People do not want to deal with traditional providers anymore. We need the market to force net neutrality so innovation can prosper and Google's other core businesses will continue to benefit. As an example please see this current post in reddit about Comcasts new data caps and people's reaction to it.
I Wish i could work at google. Sigh. I Like the easter eggs (execpt the chicken dance. it is HORRIBLE! My ears almost bleeded at that egg.)
I would love to find out which senior manger decided to change all the google e mail settings, thus eliminating my wifes e mails and greatly inconvieniencing the both of us. The 'new' system (at least in the UK) is a complete farce and far from user friendly.

Well done Googlre for a monumental cock up!!!

Dr Lewis

hello sir i want to work for google please guide me how it is possible 
I got more excited ad-related program for earnings. A killer plateform over every companies nowadays. Wish keyman of google will join the meetings in the end of the year.
the  place is in Taiwan, passport is a must... ^^
Shal P
Larry Sir - Hearty Congratulations!
Google is one religion that binds the world.
To me Google is next to Almighty - I find my answers here. This universe is dependent on one stop googleopedia - THE GOOGLE THAT RULES THE WORLD.

Couldn't wish for a better and nicer ad promoting product than Google. Is it possible to make this page more colorful and attractive? The home page itself can have Top 50 companies listed. This list would have a tough competition amongst all the BIG companies who would like to be seen on Google landing page. World would love to see the tough competition.
Sir, Thanks a lot for giving the whole world a great backbone in the era of Information. Best part of google that I felt was the innovation. Once again thanks a lot.
I noticed on one of the U.S.A. holidays that there was only a tiny american flag below the search bar. I didn't understand why Google downplayed this U.S.A. holiday and didn't spend any time creating a beautiful animated picture  above the Google search bar to honor the U.S.A. It seems Google has the time and manpower to honor every one else and every other holiday. The U.S. A. internet consumers give Google a lot of business.
Hello Larry. My company currently holds the only patented Fantasy Sports game in the US. We are talking to ESPN and Yahoo, but I figured Google may want to break into that 20 billion dollar market and play a game that only they can play! 
Health is Wealth, preventive check ups can only diagnose the diseases early and save from complications. We are all experts in Eating and Working but we are lazy or loath to walk, Walking is an essential part of Maintaining Health It is pity no body taught us how to walk correctly. Right walking Keeps you Healthy.
For right walking use right foot wear
Larry Page. Google never answer even recorded delivery letters. Why did you remove Fuheis from Google Maps. Fuheis is a town of 20,000 people in Jordan and yet it is not on Google Maps. Please goto WHERE IS FUHEIS in Facebook. People of Fuheis are unimpressed by Google behaviour. We hope you will get things right
sir i have a idea for google in global android banking 
Hi Larry, You know?  Your new gmail display , probably the world's most ugly design! 
Congrats ... Dear Google,
You are now 50% life partner of the "Human Being" Really ...After 1 year you will be 90% 😃
 Best of Luck Mr.Google Larry Page Sergey Brin..... 😃

If you ask me to add something new in Google world then I will simply put the dictionaries each word after Google !!!!!! Ex. "A" For G-Apple then Google will give Apple details from History to Science related current innovations,uses for the Apple..... 😃

The 1st "o" Between Two "G" 
* "Google Knowledge Dictionary"
Would like to add one more "o" ....... :)
Vipul More
I would love for you to see some of the webpages/websites that my 6th and 7th graders are creating using Google Sites.  They are doing such an amazing job that I am having them create classroom websites for the teachers in the school.  They are learning how to use Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms and have been sharing files with each other.  I am so proud of the work these students are doing and want you to check it out as well.  

Please get in touch with me as these kids have big dreams of someday working at Google.
You're looking at this Google+ thing wrong, I have a better idea. Get in-touch.
I go to a Montessori School in Okemos, MI where Larry Page grew up.  I'm in 3rd grade.  On Halloween, I am dressing up as Larry Page and giving a report on him.  I want to be the next Larry Page.
Larry thanks you because you create the best ezplorer of the world
Hi larry im jake and im a google developer and in 4 I might have bachelors degree in software engineering and would like to get a job in future I currently know java and python. And am looking forward to future a
Sincerely jake
Larry Page!  I was going to complain about your financial earnings posts, but nevermind after reading your last comment.  You walking shareholder advertisement!  Did the marketing team write all that product stuff or did you?!!!   

Larry Page.  You are the Google marketing face.

Larry Page, I need some Google help behind Statpedia.  Google Ventures never contacted me even though Jeff Dean told me to reach out to them.  Throw me a bone for statpedia Larry!

Whether or not you choose to accept statpedia being out there in the world, it still is!  I believe there those that think my image may be somewhat questionable, but you know what Larry!   I am an overall good person, and I do good things in this world!

Also!  Motorola makes garbage as far as I can see. The CR-48 had the sleekest design even though you never came out with a white one like I asked for.  Just loving my white iPhone 4s, and my macbook air with an i7 and 8 gigs of ram.  What planet do you live on?  I hope you turn Motorola into something of a comeback kid story like you explained with Android, or the beginning days of Toyota.  Maybe even the beginning days statpedia....   seamless device functionality... I am going for the twofer approach to the wolfram headquarters as a graduate user experience intern.  Incubate what what?

The sooner statpedia becomes successful, the sooner I can build humanoid robots better than Apple and iRobot quality.  So many things in this world Larry Page, but when it really comes down to it we are all still people in this world living day by day doing our best as possible.

Did you cut out impossible in your dictionary Larry Page?  That would be great to remove impossible from the google dictionary.  Let everyone add it back when the red squiggle line appears.

Hope you are well!
I am have trouble getting support from your product, no number to call where some live person will answer!
plz help me I want any job plz give me 
Now they just need a real way for customers to bring real problems to there attention. There is no email address available. After being loyal customers I've personally bought 4 android devices, my brother has 3 and develops for them. Neither of us can download the google play movies we bought BECAUSE WE OWN TOO MANY DEVICES ARE YOU KIDDING, NOT JUST THAT you use a software code to authenticate instead of a nonchanging hardware id number so just flashing newer roms on older phones WILL TRIGGER THE SAME ISSUE. NOW THERE IS THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUE THERE IS NO 4G IN MY AREA AND WHEN IM WAITING FOR DR OR ECT I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO WATCH THE MOVIES I PAID YOU FOR! I HAVE SEARCHED FOR A WAY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH GOOGLE, THERE IS NO EMAIL JUST 1 UNSUPPORTED FORUM I SAW 50 QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS WITH NO RESPONSE I GOT SO BORED I LEFT WHEN I RETURNED BIG SHOCK 300+ QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS NO RESPONSE IN SIGHT. IS THIS THE TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS SHOULD EXPECT!  
Well done sir and thanx Google for providing us one of the best operating systems in the world.
Hello Larry,
Congratulations on Google being one of the top 10 best companies to work for in 2013. I have an idea that would make your company even better to work for in the coming years:) P.S. I thought "The Internship" movie was great fun.
Ken Sly
Google + Radio Shack = Google Shack

Centrally Located Stores all over USA.

knowledgeable staff, 90%+ of current business fits.  

hey Larry I got you and sergey's biographies
Good day, Mr. Page.  When is Google Glass going to be available here in the Philippines?  Thanks!
hey larry for the google doodle, can we do it on photoshop?
our media arts class is doing it and my teacher is wondering
cmon larrryyyyy
Just read an article about the far right wing groups that Google has given money to since Sept, 2012: Heritage Action, American Action Network, Americans for Tax Reform and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. I think Google should consider not providing support to organizations, that may forward agendas and policies that benefit Google, but do not benefit, but rather hinder, the millions that use Google products. 
I just read The Bill Moyer article on Google's new significant support for the far right political groups. This is pretty disturbing to me and makes me want to start my own little grass roots campaign to de-Google. I look forward to a rebuttal. Hope to hear from you soon.......
Larry - please buy Riot games. they cannot maintain their servers and I play league of legends.
Has Google considered Google University a public/private K-Undergraduate program? Students curriculums are specialized by interest and capability. 
Hey Larry page this is your ferarri von inc Google pulse masterpiece... let me no if you have time to contact ferarri of Houston via in regards to our official 458 ferarri convertible closing
u are always my big idol :)
Yea, well your're gonna lose a ton of business now that some idiot in development dorm decided to change your classic maps to something that is broken, will never be used and totally sucks. But I guess that was the plan all along so no more resources would be needed to support it as people will dump it and head over to WAZE.
لمؤكبكرجر مءطيط خبكﻻوركل
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