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Steamed Mussels with a Thai Dipping Sauce

Last Saturday, I hosted a small lime ( and in my constant quest  to master Thai cuisine, I decided to prepare steamed mussels with a Thai dipping sauce.  A good time was had by all :).

Here is the recipe that inspired this dish

#tastethailand   #steamedmussels   #thaifood  #lime
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Looks so good!  Now I want to go buy some for dinner!
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Ginger Soy Chicken

Here is a super easy and delicious Thai dish, straight out of +PailinsKitchen. This is a must try recipe.  

#tastethailand     #thaifood   #thaicooking  
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+joseph burrell watch the video, it is the recipe ::
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Larry Fournillier

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Girl Taken to US In Mistaken Identity Case

This is wrong on so many levels! I can't believe this craziness actually happened. Regardless, after the lawsuit, she is going to be a very rich girl. 
A teenager filmed being dragged screaming from her school and sent to the US is back home in a bizarre case of mistaken identity.
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+Rey Ley thanks for the update :)
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Wireless Service from Google

Google's new game-changing wireless service is launching today.  If you're in the US, sign up to request an invite :

#fi   #GoogleWireless  
A wireless service from Google. An experiment to see what innovation can be brought to something almost everyone on the planet uses. Happy to have played a very small part in it
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Thanks for the info. 
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Spicy Baby Potatoes

Here is a simple and tasty Indian dish from food blogger, +Ritu Ahuja​​

#indianfood #potatoes #spicy #vegetarian
Spicy Baby Potatoes : Spicy and flavorful baby potatoes marinated in yogurt and cooked in aromatic Indian spices are a perfect accompaniment with Indian breads.

#babypotatoes   #Indianrecipes   #vegetarian   #dumaloo  
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Que rico mmm
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A Trip to the City's Open Air Market

Recently, I was in the nation's capital, Port of Spain, to visit a friend and take care of some personal matters.  On my way home, I decided to stop by  the open air and sidewalk market which starts at the intersection of Park and Charlotte Streets then south along Charlotte then east along Prince Street and finally south on George St. (10.653351, -61.507805 - ). 

I was able to capture some photos of the fresh produce at Singh's Fruit & Vegetable stall.

#healthyeating   #viewfromthe868   #freshvegetables   #healthyliving   #trinidad  
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+Daniel Mihai Popescu it's definitely a colorful and healthy experience :). 
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13 Places to Find Blog Topics
martin shervington originally shared:
13 Places to Find Fresh Blog Topics. (GREAT POST)
Looking to cook up some new ideas?

+Andy Crestodina has you covered. One of the best!

#blogging   #ideas   #marketing  
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Love the graphic!
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Trinidad: The Happiest Island In The World

Recently a group of North American bloggers headed by +Kristen Sarah​ visited Trinidad & Tobago and this is what they experienced...

#viewfromthe868   #trinidadandtobago   #happy   #lime  
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+Rajini Rao​ we would love to have you visit and I will be honored to be your personal tour guide :).

+Fred Williams​​ I'm definitely working on a permanent solution for folks who are not familiar on 'How to Eat Doubles like a Trini'. However, in the meantime, I'll be making an instructional video - look out for it. :)

You're right +Hector Merced​​ we Caribbean people know the 'secret' to happiness :).

It's an amazing place indeed +jennifer howei​​ :)

+Walter Simpson​​ 'son of the soil', you need to make a visit soon! :) 
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Do You Have Any Caribbean Cooking Questions?

Or any other food related questions?  Talk to me right now, LIVE for the next hour - - click to join the fun conversation.
Video conversations with up to 8 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at
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+Kwan Lowe you're welcome!!
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Thai Stir-Fry Beef In Oyster Sauce (Neur Pad Num Mun Hoy)

Lately, my mission in the kitchen is to improve on my Thai cooking, while continuously expanding my food universe - yesterday was no different!

Recently, I came across this easy to follow recipe; however, I changed it slightly by adding some crushed, roasted peanuts towards the end. Regardless, it turned out yummy and here is the recipe's link:

#tastethailand #stirfry #thaifood #beef
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+Duangrat Kanlob I just changed it up a bit. I usually vary the recipe's that I try slightly, while remaining true to the ethnicity of the cuisine :). Thanks for your comment, Chef. 
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What Is NOD3X?

... This is +NOD3x​!

#socialdata #MeasuringMetrics
What is NOD3x?  ...this is NOD3x

#sna   #socialdata   #socialinsights   #smm  
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+NOD3x good stuff!! :)
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Could this Robot Change the Future of Cooking?

Imagine a robotic chef being able to cook Michelin Star food in your kitchen.

#roboticchef #robot #cooking 
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Maravilhoso o robô.
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  • University of Maryland, College Park
    Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (Online), 2015 - present
    This online course teaches how to develop the business model with attention to value propositions, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue models, partners, and resources, activities, and costs. It shows keys to discovering the customer with an emphasis on problem-solution fit, proposed MVP, and proposed funnels. It also shows Insights on validating the customer via product-market fit, business model refinement, and sales and marketing road mapping. Lastly, the course shows how to pitch the venture through a written analysis of the business model canvas and a video of your investor pitch.
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Online
    The Science of Gastronomy (Online Course), 2013
  • Stanford University - Child Nutrition and Cooking (Online Course)
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institue
    High School
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Computer Science
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Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture.  My Google Plus mission is simple, I want to: educate, entertain and engage my followers.

I'm extremely easy-going and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  I also have a burning passion for cooking and because of it, I currently own and operate a small private catering business - Island Cuisine in Trinidad & Tobago. With the help of Google +'s premiere feature, Hangouts On Air(HOA), I'm able to spread my food knowledge and teach the rest of the world how to cook Caribbean cuisine.  

Watch my HOA show Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier where I present cooking with a twist.  I have also embarked on a new cooking HOA, Food Stories, where there is a story behind each dish.   This is the premise of my Caribbean cooking show: Imagine me, in Trinidad, sitting in front of my computer and giving detailed cooking instructions to regular home-cooks who are thousands of miles away - definitely a novel approach in helping them create tasty Caribbean dishes. You can catch all of my LIVE, past shows and get all of the temptingly delicious recipes here: 

On November 5th, 2013,  I launched my Helpouts listings teaching individuals to cook tasty Caribbean cuisine.  Helpouts are one-on-one LIVE sessions where you invite me into your kitchen and I give you step by step instructions on cooking delicious Caribbean dishes.  Come and visit my LIVE Caribbean Cookbook Helpouts listings where I will teach you, great Caribbean cooking.
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Recently cooked five (5) tasty Caribbean dishes for some hungry Googlers at Google's Global Headquarters in Mountain View, California.
Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture. Hangouts On Air (HOA) Presenter and Producer.
A seasoned and experienced chef with a systems analyst background.
  • Island Cuisine
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    A small private catering company own and operated by me creating delicious and tasty Caribbean food for my clients.
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A lovely location to stop off and have a few beers before driving down to Maracas Beach. The view of Maracas Beach, from this location, is breathtaking.
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A great view with vendors selling local preserved and fresh fruit.
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A popular stop off for folks heading to Maracas Beach. The grocery is always well stocked but the isles are narrow; however, checkout is speedy.
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Another great sports bar in Cantaro Village. The beers are cold and cheap. They also have a great after work lime, especially on a Friday.
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63 reviews
A great venue to bring the family especially on a weekend. The breakfast served is usually very tasty and the farmers market products are very fresh and affordably priced.
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A busy gas station which gives good service. It's not a 24 hour service station; therefore, if you're in the area get, your gas before 8:00pm on weekdays and 6:00pm on weekends.
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Fantastic sports bar and accommodating to both young and old. Quick service from a courteous staff. The beer here is very cold.
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