Just got done with earnings.  Here were my remarks:

Hi everybody.  Thanks for joining us today.  Google had another strong quarter with $14.9 billion in revenue and great product progress.   We are closing in on our goal of a beautiful, simple, and intuitive experience regardless of your device.

Research has shown that people tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the short term … yet underestimate the scale of change longer term.

For years everyone talked about the multi screen world.  Now it’s arrived … BUT at a scale few imagined.  People increasingly have more than one device.  And screens are proliferating -- in the home as well as wearable screens like watches and Google Glass.

When Android was still a skunkworks project, I used to feel kind of guilty visiting the team.  We were a search company and building a new operating system wasn’t an obvious move to most people.  Turns out that was a lot of misplaced guilt!  Over 1 billion Android devices have now been activated worldwide -- and 1.5M devices are lit up every day.

I am also tremendously excited about Chromebooks -- which are growing fast and defying the more general decline in laptops.  Just like the Chrome browser, updates are seamless and frequent improving security and usability.  This is a great example of technology doing the hard work so you can get on with the stuff that matters.

Two weeks ago, we launched the new HP Chromebook 11.  It’s beautifully designed, and lightweight -- at just over two pounds -- and at $279 highly affordable.  Best of all it has a high power micro-USB charger that can also charge your Android phone.  Re-charging is still way too much of a sweat and there’s tremendous potential to innovate.  So it’s great to see progress here.

This quarter we also launched the Moto X -- the first phone Motorola has developed and produced since Google acquired the company.  It’s clean, super fast and the voice features are great.  So while it’s still early days, Dennis and the team have already transformed Motorola’s product quality.  Now they’re working to build out marketing and distribution.

As screens multiply, the ability to navigate across them seamlessly becomes more and more important.

That’s why I love Chromecast -- which we launched in July and it immediately became a bestseller.  Pull out your phone, tablet or laptop and start playing some music from YouTube, or a show from Google Play or Netflix.  With one click the content is there on the biggest screen in your home … your TV.  All for just $35.  And, unlike some other streaming devices, you can continue to email, search and share as the Chromecast handles the hard work without draining your device battery.  Genuine multi-tasking in a multi screen world.

We’re also making great progress across devices with YouTube.  Almost 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic now comes from mobile -- up from 6 percent two years ago.  And in August we updated our YouTube apps for Android and iOS.  You can now leave a video playing at the bottom of the screen while you explore other content.

Our execution and velocity in search and maps is getting better and better -- and from a very high base.  A new maps app for iOS and Android shipped in July that is specifically built for tablets to make the most of these larger screens.  And in September we rebuilt our entire mobile search experience with a simple card interface that is easy to read -- and a design that is optimized for touch.

Our momentum on voice search is tremendous.  We added four new languages this quarter, making it available in over 78 languages and accents. We’ve also expanded the quick answers we can provide just for you.  So ask Google for your flight details and they’ll appear instantly in your search results -- no digging around in your email required.  And the search across Google+ photos is extraordinary.  Search for sunsets … and all the pictures you’ve ever taken of sunsets appear instantly.  If you haven’t tried it prepare to be amazed.

About two years ago when I became CEO again my goal was to ensure that Google maintains the passion and soul of a start-up as we grow.  It’s why I have worked so hard to increase our velocity and execution -- so we create great products that people love to use and iterate fast to ensure they get better and better.  Because great is just never good enough.  When you look across the company it’s amazing how well the teams are executing.  For example, we rolled out Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords across all devices, for all our advertisers, in less than a year.

Of course none of this would happen without great people and we are so lucky that we have them.  I'd like to thank all the Googlers and Motorolans who make everything possible.  Keep up that velocity and execution.

Before I hand over the call to Patrick,  I wanted to let you know that going forward, I won’t be joining every earnings call.  Patrick and Nikesh do a great job covering our business each quarter and they’ll continue to do that great work.  I know you all would love to have me on, but you’re also depending on me to ruthlessly prioritize my time for the benefit of the business.  I’m very confident you’re in good hands with Patrick and Nikesh.  So now, over to Patrick.
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