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Larry Cafiero
Dad, Free/Open Source Software Advocate, Linux user, SF Giants fan
Dad, Free/Open Source Software Advocate, Linux user, SF Giants fan

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A talk about a unique FOSS topic that includes a laser light show, madrigals, and a human sacrifice: Seriously, how could any speaker selection committee resist?

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Steal the Bern: Looks like the Clinton campaign just lifted a page from Donald Segretti's playbook (Donald Segretti, kids -- look him up. You have Google now).

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Helpful hint: The answer to Number 7 is NOT me. It's David Crosby. Duh!

In other election news, unconfirmed reports say that +Bryan Lunduke has won a seat on the openSUSE board. #Lunduke2016

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Lunduke 2016! If you're an openSUSE member, vote!
If you are an official openSUSE Member, don't forget to vote (I am talking to you +Roger Luedecke). I for one, am giving +Bryan Lunduke my vote. If you not an official Member... you should really start considering becoming one. If you don't have a substantial contributions to qualify. Just get involved and start participating:

Whew! It was close, but my unblemished record of being rejected by #oscon remains intact. I really thought the laser light show and the human sacrifice would seal the deal. Oh well shrug

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OK, so the +Korora Project's Korora 22 is the distro being used by the +Southern California Linux Expo in its Installfest this weekend at SCALE 14X. A good call -- all the Fedora goodness in an Internet-ready-out-of-the-box package -- and to be honest, as a Korora user, I really had nothing to do with the choice. I swear!

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Hammer time: Heading over to Henry Cowell State Park for the annual Mochi Tsuki (pounding rice into mochi), a Japanese tradition carried on in these parts by Japanese and Japanese-American folks in the community. Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!

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The Tournament of Roses Parade is done, and the Rose Bowl game is in a few hours. Those are the two biggest events in Pasadena in January. What's third? SCALE 14X, Jan. 21-24 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Be there.
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