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Larry Fournillier

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She's back!  Yes folks, my favorite Trini +Sonja Doesn't Cook will be joining me on Sunday, 24 at 3:00PM(EDT) 12:00PM(PDT).  On this HOA, Sonja will be making a delightful vegetarian dish, Beetroot Hummus.  So join us, won't you? :)  

Don't forget to bring your favorite beverage!!

#hoa   #foodstories   #hangoutsonair   #beetroothummus  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Larry Fournillier. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Food Stories | Beet Hummus - S02E09
Today, May 24, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Larry Fournillier Sorry I couldn't stay but I'm glad that I got to say hi and I will catch the replay. It's always great to see you!!! ;-)
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Larry Fournillier

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Kumquat & Mint Margarita

If you try this margarita at home or at your favorite watering-hole, you can't go wrong.  +Jerry James Stone of +Cooking Stoned has concocted a must have Happy Hour cocktail.

#margarita   #kumquat   #mint  
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I like margarita but only very little
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Larry Fournillier

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Join me for a laid-back one-on-one chat with my good friend and cookbook author +ally phillips. Her new cookbook,  *Ally's Kitchen* ~ A Passport for Adventurous Palates ( is out and you can now wander the world without leaving your kitchen!   

So, come and lime with Ally and me on Saturday, 23 May at 12:00PM (EDT), 9:00AM(PDT)

#hoa   #foodstories   #allyphillips   #hangoutsonair   #cookbook  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Larry Fournillier. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Food Stories Special | Chat with Cookbook author Ally Phillips - S02E08
Yesterday, May 23, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Larry Fournillier there seems to be some problem, When I went to update my profile to 
David "Trinidaddy" (hon)  Stickney I got this

The nickname you've chosen appears to violate the Google+ Names Policy.

I guess I'll need some form or official certificate and one of those nifty checkmarks next to my name.. 

Oh, and where can I get Trinidaddy gear? I mean aside from shaving my head, is there some way to let the ladies know I'm an Honorary Trinidaddy? :) Or is putting TriniDaddy Creamy Sauce on everything I cook enough? 
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Larry Fournillier

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Khan Academy Talent Search

Do you have a passion for something and want to share it with the world?  Well, the Khan Academy ( is looking for you.  Check the video for more information.

#khanacademy    #talentsearch  
This is the BEST idea I have seen in 2015 - it totally sums up my whole philosophy. I just love the wording at: and will post it here as I truly belive this is what videos should be about.. it reads..
Hi .. We’re on the hunt for brilliant explainers, captivating storytellers, and those who illuminate the complex, as if by magic.
  From May 18-June 21, we’re seeking video submissions from anyone and everyone with a passion for learning and a knack for making challenging concepts seem simple. If you love helping others understand the world, send us two of your videos!
  Winners will be featured on the Khan Academy website and flown to California to collaborate with and learn from the Khan Academy and YouTube teams.
 We like videos that demonstrate real passion for the material, cover the concepts deeply and rigorously, and feel conversational—as if your kind, insightful friend is clearly explaining a complicated concept to you at your kitchen table.
  If that sounds like you, we’d love to check out two of your videos. If that sounds like someone else you know, share this with them on Facebook, or forward them this email.
  Help us find the world’s greatest explainers. Together, we can amplify their voices and reach learners everywhere.

Onward, Elizabeth and the Khan Academy content team
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+Mostafa Safavi good stuff!!
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Larry Fournillier

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5 Ways To Use Olive Oil, Besides Cooking

h/t +michelle savage

#tips #oliveoil
Be happy healthy and connected..........
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+Damita Smith you're welcome and I've been good, thanks for asking. :) 
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Larry Fournillier

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How to Make a Story Sphere Part 1

With +Mike Downes's assistance and guidance, I've been diving deeper into creating good Photospheres.   I'm doing this to essentially  tell and share my island-life and culture story through a different medium.  I know it would be easier to use video,  but I feel with this technology, the viewer can be immersed into the space and have fun. :)
Recently Google Creative and +Grumpy Sailor Creative teamed up and added some 'spice' to #photospheres .  You can now embed audio to a photosphere image, I see this as a  huge benefit for all types of story-tellers and teachers.

In this video, +Mike Downes did an awesome job taking us through the steps in creating an educational Story Sphere.

#storyspheres   #teachingtool   #storytelling  
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Larry Fournillier

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Story Spheres

This wonderful Beta product from the creative minds of +Grumpy Sailor Creative and  Google Creative - Australia, have taken #phtospheres  to the next level - audio can now be added to a photo-sphere!  This is game-changing and #awesomesauce !! 

My partner in 'photo-sphere' crime,, +Mike Downes, has created a fun and informative Story Sphere entitled The Field.  Follow the link to his blog or his check G+ Collections ( and experience the next iteration of photospheres.  Exciting times are definitely ahead! :)

#photosphereswithaudio   #audio  
t's no secret I'm a fan of the #photosphere, so when I hear Grumpy Sailor teamed up with Google Creative again - a dream come true.

On this page, you'll find some resources to get you started to view your first Story Sphere and understand what goes into the Making too.

mentioned in this post ..
+Grumpy Sailor Creative +Tom Uglow
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+Jamie Hamel-Smith Anyone can login and create their own - seems there are no Help Pages as yet -- so I may make a video showing How to tomorrow -- I was hoping to hear back from the devs before that .. / try it on mobile, very cool .. / works on cardboard too hahaha :)
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Larry Fournillier

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Have a Coke and a Smile

Jimi enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola. Back then the drink was marketed and known as The Real Thing, just like Hendrix. :)

Photographer Ed Thrasher

#jimihendrix #coke #CocaCola
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The baddest guitarist ever they had to get rid of him but his music til this day is still solid 
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Larry Fournillier

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Adding Street View to Trinidad and Tobago

Currently there are no Street Views on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  So, with the help of #photosphere  expert, +Mike Downes, I've embarked on a little project to create some Street Views, using #photospheres , of the places I frequent and add them to Google Maps.

Check out this #StreetView  of Bon Espoire Rd., Mayaro - Private entrance to the Gazebo.  This location is where I often go to unwind with family and friends.  Also follow this link to a recent party we had at the Gazebo -

#trinidadandtobago   #mayaro   #trinidad  
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+Nadine Phillips thanks and happy to know you're enjoying my contribution :)
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Thanks for the invite!!
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Larry Fournillier

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Healthy Pesto Pasta

A super-easy and quick pasta salad recipe from British foodie, +Ellesse Cheale

h/t +Mike Downes

#healthyeating #pastasalad #pesto
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Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture. Hangouts On Air (HOA) Presenter and Producer.
A seasoned and experienced chef with a systems analyst background.
  • Island Cuisine
    Private Chef/Caterer, present
    A small private catering company own and operated by me creating delicious and tasty Caribbean food for my clients.
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Flavoring the World One Pot At A Time™
Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture.  My Google Plus mission is simple, I want to: educate, entertain and engage my followers.

I'm extremely easy-going and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  I also have a burning passion for cooking and because of it, I currently own and operate a small private catering business - Island Cuisine in Trinidad & Tobago. With the help of Google +'s premiere feature, Hangouts On Air(HOA), I'm able to spread my food knowledge and teach the rest of the world how to cook Caribbean cuisine.  

Watch my HOA show Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier where I present cooking with a twist.  I have also embarked on a new cooking HOA, Food Stories, where there is a story behind each dish.   This is the premise of my Caribbean cooking show: Imagine me, in Trinidad, sitting in front of my computer and giving detailed cooking instructions to regular home-cooks who are thousands of miles away - definitely a novel approach in helping them create tasty Caribbean dishes. You can catch all of my LIVE, past shows and get all of the temptingly delicious recipes here: 

On November 5th, 2013,  I launched my Helpouts listings teaching individuals to cook tasty Caribbean cuisine.  Helpouts are one-on-one LIVE sessions where you invite me into your kitchen and I give you step by step instructions on cooking delicious Caribbean dishes.  Come and visit my LIVE Caribbean Cookbook Helpouts listings where I will teach you, great Caribbean cooking.
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Recently cooked five (5) tasty Caribbean dishes for some hungry Googlers at Google's Global Headquarters in Mountain View, California.
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