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Lapo Calamandrei
I used to draw stuff, now I mostly write stuff to make stuff draw stuff
I used to draw stuff, now I mostly write stuff to make stuff draw stuff

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The bad taste exploit (quite a good name, for how the thing actually evolved), for some weird reason got a lot of (kind of bad and misinformed) press coverage (pretty much blaming gnome), I wonder why the same didn't happen for +Carlos Soriano and +Bastien Nocera blog post related to that particular issue:

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Czechnology, +Jakub Steiner​ should be proud

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What would have happend if Canonical developed stuff in a more open way, without the infamous CLA and working upstream with projects they rely on? It's sad they're pratically exiting the desktop market, I hope they (and everyone else) learnt a lesson here.

Dear Google,

I just ordered a oneplus 3t, your fault, I wanted a Pixel...

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j'étudie le français et j'aimarais penser en français without english irrupting in all the time

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+Bastian Ilso rocking with the new GNOME 3.24 release video
GNOME 3.24 'Portland' is now on tape (and available in 13 languages)! See the new features in action and learn how they came to be in the GNOME release video.

Dear +Google,

I just crashed my nexus 5, would you please let me buy a pixel in italy? In case you can't feel free to send me a pixel as a gift :-)

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I was looking at Øyvind patreon ( that 0 instutution level patreonage makes me a bit sad, considering the gimp is a killer application for linux generally I would have expected at least major distros to be there :-/
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