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It’s been just over a year since I became CEO again. Instead of our usual Founders’ Letter, I wanted to do something different and give you an update on what we are focused on. Top of my priority list has been creating a simpler, more intuitive experience across all our products so users get exactly what they need, right when they want it. While we will always have improvements to make, I am excited about our progress and the opportunities in front of Google today. You can read my CEO update below.
2012 Update from the CEO. Velocity, execution and focus. Sergey and I founded Google because we believed that building a great search experience would improve people's lives and, hopefully, the wo...
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Larry, Google is on the right track, as evidenced by the rising popularity of Google+
Thanks for all the Google services
Nice recap of the growing stages of Google and what the vision is.
Wish you would Google Voice some love...VOIP calling via iOS with competitive plans to skype.
That's odd, it has been about a year since google fell down a well and started sucking.
You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work :-)
Thank you for taking care of your people and your "healthy disregard for the impossible" -- keep up the good work!
Thanks Larry. I wish you would make sure Nexus products get love first. I presumed that to be the case when I bought my Sprint Nexus S 4G. I'm a couple of months after Ice Cream Sandwich... I'm still waiting.
It makes me not want to consider Nexus devices again.
To be clear, the attack on personal privacy, the dumbing-down of products, the need to compete with facebook, not by standing apart from them, but by trying to be just like them.
It has been a total mess.
Hi Larry.
Would you instruct your Google+ team to come up with a better app for the iPhone?
Some of us would like to see a better, less buggy Google+ app for the iPhone and the iPad.

Thank you.
I agree, it would be good to unify the designs of all services.
Also improve "G + Pages" adding personalization applications.
Greetings +Larry Page from Uruguay
+Larry Page I would ad one thing: for me the biggest achievement about Google, is that when I'm using its products, I the user don't feel used. That's very important to me.

Googzilla is marching...
I almost forgot the pathological secrecy, the total lack of followup, the rolling out of broken product with known issues to replace products that actually work.
Thanks for killing all useful forum support, and turning gmail into an eyesore.
Mr. +Larry Page sir!
I think it will be a BRILLIANT idea if you were to ACTIVELY engage with the public on +Google+ . Please APPRECIATE that kinda thing. Not prepared statements - that should be coming from your "Page" not from your "Profile" account.
I'd like to take this moment to congratulate you on your sterling work on Google. You are undoubtedly among the most innovative and influential companies of our time. Keep up the good work and I wish you more success
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Radu C.
Still more transparency is needed in order to keep the original google "look and feel", a friendly product that is. And I am not talking about the privacy issues but about the updates and changes done and deployed and about things that google's team are working on (things that are not a threat as far as competitors and all).
I would love a tablet version of the G+ app and GoogleTV in Canada! Otherwise, great job!
Wow. Seriously hope to see you at Google I/O.
keep up the superb work. people dont much know how stuff were very different about 1 to years ago
It's too bad we can't chat about Google over lunch some day...
Hope to be part of it...keep it up Googlerz!
I would love New Zealand/Australian language support in google docs. /nag love what google is doing though, thanks
ok and i would love new way eva he see
+Vinoth Ragunathan I left facebook after the third time that they changed my privacy settings without my permission (along with a lot of other violations) You can go there if you want. I only hope that +Larry Page realizes that pissing people off is a poor business plan.
Weli A
Great job....but, let's just call it plus instead of google plus.
Very well stated. Keep enjoying the challenges and we will enjoy the results along with your organization and team.
+W Aden How about calling it infinity instead of plus since Google r♥cks to infinity? ☺
Google is the best company in the world!! I had to build one here in Portugal, that works with the Google products.
I'm integrating into the Google vision purposefully. Please keep us updated on the progress of Google's implementation of its vision.
I think Google has always done great, but I've seen a positive change just in this last year. Great work Larry! Really the only thing I think Google could be doing better right now is integrating YouTube better with other services like Play.
Radu C.
he has a spam circle. You can be in that if you want. :D
Makes me optimistic about the future.
Thanks for the updates Larry. Please keep a keen eye on user experience, clarity and simplicity. And for goodness sake, please release updates to Android devices directly to consumers. The end user is your customer NOT the carriers. There are times when it feels like the other way around. And it's becoming a problem. Thanks.
Always and constant Humanitarian spirit of Google, I like it.
Great .... Thoroughly enjoyed reading it
I loved the social feature of google reader. It is kinda sad that it vanished. The current 'share' solution quite doesn't feel right. Pictures are to small etc. Any chance we will see better reader integration in the future? Or an RSS feature right in G+?
How do I tag people in Google Plus? ( + name)
I can't wait for Google+ to become the mainstream in social media if +Larry Page words ring true it's only a matter of time...that a great piece of writing.Google stands for innovation!
Larry: Give me my cybertech glasses already! If i keep throwing my wallet at my monitor I'm going to need those glasses as a replacement soon!
I love your focus on user experience and product innovation. I love Google as a user but how much Google focuses on providing a collaboration product suite for enterprises?
There are no cognition neither intelligence without memory.
Google shlould return to its roots and listen to the many inquiries of the users
in the near past (especially regarding Android and Market problems (sry Play Store…)) there has rarely been any response to Questions asked AT ALL
so when I am not able to download Apps, that I have rightfully brought in the market it makes me really angry and if then again no one answers my requests and I get an answer in the style of "we are working on such problems" I am keen to go to my nearest court and get my lawfully right.

google makes such nice things but the User to Google communication has REALLY suffured over the past months and years
+Larry Page can goole+ can take photo like as face book , so we don't need to tranfer by our file and take a photo right away
+Jeriel Tho You can remove photos that were uploaded very easily, just click on one you want to delete to highlight it, then there's a "Delete" button right up top...
Google+ will become bigger and bigger!! In one year google+ will beat easily Twitter and Facebook will shaking! Great job Larry Page :D
Hi +Larry Page Thanks for sharing your thoughts around Google. I am a scientist (synthetic biologist). I understand, that you wish focus for your company, and remove products. Thus I do not know how much room for new ones are. However, I just would like to tell you a bit about my needs in respect to Google.

A bit about the background for my thoughts:
Science is moving from "Hypothesis to Data-Driven Research, towards Systemics. We can observe a paradigm change in science, and two computer developments are responsible. The first is the enormous storage capacity in the cloud. The second is that a huge number of computers have been connected and organized in social networks. These changes have resulted in huge quantities of data and complex systems, a problem normal science cannot solve. The traditional hypothesis method can deal with simple correlations between A and B. But the method fails if the problem becomes more complex. Science has been synonymous with a separating, reductionistic approach. Contemporary science has come to a point where we will change the perspective from reductionism to holism. We now move to a position that sees things together: short systemics. The data-driven science approach changes the scientific method" (NextGen VOICES, Science 6 January 2012: vol. 335 no. 6064 pp. 36-38 DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6064.36

This kind of science needs a common open data pool. The amount of data in biomedicine has become so large, that nobody is any longer able to read all the relevant papers. In order to make meaning out of this data, it is necessary to organize them on a higher abstraction level. This is only doable in an automated manner. Data have to be submitted in a computer and human readable form (semantic web). Scientist have been very conservative to adapt to the digital age, mainly due to a fear for their career. The business model (high impact factor journal paper -> tax money paid position) has been very strong. However, recently more and more scientist are rethinking this, especially in the field of synthetic biology. People wish to move to quite novel publishing systems, direct dynamic publishing into such a data pool I described. This has a lot of advantages. Huge data become manageable. It will become easy to get an overview. New patterns will be easy to identify. Automatization of the scientific process will be possible.

Google could potentially play an important role in this. DNA related bioengineering, synthetic biology and related fields are predicted to become a huge industry the following years. Thus there is great economic potential. DNA databases, literature analysis and other data analysis will be in the center of computer assisted design. Google could potentially be in an important position, if they would provide central infrastructure. Google, with the strong position in search and data management could be a natural ally.
"When I post publicly I get a ton of high quality comments, which makes me happy and encourages me to keep posting."

First post?

Anyway...thanks for the encouraging update!
Google+ is superb, but sometime looks as though 'cool stuff' gets more attention than trimming off the constant annoyance of untidy threads.

Such as the clutter that builds up in the Chat list because it retains people who have been chatted with only once or twice and never again, in G+ or GMail. A drag-and-drop rubbish-bin to remove them would be nice.

And getting more photos into your revolving Profile photo should be a simple drag and drop to the icon of that album

Ditto getting more photos into a Pages profile.
Google makes my life easier. Thank you, Larry.
I think that only working hard it's possinble to win and be the best :)
Keep up the good thing, as long as you don't fall into the same trap Microsoft already stepped in to where "user friendliness" goes above usability and performance goes above manageability. #sql2008r2 #windows2008r2
Thanks for everything Google! Don't know where I'd be without my nexus, maps, search, g+....
Keep moving on for everybody's benefit!
Human is born to think and not to make dirty works which are more appropriate next generation of robots.
+Larry Page
Got a question for anyone that can answer this. Gmail uses labels. How do I see just the stuff that doesn't have a label on it? It is something that is easy to accomplish when there are folders because you sort stuff into the folder of relevance with rules. But when you put labels on stuff and it isn't actually taken out of the InBox how do I see just what is left over that doesn't have a label on it???
+Larry Page can you please make an executive order to fix the way the comments display. They are super easy to expand, but once I'm done reading through (or half way through) I have to scroll all the way up to collapse them. I think they should be collapsible from any point.
+Larry really thank you for letting us eperience all those "outter space" servises,esp Android. Best wishes for you and your "Google People"
It was a annoying problem with Apple iCloud Photo Stream, but was fixed for good and should Google do the same for it's counterpart
+Joseph Rebstock There is double arrows at the top and bottom that allow you to collapse the comments. If you are in the right margin just click the box beside your name it will collapse it with out reloading the page. About the only thing that could have been done better is on the middle column if they made the lower double set of arrows float with the screen.
i'm a big Google fan overall - but I have to say, after trying my third Android device (Moto Droid, HTC and now using Samsung Charge)...I really have to say I am REALLY disappointed with phone experience has been similar to the blue screen of death I often experienced with earlier MS OS's .....please do not go blowing your horn about how great things are, until they are... I'd call you but it often takes my phone 5 minutes for the Android dialer to appear ....
Very well write up. I wish more companies your size followed your philosophies? Thank you for making the world a better place!
+George Hayes Oh your right. I seriously have been looking for that for about a week. Maybe the visibility could be increased. Or an idea I would like is putting the comments within a frame with a scollbar like they way they appear in the notification drop down.
Last point in the statement is void. The engineers are on tilt. The SERPS are full of garbage. Venice is flawed. EWD and EMD ranking. The PR machine continues to roll. Seriously. A pragmatic approach is required. Rendering your own properties for searches likes books, images, news, shopping. Google is not delivering a good experience. It is not delivering an experience to change the world. In reality, recently you are doing BIngs marketing job for them. Action is required boss!
ّI wish you work harder on Android fragmentation, it does not make any sense that you have released ICS 4 month ago and yet only less that 10% of the phones have gotten the update!!1
+Shawn Hartley I would tell you to just go to the support forums and do a search for jvanroekel (me) except that the support forums are now broken, and it might crash your browser.

google had support forums that functioned, the problem was that a lot of the longer forums were filled with folks who had problems with the changes to gmail. Rather than fix the problems to gmail, google rolled out new forums that had the known issue of not supporting long threads.

Even the short threads are mostly buried where you can no-longer access them.

Before that, they stonewalled any attempt to correct any design flaws, even when they addressed serious usability issues. Google employees have actually taken an active "love it or leave it" attitude towards the users who pay their bills.

There have been issues where problems that existed in the google "Known Issues" list received repairs, but google never linked the fix to the problem. The "what's hot" flop is a great example of that. While people were railing in the forums about the fact that they didn't like getting "be mein" Hitler valentines cards because some kid thought they were funny. When google finally relented spamming our in-boxes with offensive crap and rolled out a fix, They never bothered to announce the fix in the main forum dedicated to getting rid of that abomination. Even then, they left the trouble-ticket open in the known-issues section for something like two weeks, and when I finally pointed this out, they didn't link to the solution, they simply deleted the ticket.

google used to be the company that got to the top by offering the absolute best service, without any evil or BS. Since mad-king page took over, they have focused only on market-share, and they don't care how many users they piss off to get it. They stress innovation and "moving forward" but they have abandoned quality control, and they have forgotten that change simply for the sake of change is not a useful thing, and that you don't beat a competitor by copying that competitor, you beat them by being different and being better.
Wow. This is the first time I've read every single word of a CEO's statement for investors. I'm on board...have been for a while (just wish I could buy content in Germany).

Thanks for your passion, emotion, and inspiriation.

Now get back to work and keep those innovations coming! ;-)
So I guess Google's highly anticipated Project Glass devices will be manufactured by Motorola. Looking forward to it!
I am a huge Google fan and a heavy user of google services. I have been a great admirer of the excellent search engine and gmail. I am also an Android developer. Some of my recent user experiences with newer Google services have not been great. I rented and downloaded two movies from android market (now google play) on my Galaxy tablet but the movies didn't run when I wanted to play them on a flight with high anticipation.
I subscribe to $5/year (the best deal around for 20Gb storage) online storage to upload my photos in picasa web albums with original quality/size, but can't determine why all my photos are not getting uploaded in original size even when I have storage available. I don't see the excellence in these newer paid service which I see in ad supported free services like search, gmail and google plus.
As a Google admirer and customer I expect nothing less than excellence from Google. When my expectations are not met specially when using these newer paid services, It makes me think if Google is trying to do too much, losing a little bit of focus. I don't want Google to end up like microsoft.
Well, that all sounds cool, and heading the right way. Keep at it, man: I'm looking forward to what's next
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add birthday reminders to the calendar!!! (and mms on google voice would be cool too)
"If you don’t use Chrome, just try it out, you’ll never go back! I promise it won’t take too long to install, and if it does you probably need a new computer. " LOL!
All-right, under "Love and Trust"

I'm calling shenanigans on pretty-much this entire section.
google employees actively refuse to answer questions about any internal processes. They are in no way open to feedback, and they simply ignore the people who hate the changes, while showcasing those who like them.

This statement right here:
"And we work hard to explain what we are doing—and why—because with size comes responsibility."

+Larry Page this is a lie. It is a flat out lie. Go read the "new look" forums (if you can get them to load). Look at how requests for information are treated. Look at your own employees telling us that we are stuck with your choices, and if we don't like it, don't let the door hit us on the way out. We don't love the new look, and small changes, like a right-side frame to separate the text from the ads, are not even considered.

Put your integrity where your mouth is Larry.
Mr. +Larry Page , I have one request of the Google CEO. PLEASE, for the love of the bugdroid, get Android updates out at a reasonable date. 111 days (plus another 10 to 21 days for the random OTA push) for Android 4.0? Unacceptable. I was that close to pulling the trigger on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. After this debacle with an update taking over 100 days? Not so much.

If I was Apple CEO Tim Cook or Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, I'd be using this as evidence against buying an Android device. I for one do not want to see that happen in the future. Your company has done well so far with Android but now it's your battle to lose. Win it with timely updates. No more than 30 days. Monumental task, but that's why you're the CEO.
I think that this article was not very informative... We know what Google services do.. I personally did not want to hear it once more... Rather, I preferred to either read some new exciting stuff, or just some answers to all the SAI, Techcrunch sad stories that blame Google every single day...
+Larry Page ,

+YouTube needs to make a better way to add videos fast to different playlists the change to the button only adding videos to the "Watch Later" section is annoying. Also subscriptions to peoples playlists would be awesome, if they added a video you would get the update too.

Also Google should do something about mobile data, the prices for mobile data are way to much and we need to move beyond caps to truly innovate and change the world. $30.00 unlimited everything.

And +Android needs to be less fragmented, with updates across all devices simultaneously

I know these are "well duh" ideas, but its what I'd like to see Google get done soon..
If you could make mobile hangouts work on 3g on my galaxy tab (open the ports) , it would really be " from anywhere" ;-)
I take exception to this "As a child I remember reading about Nikola Tesla, a genius whose impact was severely limited by his failure to make money from his inventions. It was a good lesson." Nikola Tesla didn't "fail" to make money from his inventions-he was cheated fair and square:) As for the "severely limited" impact...a cursory glance at just one facet of his work shows that his impact is still growing! Google is interested in efficiency,.. Yes? Have you guys even looked into Tesla Turbines yet? Not wanting to be rude-I really appreciate Google and all that you do, just don't like seeing N. Tesla's impact being casually discounted..there's so much more to the story!
+Matt Arnold I was thinking the same thing yesterday. As far as I know you have to load a video before you can add it to a playlist, which is super annoying if you already have another video playing at the time.
Congratulation Larry, you are doing a Great job this last year as Google CEO!!
Mr. Page - With all due respect, Android is getting murdered in the battle for the hearts and minds of influencers. You still (barely) have a window of opportunity to get out there and compete fairly, on features - power and convenience! I dearly hope you will see the benefit of conducting a campaign using the very thing you sell, advertising. Android is a real OS, iOS is a joke. Apple have painted themselves into an ugly corner with a first-gen smartphone OS, and they're furiously spinning their mistake as vision ... "sandbox". But it's lame that there's no common file system. People use DropBox as their file system, fueling DropBox's meteoric growth. How crazy is that? You have the opportunity to make iOS look like the dumbass OS that it is. And it's iTunes-dependent as hell.

I have an Android phone and an iPAd. My phone is much more capable. The iPad is pretty. OK. There is no end to the stories you could use in your advertisements about how the iPhone and iPad make things hard to impossible. Forget "there's an app for that", how about "we already thought of it and it's standard".

Start with trying to organize the pictures you take into folders. You can't do it in iOS. In iOS 5 they created "faux folders" which are just window dressing. The pictures still remain cluttering up the Camera Roll. If you delete a photo after putting it into a faux folder, the photo is GONE! I can come up with more and I am sure your tech guys can do better than me. Just make a few of your guys live with iPhones and iPads for 3 months. They'll be crying the blues!

Please give some thought to competing with Apple. I hope you don't think they are not a threat. They are, and they're marginalizing your technical vision.
How I <3 you... I wish you would help me make my Internet TV with GoogleTV, be shocked what you guys aren't doing that could change the way TV is done.
Very well written. Makes me trust in Google again
Thank you for everything...
My life become more colorful with Google Service.
Very well written!! Good job Larry, use Google all day-every day at the office. Hook me up with those cool new glasses!!!
楼上 +1
I was in love with Apple for 30 years. We are separating, but will continue to be good friends (because virtually all my hardware right now is Apple). I've explained to Apple that i've fallen in love with Google.

I just bought GoogleTV because it's better than AppleTV. I have a feeling it may be the first Google hardware product in a long string of hardware products — especially including Google glasses, the inexpensive Google tablet (for reading and internet use while on the go), and a Google driverless car (i need that badly as i cannot multi-process, and have a couple of flat tire incidents to prove it).

It has really been Google+ — its elegant implementation and its observable desire to unify all Google collaborative and knowledge seeking services under one spectacularly robust dashboard — that has caused me to fall in love with Google.

And the more i learn about Google, the more i love the company, its management, and especially its continual efforts to seek feedback from its users and customers. I personally have experienced seeing Google react to feedback suggestions i made on Google+, where there is a feedback tab on the lower left of every page (as we Google+ users know so well). I love that Google+ management holds video hangouts looking to engage users and seeking their advice.

+Larry Page, you are a 21st century leader with your eye on the 22nd century: So uncommon, but there's great hope for humanity and transhumanity if your style of leadership catches on.

(In the meantime, i hope you are carefully listening to +Robert Scoble's critical comments about Google+, because he is insightful, sharply analytical, and in touch with many new start-ups, perhaps more than any other individual on the planet.)
That was an outstanding letter +Larry Page!

Your thoughts were not only informative but truly inspiring. It's not often that a CEO letter does as much as yours did for customers, partners, and employees, all at once. Keep up the innovation and long term thinking!

As founder of a company that is building it's services utilizing Google+ Hangouts, I'm thrilled to read your take on Google+ and to see your attention to this incredible new way to engage online.

We are going to "do truly amazing things that change the world" and we couldn't do it without the fantastic tools of Google+.

Thank you to you and all the brilliant Googlers!
Keep improving Google+ do not give up and allow it to die like Google Wave. Consider this idea: require all Android users to have a Google+ account, then allow them to chat with each other the same way as RIM's BBM and Apple's iMessage. Right now, it is possible for Android users to not have a Google+ account. Make it impossible. Your phone number is unique, that can be your user name.
+Larry Page what's your opinion on the fact that the human being is increasingly outplayed by technology/innovations (e.g. if driverless cars are flawless and well deployed, what should drivers do?) I think about it more and more every time I watch +Eric Schmidt 's talks. Modern technology/innovations are fascinating but the disruptive aspect of it can be scary. With this progress, I can imagine a day that the now-most-treasured creative ideas by real human are no longer necessary.
The goal might be simplicity; but compare the homepage to just a couple of a years ago: adverts for Chrome, Google+ - is this a trend towards a cluttered experience on your core service?
I like google products but i am still waiting on a product that helps manage the information in my life more effectively
A good read. Regarding the re-design, ignoring the appearance, which I like, is it widely recognised within Google that it breaks using Page Up/Page Down/Space in the browser to scroll? E.g. Firefox on Space will page down but overlap a few lines for context when reading. Unfortunately, those lines are now more than covered by the grey-and-black border at the top; no context plus some new text missing. I like to eat and read, nudging Space. :-) It's not novel to Google; I first noticed it on Twitter.
thank you! Thank you for your Google service,a wonderful company!
wait so your the CEO of Google? i have a question. why wont it let me keep my real name, gerop splydon?
Using Google product is a Joyful Experience that's beyond search, digital marketing, knowledge and social media. It is a good attitude showcase to the world.
I was surprised to see some icon pictures drawn by primary school students at the hall way wall today: Google, Apple, Face Book and Hunger Game
I would like to say that our company agree with Google. Me personally are very happy with the Google approach in the community. Very diffident than Microsoft. Lery don't let greed of investors change the Google culture. We believe in Google
Please get serious about Google Books! Do not make the more updates,the worse experience!
Thanks for all the great Google products (too many to mention). That's what it keeps me asking for more. And you still have my trust. I do not care how much information you get about me. I know that investment will give me a huge return on Google useful (personalized) products.
You have done great already! Keep up the good work , Google!
Great letter and vision ! Please find a way to separate the social graph and interest graph in the G+ feed - it makes the engagement confusing and less motivated.
" users get exactly what they need, right when they want it." When I sign out of of Gmail on my iphone..super easy: what I need, when i want it. When I sign out of Gmail on Win7...super easy: what I need, when i want it. When I sign out of Gmail on my Asus tablet: super HARD. I could postulate on why this is, but the answer is quite obvious.
I'd like to be able to use the same theme for all of my Google Products. One setting to give the same look to all products, or the ability to change each product to a different one.
Good work so far.
I want all of the Google products. I love Google. When will you come out with music player hardware? I want a Google version of an I-pod!
Keep up the good work.
Any plan to have physical Google store worldwide? Store can always be place for interaction, learning, guidance and 'troubleshooting'.
A extension location for Google I/O, for those who failed to get the tickets?
A place where everyone can learn about your technology with some guidance? It can be sponsored or paid course. Btw any taught of having to do Android Programmer Certification?
A place where user can try your product?
Thanks for your CEO update. I have always felt your heart is in the right place, but I really like what you had to say, it makes me feel better about advocating for Google. On a personal note, I love the improvements to Google docs Spelling check / grammar check. When I realized what it was doing my jaw nearly hit the floor, as a member of the spelling impaired, I am very aware of the state of the art in spell check, and google doc simply blew away my expectations. Nothing has ever been quite that good. Rock on Larry Page.

Focus your brain on project glass. That IS the game changer. Focus on creating something big, not a million small things.
Dude, if your plan is to make a simpler interface, what the heck happened to Gmail? I feel like Gmail is moving to a Lycos (1999) look with a 1000 things on one page.
Android is dying! If you wanna beat iPhone, make a gPhone! No more fragments!
High market share, low profit, ridiculous!
Amazon's leading Android!
Being on the Telecom industry where lately we've been stuck in a "Business as usual" mentality, this letter is a breath of fresh air and motivation. Thank you for all, Googlers!
Thank you for a wonderful note. I see emphasis back to end-consumers and minimal to enterprise segment. Chrome OS, Google TV, Google Fibre projects are not highlighted.
I'm excited to see more great innovation! One tiny suggestion, truly put users first when it comes to Android and fragmentation. I love Android, and would love to experience it fully. Even months after the release of 4.0, my XOOM LTE (GED) has yet to see an update :(
I am sorry you are so disconnected from the bottom of the organization. YouTube is a mess, and problems with the interface have lingered for months. Even worse, Google has failed to capitalize on the success that YouTube offers. I can count on one hand the number of top YouTube content providers that have Google + links. It is no wonder Google + is a ghost town. Why not offer YT content providers an extra % of advertising profits to promote content available only on Google +? RayWilliamJohnson has 5 million subscribers and a lot of them would sign up for Google + if he offered exclusive content there. Right now all he is posting is a link to Youtube video. Shane, Jenna, the list goes on and on. I cannot believe there hasn't been more cross promotion there...
Still to improve on:

1. Youtube Home page looks cluttered, make it simple.
2. Android Fragmentation - Would it kill Android?
3. Do a stricter validation of android apps, hearing a lot about android app security
4. Quality Android apps for tablets???
5. Bring Semantics to Search
thanks for your work!
For the first time, I have managed to read through an update from a CEO without yawning. Google has done something right and as Larry has stated, you cannot expect to be loved by all, but the + of that is, those that do love you have a 1000% dedication...yes, 1000% exits:)
The best statement, clear expression and sincere.
Thanks for making Google what it is today Larry, glad to let you know that we share the same birth date :-)
Nothing about ChromeOS and Chrome books? Moving to android entirely?

This is the most inspiring letter from any CEO I have read in my life.
Larry, your priority it's done in a year. Congratulations.
It says in your 2012 update that you want more people to add you on here +Larry Page but they should ADD ME +ryan mounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is great. Keep up the good work! And thank you for the great transparency!
Larry is really focused on Google+ and adding the social layer to Google. I don't like that direction one bit.

I use Google Search to get an objective view of the world. To see what everyone else sees. Having Google spiff it up with what it thinks is important to me blurs that view. And its kind of freaky too.
Reads as real inspiring, until you know how much of full sections is a flat out lie.
In the "love and trust" oxymoron, the only true part is that many users hate the way +Larry Page has trashed gmail. The way that the gmail staff has stonewalled, the users, dragged their feet and offered excuses for their inaction on real problems gives the lie to most of the rest.
Believe that we will have a better world and life with google
Just make Adroid phones more user friendly. 
This is the first time I've used G+ in months, and will be the last for more months too. G+ is still a waste of everyone's time, and Larry's message just shows how little connection he has with reality. Larry can try to lie about how unpopular his visual style is (I've seen more attractive puke), but the reality is, everyone who isn't trying to get money out of him hates it.
Its a shame! No iPad app for google+
how bout live phone support..even a paid service for problems my gmail account fails to accept messages-emails and returns them as "permanently failed because of Quota overload" although we've deletted lots and tried to buy more gigs..3 days ago and still no change-repair or response...surely your staff can help..even for a fee..if you or astaff member reads this..please help..thanks
I like your article and and it's great to hear Google still keeps on innovating. No trees grow to the sky but you can plant as many trees as you can - and have a forest in the end. Keep a cool head and stay away from the pitfall Yahoo fell into. Keep fueling the innovation flame!

Fan of Google forever!
Great shareholder letter. Thanks for the updates. I really admire the great innovations of Google.
wanted to comment on the difference i have felt between facebook and google products......whenevr i use giigle products...its if google products advertising..talking about another of google products..or simply life at google...i think they tend to if users of google products are only thinking about google..and its products...wherein if u use facebook..although limited to anly one networking site..but never been overwhelmed wd the bombardment of facebook..and its products..they are somewhat subdued while mentioning abt themselves or their products...excellent example is their facebook pages...
Congrats Larry, Keep up the GOOgleD work!
+Larry Page I think you should have been the Founder CEO all along, no disrespect to Eric intended, but then I feel the same about Dorsey at Twitter. Dorsey and Jobs should never have been ousted, not that you ever were. The number one thing I want from you is to fight the fight on Android. Android has to go back to being free.
+Larry Page Thanks Larry. Three points that really stuck out for me in what you said:

1 - That search hasn't been solved. So glad you think that way and continue to improve search even when so many criticize you for it. Refusing to continuously strive for improvement because you are dominant is what left companies like AOL and Myspace sitting atop the internet scrapheap, so Google seems to be in great hands with you at the helm.

2- Your line about Chrome - In 2008, people asked whether the world really needed another browser. It really adds some food for thought regarding G+ given how many people have said the same about social.

3 - That Google is making $2.5 Billion from Mobil Ads. You seem to be able to monetize your products so well, and this really is interesting given that Facebook will have to answer to the financial community in the very near future.

Anyway, thanks for sharing Larry. I made a post about it for anyone interested:

And sorry for the shameless plug, but I have no idea how else to get my content out there.
Thanks Larry for sharing the update. I enjoyed this segment the most:
Happiness is a healthy disregard for the impossible
+Larry Page thank you very much for your update; for your kind thoughts and insight of Google's direction for 2012 that sounds very exciting. Best of luck to both you and Google!
Google + is good but it could be much better. The interface still needs work. Keep working on it. Thx 
Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I'd also love to see changes to all Google products, particularly Google+ in response to +Steve Yegge 's famous memo.

How about providing an API for Google+ so that third-party tools can publish to it? I have moved back to Facebook and Twitter as my main social networks since I post using tools like +Buffer and +HootSuite and they can only publish to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn since they provide APIs for third-party tools to post.
You know, Larry you're alright. I don't care what Sergey says about you.
Larry, I would support you always!
Q Hwang
please don't forget what you said - don't be evil
Han Xu
I think the self-driving car is really great. Probably one of the best things Google has done.
Google isn't focusing on innovation as much. That could be a problem in <5 years from now
Many thanks to Larry Page and the brilliant people at Google. Wish I could work among the smartest people in the world. Keep up the great work and momentum.
what do you think of vww? I think it's the future.
this is my favorite quotation from you!

The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world and it would always give you the right thing. And we're a long, long way from that.
(Larry Page - Google)

we'll do it one step at a time!! ok?
will you put picasa inside gmail ? it's a must have function.
I have appeared on the page - the best tomatoes! - friends!
Dear Sir +Larry Page Howdy ... :) Last time I sent you email on your personal email but you have not respond me about that !! (SUB:"Contract About Inventive Apps") Date On 22 March - 2012. I just say about my invention. This is very helpfully to your business. I need your positive feedback. Bittu Gandhi (Researcher, Author)
Google evolution = Larry Page revolution, congratulation.
Dixon X
You are that Guy adores and Admires a Lot in this World. I Love google
demo of google glasses were just brilliant
I am receiving a large energy and movivation from you. You are a really excellent guy.
IMHO Google is the most trustworthy tech company with the best forward looking vision! Please keep it up.
+Larry Page +Vic Gundotra +Google+ I do have one thing I'd like to see updated. I still can't initiate Hangouts from my Google+ iPhone app. I installed the latest update today and still nothing. I uninstalled Google+ and installed it again, still nothing. Is that feature supposed to be available? Thank you.
"Toothbrush Test" is now a coined phrase by Larry.
Larry, iam so glad that the worlds got Google and you two. thank you for all your work.
stay with the motto, dont be evil!
+Brad Acker I have front and back camera on my iPhone 4 - which BTW I regret that I didn't get Android Nexus instead since I am using mostly Google services & also can't listen to flash based podcasts on iPhone (now I have to wait for my contract to be up).
My Nexus phone ROCKS! LOVE IT! The integration with all google services is SO helpful! (tho sometimes hard on the data usage). Hey, so how about those AR glasses??! I've been waiting for 20 years for this tech! Studied all about
VR in highschool, and we know where VR ended up.. I really want to see these glasses developed, and Google is the company to do it!
The Case for Better Transitioning
Why Google needs to gently take away services that customers rely on
»Many services have been discontinued suddenly & without warning I don’t know why Google does this but many times they discontinue services promptly and without letting the customers transition to an equal service. Take for example: Google lists. Maybe others didn’t use this feature as much as me, but I loved that service and I didn’t see an alternative. Soon to be next on the chopping block is Google Voice which I just don’t know of a comparable service and I would even pay a reasonable amount of money to keep Google Voice.
» We need better access to Google help Many times something strange happens to Chrome or a Google service and we go to the help forums and Google Groups only to see that dozens of others are having the same problem with no solution.
» We need to know how to send ideas to Google and not feel like they are completely ignored_ all over the internet I see great ideas from people about Google and lots of people support the idea, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way for people to tell the idea to Google. Perhaps Google moderator needs to be utilized more?

If you agree with anything here please +1 this post so Google sees that the ideas should be looked at. Sorry Larry that I posted such a long rant here, but I just really think there should be an easier way to communicate ideas to Google Mgmt
Now if I could just get my kids to use their toothbrushes as often as they use Google products...
+Heidi Sheman, why not invent a Google-Glass like toothbrush, showing fun things while he brush, or, his brushing motion will power up a music or something ...
Hi Larry,

There has been a lot of talk about Google's privacy changes to better target ads. Great! There are many ads I hate and I don't want. I think that Google isn't going far enough they ought to let me log in to a profile to self target ads after all there are things that I like and want to buy and to be informed of.

Is it possible to have a profile for ads that appeal to my sense of humor, my hobbies, and things I am looking for?

I doubt that a computer will be able to tease out the nuanced differences between when I read an article in shocked horror or find it oddly amusing. Ask me I know.

Dear Mr. Page,

How do I change the visibility of previous posts on Google+?

Also, will there ever be a playlist group function on YouTube?
good to see something good grow into something great. keep up the good Work Google
+Stephen McQuistin I get ur point if ur referring to search engine as a core service but if u haven't noticed google hasn't focused on search as a core service for years, they've been expanding their services and and made them user friendly in ways no other business has ever done, search was just a starting point and google is much more than that now and has no reason to stop growing... Imo of course
Keep making those bets. They're exciting for us to follow and feed the need for innovation.
At your place I would make GUI design and look&feel of G+ more emotional and sexy to attract Facebook users.
can you give us a dividend ?? put the cash to work !
Who do I contact in Creative or Product Development for Google? Know you probably won't read this post but what the heck. lol
Hello Larry! I hope you will read this.
I think i realy love IT. Im rooting Anroid-phones, jailbreaking iPhones, help people with PC and so on. I think in future I want to connect my life with IT, no matter how. Btw Im going to law faculty because its teh bes varint for me now. And in future id like to work in google.
I dont have opportunity to teach programming languages. How can i be useful for Google in future? What should i do now to get my place in it? Pls contact me, im realy interesting about your opinion.
PS Google desing most ways sucks.
Here's my keeper -- "Happiness is a healthy disregard for the impossible" Thanks. . . That will help me keep my eye on the horizon, even in the midst of the challenges I'm working through.
a great experience that you offered to the users created the Brand GOOGLE - its a rhythm a feeling now
what is happing with the google online tablet store?
I miss the times when you had time to hang out together. I learned a lot from you!
disciplined personality .. aimed right.. on right track.. hardworking...
why google‘s homepage is center?
Please focus on relevance, relevance, relevance
hey! you're using facebook or goolgle+? ?
ریـــــــــــــــــــــــدی! اه! زشـــــــــــــــت!
google+ is very nice today,so thank you
I feel safe, I love you (meaning all Google), You all really inspire me. Thank you. There are some sentences in this update that I use when I talk about Google. This makes me happy and relaxed. Google, I confess, is the main tool to manage my life.
Heyy dudez..just hover over my name. and see new google plus MIRACLE !!!!!!! #newgoogleplus
The guys from Shell are pretty nice guys, but I destroyed their logic... haha and their is this fat anoying spy here that did his hw on me... He got drop kicked too...
mr +Larry Page what is your aunt name?
its case study of your family. please help me and send me some information if you can.thanks
Why doesn't G+ invite famous people like Laddy Gaga to meet their fans on G+ through hangouts?? It maybe can attract people on Facebook?
hey......lerry page sir...
i want to meet you.................please
我喜欢这个新的样式,但我仍觉得有些地方还是可以改进的,比如可以把好友栏隐藏在右边,而并不是一直显示,在我这地方使用Google+ 是不太方便的,我需要翻墙,而我这里的人只有很少一部分知道翻墙。
Nav vab
این ریده به پلاس ؟؟؟؟؟

WERE IS MY G-plus???????
only does it in this app so i am assuming its the apps fault
I like the new look, but what Google+ really needs is a proper API.
Hallo K
awesome larry, but now it's time to get serious and engage your fantastic tools of google earth and sketchup to another level, so that we can tackle real world problems like natural disasters earthquakes etc, and you guys have done great work to help people connect. The challenge is to re-build just as fast, sketchup can and should become the next serious fabrication and production tool to help this happen, faster and cheaper. Building is way too slow, and way too expensive. Check out my blog ... then drop me a line. cheers chris
You absolutely crushed it in your first year. Keep it up!
Good priorities.... Keep it simple then make it simpler. Then simpler still. People will say you've done nothing new. But you'll have made everything better.
Yeah, we can see that, everything seems to be so much about the user experience all the way from the look of gmail, you tube, the one user experience and now the new G+.
I think no one is trying to change the world as much as you guys are .. Glasses, self-driving cars, .. wow! Keep up the great work :)
hi Larry, haven't you been thinking of merging Chrome and GEarth into one solid application? I can imagine that all the search results are geocoded directly into GE what would present a new dimension of internet search
It's too bad the new consistent look has ruined gmail's usability.
Yeah, Larry, I am afraid Jeff Rosenberg is right...
All these yes-men are transparent. I will pull no punches--here's the truth: Google has been on a steady decline recently as it has blatantly ignored its users' feedback, while dishonestly claiming to value and act on feedback. Case in point: Gmail. The "old" UI was finally, forcibly removed, against the vehement protests of many, many people. The new UI is inferior in looks and functionality--this is obvious to anyone who's used Gmail for any length of time, myself having used it since it was by-invitation-only. Google is slowly but steadily turning into another Microsoft or Yahoo. Hey, stick your fingers in your ears and "lalala" all you want--watch as your formerly-loyal users evaporate. I'm "loyal but agnostic" when it comes to web services: if you dump me, I will dump you--and Google has dumped all over its users. I was using email before Gmail and I will after Gmail--after I dump it, that is. I'll just go back to IMAP and Thunderbird or some open-source webmail--services that don't yank the rug out from under people.
Mr Page, Your post on Planetary Resources reached its 500 comment limit, so I hope you do not mind if I add my comment here instead.

Congratulations on the company launch, and thank you for the vision!
I was selected as a fellow at the Singularity University, and would like to forward this new-industry suggestion for your consideration; it may work in tandem with your space ventures.

I assert that the fresh water that is being lost into the oceans from the melting ice caps should be harvested. The R&D needed to do this would lend itself to harvesting frozen water in space. Fresh water is an increasingly scarce and valuable commodity on earth--I am sure there is a market for it. Collecting that fresh H20 could benefit humanity in the near term, not to mention helping to mitigate rising sea-levels and the accompanying flooding, as well as related changes in ocean salinity that threaten ocean organisms including food stocks.

Perhaps this is something that, in conjunction with others, might be worth considering.

Thank you, best wishes and good luck!
Sterling Wright
Based on comments from others elsewhere, I would like to clarify...

I am not suggesting the water harvested from the poles and glaciers be transported for use in space. That would be silly. We need the water here, and we need to prevent it causing global flooding and other imbalances by running off freely into the oceans.

I suggested a nexus with space development because there will have to be R&D into processes and equipment -- robots and what not -- for harvesting water in space, and that R&D can be tried and tested here on earth, on the glaciers and poles, with the water captured going to mitigate resource problems here on earth. Profits earned from this earth-bound endeavor could be funneled into space development efforts.

Thank you.
Your attempt to create a "simpler, more intuitive experience" has fallen completely flat when it comes to gmail. I have recently setup my two teenagers and my parents with gmail, and none of them are impressed at all. The interface is NOT intuitive. It is NOT simpler. The grayscale icons are a joke, and the whitespace is incredibly confusing.

Even with changing the settings to get it close to the old gmail look is not enough. It is extremely sad when teenagers would rather use yahoo than gmail.

You've failed in your mission, so please don't celebrate it too much.
What are you talking about, I love Gmail
it's better than Yahoo Mail, hotmail, AOL, or any other webmail that I had ever used
If you can't find the spam folder you must be doing something wrong, it's the forth option below the inbox
+Stephen Sevenyoln I had this problem too once before and if you go into settings and manage your labels you might see that the Spam label is "hidden" try that and let us know if that works.
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it's a start but you are not really fast. There is so more you could do but when a project like 'project glass' has to be developed in a special facility or under the name 'project x' than thats stupid. We are living in 2012 and you should have developed this years ago.
After knol was closed I decided to stop writing too as I had tried to make the world aware of my findings. I tried from trying to persuade President Obama to Senators and Congressman, Mayors and Governors and even high level Google bosses but to no avail. I tried to tell them how we teach the mind and neglect teaching the brain. I have figured out how to teach both. I am now going to approach them one more time because I have now got another bigger break through.

Given the way I have been able to describe the differences between the brain and mind I am not sure if any one else has figured out the following:

The so called multiple personalities are really the different personalities projected by the brain and mind separately or as mixtures respectively. How did I figure this out? Very early on in my life I saw and experienced two different personalities. One was super normal and the other was shy, nervous and prone to panic attacks. I actually believed that I was insane. Imagine living day in and day out with the fear and anxiety of not knowing when my defective self would take over and humiliate and embarrass me. Life was very miserable with not much to look forward to. I was very confused and frustrated. Gradually I learned to separate and identify me as the super normal self and I started to observe my abnormal self. The more I observed the more my super self got free of the clutches of the defective self and the more I was able to manage and control the defective self.

I also observed that the defective self would take over innately and unconsciously, and now thanks to neurobiology we now know that the brain acts innately and unconsciously. It is clear that my super self is the projection of my mind and the defective self was a projection of my brain. My brain was stuck in habitual patterns of biochemically producing a defective self image. The cause of this defective self image was none other than the emotional baggage that was still playing like a broken record in my unconscious brain.

I have now cleaned up my brain of this emotional baggage with my own unique method! It has taken me decades to perfect my technique and yet I was not quite there yet but the last few weeks have made it very clear what is required. I have now figured out an effective fast track new therapy that will not only clean up the emotional baggage faster than anything out there it will also be effective in removing severe addictions. After all a defective self image is none other than a severe addiction of the brain. My therapy will be specially effective in curing 24-7 horniness and sever smoking addictions etc.

According to my own observations 80% of human brains have some degree of emotional baggage in them, from 15% that are -2 baggage, to 35% -1 baggage, to 35% +1baggage and just 15% +2 with zero baggage. From dropping out of school to unhappy marriages, to divorce, to dependence on drugs and alcohol and even from countries being masters of war rather than masters of peace the cause is none other than emotional baggage of the brain.Collapse this post

I will disclose my new therapy only if I get a positive response from people like you who can take it forward. Otherwise let someone else find similar solutions and I will take it with me to my grave.

Please google '4th r foundation'.
When G+ started, the admin of my 'Kitesurfing Global' Facebook group asked members whether it was worth looking at - yet - another social platform. My feedback was that, to the difference of FB and being an early FB aficionado, Google proposes a complete eco-system that can be fruitfully leveraged.

So, keep innovating, keep having fresh mind while maturing further (Sergei's "coherent bouquet") and keep protecting users.
I have stopped promoting all Google products to my friends ever since I learned about the plan to discontinue iGoogle: I am very disappointed. There is no substitute.
I Love Google,which makes people live more and more better!you will become a successful CEO in future!
Larry I want to point out that you are empowering corporations and people with bad intentions to stop the public, in general, from being free to post videos to YouTube by falsely claiming copyrights to materials they do not possess. I have a video of a singer singing "Amazing Grace" in a church on 9/11 that was broadcasted on ABC here in Washington DC. Some corporation that buys or produces some non-mainstream version of popular songs or materials then claims infringement of any video posted to YouTube. In "911 Amazing Grace-BE READY TO CRY" case the only thing in common with the claim is the the words "Amazing Grace" in the title. The corporation making the claim has 13 copyrighted version of various bad performances of "Amazing Grace" from bagpipes to no name singers. "Amazing Grace" has been sung around the world since the 1800s, there is no copyright on singing it. With these corporation falsely claiming infringement when there is no validity to their claims they are out to damage Google, YouTube, and their users.  

 I have embedded the URL for my video. I want you to explain how this is a copyright infringement on a copyrighted video of a bagpipe band!

9/11 Amazing Grace-BE READY TO CRY

This is a YouTube embedded URL:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thanks, and please empower your users and prevent abuse from the corporations,
Ron England
Keep on doing a great job.
Inca mai traieste?Eu nu m-am lasat de fumat  ca Lary Hackmann,bogatul din Dallass si traiesc,este adevarat,ca magarul tiganului dar nu rag!HND!Adica "O zi frumoasa!" prescurtat in anglo-americana ***
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