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Larry Fournillier

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How to Make Pigfoot Souse - Trini Style

Here's my Uncle George making his famous and delicious Pigfoot Souse.  It was one of the many local dishes he and I recently prepared for his birthday bash.  Follow the link to the recipe -

#trinidadandtobago   #pigfootsouse  
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very yummy
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Larry Fournillier

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Emancipation Day - Trinidad and Tobago

On August 1, 1985, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country in the world to declare a national holiday to commemorate the abolition of slavery.

The history of the New World since Columbus re-discovered it is one of conquest, pillage, exploitation and forced migration of a people. For more than three centuries millions of people were forcibly transported from their homes in Africa, across the perilous Atlantic Ocean to the New World, where they were forced to labor on sugar plantations for the rest of their lives.

This enslavement of a people continued until events in Europe changed the fortunes of the West Indian and North American colonies. Humanitarians started questioning the validity of slavery, there was competition from beet sugar producers in Europe, and the advent of the Industrial Revolution spawned the rise of a new group of influential men in the British Parliament who believed that slavery was no longer economically viable.

In 1833 Thomas Buxton presented The Emancipation Bill in Parliament. The Act was passed and came into effect on 1 August 1834. On that day, thousands of slaves in the British West Indies became free men and women.

excerpts taken from an article published in the  Trinidad and Tobago Express


#trinidadandtobago   #EmancipationDay  
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Interesting +Larry Fournillier. Thanks for sharing this and I never know about this . Must be an interesting parade here. This is a celebration not to be missed.
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Larry Fournillier

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WE DIG... Mondays

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Nice one +martin shervington​ :)

Mondays - best day of the week for worky stuff!
I love the way the world kicks into full flow on a Monday...

And being back in Wales (the pic is of the Gower coastline) I can safely say this view is not shared by everyone. The key would seem to be either a) being self-employed, or b) loving your job.
Either way, I surfaced some fun facts that should help your Monday get off to a flying start...

1. A survey in 2011 reported that the average person moans for about 34 minutes on a Monday morning, compared to 22 minutes on other days.
(that is a lot of moaning)

2. Monday is the only day of the week when the US stock market is more likely to fall than rise.

3. On average Monday is the least rainy day of the week, possibly as a result of man-made pollution decreasing over the weekend.
(See? in Wales this really matters.)

4. Monday is the only day of the week that is an anagram of a single word: ‘dynamo’.
(Tuesday is the only day with the anagram Yadseut :D)

5. People do their shopping online more on Mondays than they do any other day of the week.

6. According to a study by Marmite in 2011, the average person in the UK does not smile on a Monday until 11.16am.
(which is why I though I would leave putting out this post until after 11am :P)

7. Bob Geldof’s song I Don’t Like Mondays was written after he read of a US woman going on a shooting spree because she didn’t like Mondays.

8. ‘Monday’ is a slang term for a large, heavy sledgehammer.

9. The only film with Monday in its title to win an Oscar was ‘Closed Mondays’ which was voted Best Animated Short Film in 1974.

10. There were 53 Mondays in the year 2012. The next time this will happen will be 2018.

Let's hope then that by 2018, with a little Social Media love, we can all see Mondays as the best day of the week :D


#wedigmondays   #mondaymotivation   #motivationmonday   #motivation   #monday  
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+Kenneth C. Fetters,Jr. you're welcome and thanks! :)
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Larry Fournillier

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Rugged Beauty

Here is an aerial view of one of the most picturesque and beautiful locations in Trinidad.   The place is the Toco Lighthouse, and it's located on the northeastern tip of the island.  It's also where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean converge  and on a clear day, one can see the sister isle, Tobago, in the distance.

#trinidadandtobago   #toco   #caribbean   #atlanticocean  
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+Tracy F. Hackshaw thanks. I was up there earlier this year and it always takes my breath away. :) 
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Larry Fournillier

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One Google At Work

Did you know that Google provides 118 services? +Mike Downes​​ only highlighted 10 in his well illustrated graphic. Thanks for sharing Mike!

#Google #Googlelives
how one google works .. take some real life problems & opportunities and how will you use many services google allows us to use, often for free .. 
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Larry Fournillier

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Pigfoot Souse, Saltfish Buljol and Trini Sweetbread

Local dishes being prepared for today's Triple birthday bash, Trini style.

#sweetbread #souse #trinidadandtobago #trinifood 
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Tff cfgt
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Larry Fournillier

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Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

This great Wiki gives us ALL the information on Jimi's memorable performance at one of the most famous concerts of the last century.

#jimihendrix #woodstock #wiki 
Jimi Hendrix and his band were known under several names. They were introduced by Chip Monck as The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Jimi Hendrix called them Gypsy Sun & Rainbows. Some might know them also under the name Band of Gypsys, a very short-lived formation after Woodstock. Beside his backing band, it was Jimi Hendrix playing. The band was scheduled as the last performance of the festival, Sunday night. Due to several delays, they eventuall...
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+Cristobal Cortez Vidal​ hello and thanks for the kind words. :) 
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Larry Fournillier

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Caribbean Musical Stars Machel Montano & Rihanna Perform In Barbados

International Pop Star Rihanna (Barbadian) made an appearance on stage as International Soca Star Machel Montano (Trini) performed during the OneLove Concert at Kensington Oval in Barbados last night.
Thousands packed the Oval to celebrate the eve of Kadooment Day during Crop Over (Barbados Carnival) festivities.

Photographer Jermaine Cruickshank, photographer for Machel Montano.

#Caribbean   #trinidadandtobago   #barbados  
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Larry Fournillier

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Tomato Corn Potato Sausage and Pesto Frittata

A gluten-free breakfast is served via +Jeanette Chen​.

#breakfast #glutenfree #frittata
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+Jeanette Chen you're certainly welcome!
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Larry Fournillier

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Nice move! One could learn a few life lessons from this. What's your takeaway? :)

h/t +Helen Lee
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Can you say broken ankles...
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Larry Fournillier

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Larry Fournillier

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Trini Style Pineapple Chow with Watermelon

I'm celebrating my Uncle's and cousin's birthday more photos and videos coming soon.

#pineapple #watermelon 
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B. Eder
Add a little bit of Tobasco!
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Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture. Hangouts On Air (HOA) Presenter and Producer.
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I'm extremely easy-going and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  I also have a burning passion for cooking and because of it, I currently own and operate a small private catering business - Island Cuisine in Trinidad & Tobago. With the help of Google +'s premiere feature, Hangouts On Air(HOA), I'm able to spread my food knowledge and teach the rest of the world how to cook Caribbean cuisine.  

Watch my HOA show Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier where I present cooking with a twist.  I have also embarked on a new cooking HOA, Food Stories, where there is a story behind each dish.  You can catch all of my LIVE, past shows and get all of the delicious recipes here: 

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Recently cooked five (5) tasty Caribbean dishes for some hungry Googlers at Google's Global Headquarters in Mountain View, California.
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