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Guys I need to warn everyone.I bought extra travel insurance from Blue Cross they were a dream to take my money to but an absolute nightmare to try to use in an emergency like mine.They out and out refused to spend one dime on my treatment.They lied to my case manager here at the hospital.They agreed to cover my flight home until they found out I needed an air ambulance.Due to my injuries and medical needs.They then turned their back on me and refused to transport me.They are liars and cheats and everyone needs to know.Please like and share to shame these sub human miscreants.As fire fighters we are expected to go the extra mile to save property,family members,pets etc.The Blue CrossTravel insurance are all about separating you from your money.As a 28 year career fire fighter and an Army Veteran I am offended by this low class behaviour from these scam artist.Shame on you Blue Cross.I will be providing more details but I am tired and still in a hospital bed in New Mexico.

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