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Larry Fournillier
Flavoring the World One Pot at a Time™
Flavoring the World One Pot at a Time™

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Thailand - Best Street Food

CNN has ranked Thai street food as the best in the world. If you've ever been to Thailand and tasted the street food or have eaten it elsewhere, how would you rate it?

#Thaifood #streetfood #beststreetfood 

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Listening to infectious Tassa drumming and liming with friends on Ariapita Ave

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T&T Carnival 2009

As Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017 (27th & 28th Feb) quickly approaches, here are some photos from 2009's celebration! We jammin' still!

#TrinidadandTobago #Carnival2009 #mycarnaval
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Pad Thai - At Home

A popular and delicious fried rice and noodle Thai dish. It's loaded with savory, sour and spicy flavors and it's incredibly easy to make. Enjoy!

#ThaiFood #PadThai #Thailand

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Bhagi Rice with Chicken

+Taste of Trini and Batman put a twist on a Trini favorite - Bhagi Rice with Pigtail. For those of you wondering what the heck is Bhagi, it's the Hindi word for mixed 'vegetables'.

The green leafy vegetable used in this dish is Taro root leaves( or 'dasheen bush' as she referred to it. This leaf is also used in making the delicious Callaloo dish (

#LocalFoodOfTrinidadandTobago #Chicken #TrinidadandTobago 
A twist on the typical Bhagi Rice and Pigtails- this is Bhagi Rice with Chicken! Hope you enjoy!

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Green Fig

This bunch of green bananas (fig) will be part of today's lunch and what I don't use will be shared amongst my neighbors.

#instaweather #trinidadandtobago #greenbananas 

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Happy New Yea!!r

Hi folks, I'm hoping 2017 will be peaceful and prosperous for you all!

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Pad See-Ew Recipe

This dish is often referred to as Thai fast food! A deliciously chewy pan-fried rice noodles is a popular street food in Thailand, and it's super easy to whip up at home!

#Thaifood   #PadSeeEw   #TravelThailand  

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9 Worst Foods For Your Heart

Choose wisely, your heart(life) depends on it. Thanks for sharing +Dr. Nancy Thomas​.

#healthyliving #healthylifestyle 
Food can nourish our bodies, or it can poison our bodies. Here's the current wisdom on the best and worst foods for your ticker.


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Pepper Sauce & Pastelle - A Christmas Review

Here is my review of a flavorful pepper sauce and a mouth-watering pastelle. If you're in Trinidad, and you want to place your order in time for the Holidays, please call the following numbers:
Pepper Sauce call (868) 290-3148
Pastelles by the dozen call - (868) 385-3383

#pastelle   #peppersauce   #TriniChristmas   #TrinidadandTobago  
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