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Re Samsung's patent loss to Apple (at least until the appeal is filed). I don't think this will really be settled until Apple sues Google over Android. Apple effectively took care of the hardware portion of its patent campaign with Samsung, but most of the device is software. The Apple-Android patent scrum needs to be settled more directly---Apple vs. Google. In any case, it's nice to see those pricey experts didn't sway the jury much.
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Surprise surprise, a jury in San José awards damages to a Apple whose headoffice is 10 miles away. This decision is a farce, and should be seen in the context of commercial warfare used by Apple to crush potential competitors. It also reflects poorly on the US judicial system, where jurors living next to the plaintiffs headquarters are called upon to decide whether their neigbour was harmed by a company established on the other side of the globe. 
Hopefully consumers react reasonably by buying less Apple products. 
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