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Get out there... I've never shot a good photo from the couch.
Get out there... I've never shot a good photo from the couch.

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Waiting for those perfect moments....

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Oceans Blue was selected as Photo Of The Day on FStoppers.

Thanks guys

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It is hard to explain the feeling I had here as my shadow stretched out 100 feet tall over Mosquite Flat Dunes in Death Valley National Park. This was in March earlier this year and it was just over 100 degrees at sunset. So cool that there was huge sections with no foot prints. Just the wind blown ripples in the sand.

Many first time visitors to Death Valley are surprised it is not covered with a sea of sand. Less than one percent of the desert is covered with dunes, yet the shadowed ripples and stark, graceful curves define "desert" in our imaginations.

For dunes to exist there must be a source of sand, prevailing winds to move the sand, and a place for the sand to collect. The eroded canyons and washes provide plenty of sand, the wind seems to always blow (especially in the springtime), but there are only a few areas in the park where the sand is "trapped" by geographic features such as mountains.

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Early Morning Bliss

Any name suggestions?

I'm happy to report that we are working on our "Independence Art Show" coming up on July 3rd at the Noll Gallery in San Clemente. I will be debuting my 1/1 Limited Edition of "Deep Blue Dungeon". This will be a 90x40 tryptic on acrylic. A real stunner. We will also be featuring Rusty Long's photography and book. Plus Live music, food and Primo Beer. EPIC!

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Mid Week Treasure
Hopefully this golden hour Laguna photo will help you get through this hump day. I know it helps me. LOL I love the sun flare off the giant glass front house.

Looking for the perfect gift for DAD? Local people can come and pick from our inventory or place an order. We also just put signed prints and 8x10 metals at the Pier Shack at the end of the San Clemente Pier. We also have pieces at Stewarts Surfboards. Hit us up...

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Thanks and Mahalo.
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I'm glad to be back on the coast and posting a ocean photo. Although I can have a great time and get creative with a camera anywhere, there is nothing like the ocean for me. I have given up on ever living anywhere else. We have to enjoy the short life God has given us.
Anyways, this is an older wave photo that proves to me that large or small, I am mesmerized by the beauty the ocean gives us. This wave is pretty small, but perfect.
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The ocean came to life and then some with the pulsing south swell. Although the lack of sun and blowing north wind made it challenging for photography, the power and beauty came though. Black and white photography is a different animal since the industry move away from film. It takes a different set of skills to do great black and white photography these days. And yet it still has an amazing feel.

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Ancient Dawning Bristlecone

After hiking around in the White Mountains looking for a unique tree to shoot, we found this Ancient Bristlecone Pine tree. We came back at 2am to shoot the Milky Way rising over it. This was before the sunrise at what they call the "Blue Hour". These ancient trees are thought to be 5000 years old. The oldest living non-clonal organism on Earth. Not sure if this is the famed Methuselah tree. But it could be. Thank you for viewing. Follow on FB/LarryBeardFineArt and IG@LarryBeard.

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Happy Earth Day 

I thought this new image was fitting for Earth Day. Stan​, Tony​ and I went out to Joshua Tree to shoot the Milky Way. The Lyrid Meteor Shower decided to drop a meteor right in one of the 5 shots it took to make this panoramic image. We are laughing at the improbability of catching a meteor in a photo. Tonight is the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower, so get out there if you have the chance and have clear skies. Mostly cloudy around here.

Back to Earth Day, I just want to encourage all of us to at least make some small efforts to help our environment. The small things add up. Example, we get three gallon reusable bottles for our local water store and fill our smaller reusable bottles. We have three in our household. Not using 10 water bottles per day adds up to 3650 plastic bottles not going out to our environment per year. 

It adds up....

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Not big on the selfies but I guess for a profile pic this will have to do. LOL Love the sun flare of my watch.

This was a super crystal clear day in the ocean I love. The ocean has been a big part of my entire life. This is a perfect example of why I am a part of the "I Support a Clean Ocean" project. Can you imagine murky water and trash all around.

Thanks for visiting my page and the support.

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