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How we break our laptops. Part 3. A Tasty Keyboard
Eating while using the laptop is also common. Most people who eat while on their laptop will not have a plate directly in front of them. Instead, they will have the plate to the side and will eat directly over the keyboard. This can result in crumbs, spills and more on the keyboard. Even those who do have the plate in front of them may have to contend with sticky fingers or sauce splatters on the keyboard. One of our clients even dumped a plate of spaghetti and sauce on the keyboard.
When using your laptop, try to avoid greasy or crumbly foods. Fruits like grapes and bananas are healthy and can easily prevent a dirty keyboard

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How To Use Your Old Laptop. Part 3. Bug Zapper
An old laptop is a great way to eliminate pesky insects from your home. You can turn it on at night, using the glow of your screen to lull bugs to their doom, and then quickly snap shut the laptop, splattering fresh juice all over your defunct keyboard.
But even if the computer screen doesn’t work anymore, don’t despair! Close your laptop and use it to squash even the scariest creepy crawlies infesting your home. Nothing kills bugs dead faster than 64kb of non-functioning RAM.

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How we break our laptops. Part 1. Free fall or accidents
These are some of the primary reasons our customers contact LaptopMD for repair service.
Everyone drops things from time to time. Just as you would drop a remote control or even a glass of milk in the kitchen, you may also drop your laptop or your laptop bag. Things may get dropped onto it as well, which can also cause considerable damage. Some laptops or laptop bags are even closed in car doors or impacted in some other way. These types of events can cause external damage, such as a cracked screen. They can also cause internal damage to the fragile components inside the laptop.
To prevent such incident from happening, you should try not to leave your laptop near the edge of tables and other high areas. Pay attention to where you leave it in order to prevent someone from accidentally knocking it over. You can even use special cases to prevent your laptop from taking damage in the event it does drop or get hit.

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How To Use Your Old Laptop. Part 2. Heat Up Leftovers
Instead of complaining about how the old beast was melting your thighs, now you can put that overheating old laptop to good use as a food warmer. Simply place a plate of leftovers on your old computer, press the power button, and in seconds you’ll have a steaming helping of goodness to enjoy.
For you ambitious laptop chefs, you can crack a few eggs on your sizzling computer, add herbs and green onions, and quickly whip up a delicious, fluffy omelet.

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Happy New Year!
We are at LaptopMD grateful that you are ringing in the New Year with us and have stayed with us over the past years.
Throughout 2016, we plan on continuing to deliver high quality service and stay up-to-date on new devices, so we can maintain our expertise to help all customers who approach us in need of having their laptops fixed.
Because our previous 50% off discount is in high demand, we have decided to extend it for one more week as a New Year's gift. From January 1, 2016 to January 7, 2016, you can receive a 50% discount for any Windows re-installation or removal of viruses at our NYC location.

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How To Use Your Old Laptop. Part 1
Got an old laptop that is hideously outdated or on its deathbed? Your local computer and electronic repair guy take one look at it and threw up his hands in despair? No need to throw it away in the trash. Instead, get your creative juices flowing by repurposing your old computer by coming up with fun, new uses for it.
Here are a a few fun suggestions:
Build a Doghouse!
Assuming you have an extremely small dog like our Chiwawa (yes, LaptopMD is a dog-friendly store!), an old laptop can be re-used to provide Tiny Fido a great shelter from the wind and rain. Simply open your old laptop to the “V” position, place upside down, and secure to a firm base.

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This holiday season, from the LaptopMD family to yours, we would like to wish our wonderful customers Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas with special thanks and appreciation for your continued support throughout the years.

In an effort to show our gratitude to our customers, this holiday season we would like to offer a special discount as a way of saying thank you.

Our Christmas offer entails our customers to receive a 50% discount for any Windows re-installation or removal of viruses from laptops and personal computers at our NYC location. This offer is valid from December 23th to December 31st and we welcome you to enjoy this special offer!

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BestBuy’s Dirty Little Secret

Many consumers prefer large retail stores  when it comes to electronic device repair. We live in a world that’s increasingly defined by large corporations promoting their presence and cajoling shoppers into believing quantity = quality. Many customers with broken laptops, phones and tablets genuinely believe that the big shop, with its brand name, should be their first stop for repairs.

This three part series presents another side to some of the leading consumer repair shops – BestBuy Geek Squad, Staples Easy Tech and the Apple Genius Bar -- with published reports from former employees and feedback from disgruntled customers, so that the buyer may beware.

Do They Sell or Fix?

Many consumers fail to recognize that BestBuy is primarily a retailer and, by definition, not profoundly interested in servicing the devices it sells. Customers report that their onsite technicians are sometimes incapable of providing industry-standard repair.

If a customer brings a computer with a faulty motherboard to BestBuy, the onsite technicians may not be willing to do the soldering necessary to bring a laptop back to speed. One former Geek Squad agent reported to the website that his manager explicitly instructed him that selling a new laptop was more important than completing the repair on a customer’s existing laptop.

Many staff reportedly were hired and promoted thanks to their sales skills, and had little or no technical knowledge. Even when a customer would insist on repair, internal component repair couldn't be performed on the spot. As a result, devices would be sent to a repair depot for an indefinite amount of time. 

Underserviced and Overcharged

Another ex-Geek posted on that the company "ripped people off almost all the time." For example, a customer was charged $150 for an OS reinstall that’s as simple as reinserting the disc you already have and clicking next. Even if an issue might be easily fixed within the existing OS installation (check our previous newsletter: How to Speed Up Your Computer In 5 Minutes), the Geek Squad would charge for a full reinstall, rather than repairing the existing system. The issue might be a few simple registry errors slowing down the computer speed or a virus that can be eliminated with commercially available anti-virus software; nonetheless, the Geek Squad would suggest a full OS re-installation. 

Don’t Pay for What You've Already Bought

In addition to performing expensive software installations instead of simple repairs, the Geek Squad protection plan is equally flawed. The $300 fee (for two years of service) is a hefty sum for what some consider to be a piecemeal insurance policy. The protection plan promises service for defective device materials or workmanship errors, but some manufacturers already offer this warranty with the purchase of their new equipment. The BestBuy preventative maintenance may appear to be an ironclad protection/preservation program, but it’s simply a courtesy virus scan and vent cleaning that can be performed at home.

This deceptive service is redundant. Plus, the Geek Squad charges a fee simply to diagnose your device. 

Word of Mouth

Consumers who conduct an Internet search of Geek Squad customer service will find countless complaints and few compliments:
“The most lousy service ever…They will take your money and not give you answers,” reported on
“They were argumentative and hung up on me without talking or explaining to me”. as posted in a forum.

The Geek Squad service in Silicon Valley, the cradle of modern technology, has a two star rating and numerous complaints about customer service including “they are Crooks” on
BestBuy Buyer Beware

Many consumers would prefer not to be charged for a diagnosis of their computer or electronic device. They are leery of a deceptive warranty plan and resent overcharges for simple services. They like to have repairs performed by trained technicians who treat them respectfully and courteously, not rude salespeople. When the convenience of the Geek Squad is placed in the context of these considerations, a dedicated electronics repair shop may be the better option.   
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