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Why Can't All Cosmetics Be Cruelty Free? || #RivetRant
NARS has just announced it will be retailing their brand in mainland China, the only territory in the world where animal testing is a mandatory regulation to assure safety of products entering the market. The flaws are obvious with this legislation, and her...

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Innoxa Restore Hydrating Cleansing Oil || #RivetReview
Cleansing oils are some of the most gentle cleansers you could use. They bind with dirt and oil (like mixes with like), melt off makeup, and leave skin feeling clean and soft. Innoxa is a cruelty free brand that started in France, and moved around the world...

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Makeup Look Archive || JANUARY + FEBRUARY 2017 || Rivet Licker
I've been wanting to do a regular posting of my makeup looks here on the blog, but I figure, why not start with a small archive. I'll do them month by month, starting from January 2017, and there will be full details. I post makeup looks on Instagram every ...

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TESTING OUT $2.80 BEAUTY PRODUCTS || Daiso Cosmetics || #RivetReview
Korea and Japan are leaders in designing cosmetics. Every beauty trend we are seeing has been inspired in some way by these innovations. A lot of cosmetic manufacturing is done in Korean laboratories, too. Step in DAISO, a Japanese variety store that caters...

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CO-WASHING || How To Wash Your Hair With Conditioner || Rivet Licker
Washing hair has pretty much remained consistent over the years – shampoo first (sometimes twice), conditioner second. This meant you had to cleanse (i.e. strip your hair within its life), then restore your keratin strands with a conditioner. For coloured h...

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Rivet Rant: An Open Letter to PR || Rivet Licker
An open letter to brands and PR
agencies who use influencer marketing. A portfolio can speak far more words than a number of followers. I wrote this around the same time that I published my first Rivet Rant on this topic, but it has become way more relevant...

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Indeed Laboratories EYSILIX "INSTANT EYE RESCUE" - #RivetReview
I can't begin to describe how annoyed I have been with my eyes lately. Between medications, sleep problems, and just generally being unwell, my eye area has begun to suffer. It wasn't until my friend pointed out the bags under my eyes that I needed to do so...

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PERSONAL UPDATE || 2 Jun 2017 || Rivet Licker
I guess it's about time I made an official announcement about what will be happening in the coming months. Big things are just below. If you're a regular reader of my blog, or a follower on Instagram , you'll have known that I have been unwell for most of m...

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Do These Makeup Tools REALLY Work? - TRENDING - #RivetReview
There are always some kind of "revolutionary" tools that become available, often sprouting as fads that fizzle out into oblivion, but some are successful and game-changing. We all know those little beauty hacks, such as using household items to do perfect w...

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L'Unico Luxury Skincare: Product Range + Press Launch
It's rare that I get to trial the highest of the high-end products, mostly because I could never afford anything of this kind. What sets L'unico apart from the rest of the Luxe echelon of skincare (think La Mer or Sisley Paris, $400 for a jar of cream) is t...
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