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not much to see here....g+ your so boring...going outside to count ants,at least there real...

G+ is a waste of time...poorest bunch of crap I've ever seen..WTF

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With Al takeing away jobs and we consider a basic income ,we now have more idle people to protest anything they want , no waiting..protesters wanted!

well day 2 on the new +,running like crap going uphill..why google why....never fix what isnt broken...

i hate the new g+....why cant google leave the good things alone ?

damn google i never send such one sided journalism and most looks and sounds fake...remember NEVER EVIL....

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Google is suppressing many of the posts, some don't show up for day's. I will get a notification that someone has posted, but the post is not on the America in Crisis's stream.

It is scary how much power and influence Google now has in setting the agenda for public disclosure. This seems a step beyond simply organizing the world’s information. Even if it's with the best intentions, the fact is that they will have an significant influence on the discourse itself.

I think we need to consider what we are really up against in all our social media outlet's, they will continue to suppress truth and opinion on all platforms. They're all doing it, this may be a bigger war then the Hillary defeat..... and all of us worked very hard to stop that nightmare.

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‘Suck it up, buttercup!’: 5 Day's until Trump Cleans House

Re-post of the same:

Professor: Obama doesn't seem to want to leave the stage, he thinks he will still have presidential powers after he leaves the White House.

Is the DEA criminalizing CBD oil in crazy power grab?
Big Pharma and Obama's DEA!
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