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Dumb question here: I have a video that's 70 MB but need to reduce it to 20MB to upload to my blog. What's the best way?
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Cut it Larry, that's what I would do. Go back to editing!!
Jane, Unfortunately, I can't, because it's an interview with a well-known author, and it's only four minutes as it is. He made it and sent it to me.
oh dear then you'll have to ask a techie wiser than me!!
i'd suggest u try MPEG streamclip from squared5dotcom. works like a charm to me.
Convert it to flv format designed for youtube viewing. The two tools mentioned--format factory (win only) and MPEG Streamclip (cross-platform)--will do the job. With both, you can adjust settings to presets that will knock size down for you.
I have downloaded both of the suggested converters. However, I just can't figure out exactly how to use them to reduce the size for either one of them. Is there a tutorial for "dummies" that shows the steps anywhere?
Simple solution = upload to youtube, then embed video on blog.
Aaron, I had though 60MB was too large for YouTube -- am I wrong?
As far as I know, when you upload to YouTube, the file size is limited to 2GB.
Either use a site like YouTube of Vimeo to embed it OR upload it directly to the blog via FTP and then add from server...
If you use QuickTime, open the video up in QuickTIme and share as an email. From you email app you can save the file without sending. It will shrink considerably.
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