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Still my favorite setting of all time. If you don't have it, you may want to pick up a copy.
Uresia: Grave of Heaven is now available for sale at DTRPG/RPGNow, next to the existing Risus titles I've been offering there. I'm still not 100% committed to selling through OBS websites, but with my health so rocky I'm looking to simplify what I do and reduce it to just creating stuff, so this is a potential way to let someone else do the selling-and-filling-orders part I've been doing solo ever since HyperBooks went away.

If you're already a Uresia PDF customer via direct Cumberland Games order, drop me an email at and I'll comp you a copy at OBS. If you've never tried Uresia but you've been meaning to get around to it, then by all means, help me kick these tires.

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You owe it to yourself to take advantage of favorite setting of all time.
Naturally, it's the perfect day for a 24-hour flash sale. The deal? Uresia: Grave of Heaven is 100% off. Because jeez, a little escapism is in order. This book has helped me through some rough days before; maybe it'll do the same for you. Here's hoping this finds you as well as you can be. Hugs to us all. [EDIT: Let's make it 48]

Been interesting to see how D&D has taken off for the boys since putting the books in an easy to access location for them. They've made a ton of characters and have moved on to world building. Very cool to see.

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Check out this video on YouTube: neither rain nor wind keep the band for getting a 1-rating.

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Something fun....
Premiere of Duran Duran’s “Last Night in the City” (featuring Kiesza) on the one year anniversary of the release of the band's album Paper Gods!!!

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Get your copy today!
The air chills and the daylight dies early. Leaves brown and crisp and tap along the ground in gentle breezes, and the world is overtaken with gentle melancholy and fanatic consumerist hunger for spiced gourd. May your autumn campaigns be warm with companionship, proof against the encroaching cold, and (for a limited time only) played with Risus: Pumpkin Spice Edition. Snag it free from - while it lasts!

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Little sad at the small turnout of stories, but definitely worth reading and voting for your favorites.
Uresia 2016 Summer Short-Fiction Contest:

In the mood for a little fantasy? This year's Uresia short-stories are now available for your reading pleasure and nitpicky judgment. See the voting rules in the story PDF; snag it at (it's free, natch). The final score is determined by weighing the authors' votes 50/50 with the fan votes, and everyone who participates (fan or author) will get an all-new exclusive mini-supplement as bonus thanks (plus I'll come up with some even bonus-er thanks for the winner). Snag it, read, and enjoy some new perspectives on heaven's grave!

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It helps to have comments turned on.....personally I don't like it when people share the exact same content all over the place - what's the point of rolling you in multiple places if the content is always the same. I try to use each for specific things so it might be worth following in multiple places.
I've been very quiet on here for a number of reasons. Other than blog updates, I don't post here a lot.

Does anyone know a good way of updating google+ status at the same time as any other social network statuses? Specifically and immediately I would like to be able to update google+ and twitter at the same time. Preferably, from an iPhone app.

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Very cool.

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Here's hoping I have enough time for this year's contest.
The Uresia Summer Short-Fiction Competition Part 4: Slimes and Snowmen and Satyrs, Oh My!
Official 2016 Rules

In order that all of us who enjoy wandering heaven's grave might have some new ways to do so, Cumberland Games & Diversions is hosting it's fourth annual short-fiction contest. If you've been involved with the prior three, you know the drill! If you're new, welcome!

The basic idea is pretty straightforward: take us into heaven's grave (or the Troll Lands) in short-story form, and we'll all love you for it. The more formal rules are as follows:

Eligibility: The contest is open to any and all Uresia fans, ages 18 or older.

Entries will be accepted from [checks wrist] right now, and until midnight, August 14th, 2016 (Fort Collins, Colorado time). Entries must be in English, must be at least 1,000 words and not exceed 7,500, and must be submitted via electronic mail to in one of: Plain Text, Rich Text, Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice/LibreOffice document format. One story per author.

Sometime shortly after the submission deadline, I will compile a single document presenting all of the stories, with the names of the authors removed and stories arranged in chronological order by when they were submitted. Voting will be based on this collection (the authors' names to be revealed once the contest is over), with stories to be judged in two categories: Uresia-Ness, and Awesome-Ness. More precise voting rules will follow when the time comes, but basically the authors themselves will produce 50% of the final score, while the fans/readers will produce the other 50%.

Since the judging is meant to be 'blind,' without authors' names attached during judging, please be discreet when discussing your own participation in the contest. It's cool to say you're in it, but not to give away which story is yours.

Entries remain the property of their authors (which is to say, authors retain all copyright, though Cumberland naturally retains Uresia-specific trademarks such as 'Uresia: Grave of Heaven'). Entrants grant Cumberland perpetual permission to present the stories for free, in multiple formats, for the enjoyment of Uresia fans, and to perform minimal necessary editing for formatting and spelling and whatnot when doing so (I'll fix a typo if I happen to spot it in passing, but I won't harm a hair on the head of your writing style). Cumberland claims no commercial rights whatsoever on the stories; this is just for funsies, to elevate awareness of the Uresia community (which is, hopefully, good for all of us) to give Uresia GMs and player inspiring stuff to read, and to give all Uresia fans a 'GM-less' way to visit the grave again.

Content: All stories must be set in either Uresia or the Troll Lands (or both, or the waters between or near), and feel just as gosh-dead Uresia as a short story can be. There is no limit on 'adult' material in the stories (Uresia itself has a fair number of references to sex, violence, alcohol, hallucinogenic mushroom wine and, you know, Satyrs and things), but 'stylish and suggestive' is more likely, I suspect, to win stronger votes than 'blunt and literal.' Keep it classy. Unless you have a really, really awesome non-classy story that needs to be told. Stories can be funny or serious or literary or pulpy or anything else. THIS IS A THEMED EVENT. The theme is 'stories that are awesome, and take place in Uresia.' Please keep the theme in mind.

Entries should include the following at the beginning of the document: Title, Author's Name and Email Address (to be removed from the judging version, but I need it, natch), a warning if there is any content that goes beyond 'PG-13'ishness, and then a brief 'executive summary' teaser description of no more than 50 words. For example:

Deep within the Mazelcane Catacombs, three drunken Dwarves and a very bewildered Snowman discover love, hummus, and modal jazz in the least expected ways, while the Red Slimes burrow closer ... Will any of them survive?

Entries must be created for this contest and have no prior publication history.

Every participant (writers and voters) will get an exclusive Uresia article I've prepared for that purpose (last year they got the Scott's Landing piece outlining magic chimney sweeps as character types and touching on things like Rinden and/or Gargoyle politics, the year before that a Shadow River history piece from the perspective of Nectar's Garden banning practices, because WTF, Uresia). I also tend to slip a few extra-secret files to the winners, but really, this isn't about prizes; it's about the enormous wobbly eyes of appreciation in your readers (see Blue Lamp Road for all the previous stories, sailing the loving seas of eternity).

I think that's it for the rules. If anything needs clarified, let me know at

The official rules of the contest are those listed here, AND any clarifications to follow. Beyond RULES, though: Just enjoy yourself, and we'll enjoy along with you. Get to your notebooks, your laptops, your tablets and your smartphones, wherever you enjoy writing (I use all of those, myself), and take us all to Uresia for a little while. We're looking forward to the journeys ahead.

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