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Are you looking at events as a profitable investment?

Let’s talk about Kathy (true story).

Kathy decided to run an event. She wanted to have 60 attendees at her event, she sold 29 tickets.

She was stressed out, worried & frustrated. She swore this was her first & LAST event that she was ever going to do.

I encouraged Kathy to re-consider & to be prepared to make a sweeper offer for her next event.

She said NO. She was never doing another event.

Her event went SO well that her attendees demanded another event at the end of the first day.

She made a sweeper offer. She sold 28 out of 29 tickets to her next event!

Kathy invested $15,000 into her event and made $35,000 with a net profit of $20,000.

How did Kathy make $20,000 in profit off of her first event?


1. Hired an event planner
2. Offered VIP ticket upgrades
3. Sold products during her event
4. Sold Coaching/Mastermind programs
5. Made a Sweeper Offer

There is a huge misconception that you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an event & make a profit.

Learn how to make $$ off of small, intimate events like Kathy. Send me a message and let’s talk about your next event.

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You’ve got a brilliant idea for an event, but you have no idea where to start. As an event producer, I realized that after talking with many clients and prospects that there is a gap in knowledge and awareness when it comes to the creation and planning of events.

My goal as a successful event producer is to share my knowledge and experience to empower business owners to create better events.

Event planning is not sexy.

So many people think that it’s this exciting, sexy and glamorous thing, but really events are a ton of work and I spend more time on my laptop creating an event than I do onsite managing the event.

All successful events are built on the exact same thing.

A solid foundation.

In events there are 5 pillars that will help you build a solid foundation for your next event.

Defining Your Purpose & Goals
Identifying Your Target Audience
Creating an Amazing Experience
Budget Planning & Management
Setting an Event Timeline
Your event will fall to pieces or really never get off the ground without these 5 foundational pillars.

I stress these with every client because if they are not clearly defined and determined, the rest of the event creation, planning and management becomes extremely difficult and just plain…not fun

Let’s start with your event purpose and goals.
Before you begin the actual planning of your event you need to figure out why you want to have the event and what do you want out of it.

Most events fall into 3 areas of purpose.


Brand Awareness

Lead Generation

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Why are you holding this event?
What is the end result you want to achieve?
Are you doing an event to make money?
What is your ROI?
What is the perceived value? For you? For your attendees?
To grow your audience?
To increase brand awareness?
For a product launch?
To create a unique experience for your followers?
To help your audience learn something new?
What do you want to accomplish?
Do you want to gain media coverage?
Do you want to increase visibility?
Do you want to contribute to your community?
Do you want to celebrate a milestone or success?
Do you want to build more connections/grow your tribe?
Do you have attendance goals?
How many butts in seats do you want?
Your purpose and goals need to be clearly defined because your event will be built on and around them.

Every time I do a discovery session with a client, I stump them with this first question…

Read the rest here:

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I was speaking with a client recently and we were discussing who was going to run the back end of her event. She had 4 people on her team who are all adept in business, but not one of them has ever run an event and has no idea what a smooth, beautiful event full of ease should look like.

As we continued the conversation about the needs she had and how to fulfill them I wondered how many other business owners who are creating their own events have no one with the proper knowledge and experience to support them through this process.

Think about this…

If you don’t know how to run ads, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to create a logo, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to drive, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to fly, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to plumb your toilet, you hire an expert.

Why would you plan an event and not hire an expert on your team in some capacity?

It’s simply ludicrous not to do it.

Here’s why you want an expert on your team to run your event....

Read the rest here:

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Last year I was tasked, alongwith another event planner, to create a proposal for an event for 20,000 people that the Event Creators/Organizers wanted to hold in a sports stadium.

Yes! We were excited, but we also know better than to bank on anything until a contract is in place and money is in hand.

A contract/event this size requires quite a few conversations to make sure all the details are covered. Take your average 100 person event and magnify that 1000x for all the work, details and staff that need to be managed and organized. The event creators said they were projecting to make upwards of 100 million on the event and they were going to invest 30% into the event. Great, that’s reasonable and on point.

After multiple conversations and a completed proposal and lots of promises to move forward, we ran into our biggest red flag when it comes to events in general.

They were going to wait to make some ticket sales BEFORE they secured the venue or executed the event contract with us.



We backed off very quickly from this contract because that was one of many red flags we had run into. It was also the biggest.

The event was being created by 3 business owners who were partnering on this idea and when you looked at them, you would believe that they are super successful based on their public persona. Appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes we have to do more work to vet a client than is reasonable because what and how they show up is not authentic or genuine. We really wanted to believe in their vision, but when information is held back or incomplete it creates an issue that becomes insidious even after the event contract is signed.

Read the rest here:

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Event Red Flags
Event Red Flags
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Does your event message, experience and emotion translate into your marketing message?
I was chatting with Anahita Safarzadeh the other day about marketing for events. So many entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on ads, email lists and social media to sell tickets to their events. That’s great, but typically there is a lack of emotional connection. The ad is about the sale, the cost, the hype.

The emotion is what sells the ticket. The emotion is what makes your audience click buy.

What need are you filling? What problem are you solving? What goals are you helping them meet?

That emotional trigger is what makes them pull out their credit card.

Now, I’m not the marketing expert with all the data and analytics behind me. I’m the event planner with 10 years of experience watching brands and businesses succeed and fail miserably in this area.

Read the rest here:

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What if you changed the focus of your event idea?
The standard doldrum, 4 walled, sit in a conference room for days on end event is not as attractive to your attendees anymore.

This shift away from the conference has been slowly happening over the last 5 years. Yes, the big conferences are alive and well, but even they are shifting.

The experience is what your attendees are seeking. I’ve discussed and mentioned this in other articles.

Flip Your Event Idea on It’s Head
What I want to focus on today is the ideas that you can create. How can you think outside the box? How can you take your meeting room/conference room idea and flip it on it’s head? Once you know who your target is and have really considered what they love and why they are attracted to you and your business, you can begin to think about different ideas to create a unique experience for them.

I was recently chatting with Mike Williams about his event ideas and I kindly threw his event idea out the window and gave him some fresh ideas that he could build on for the next year. Here’s what Mike said in his own words.

Wow, what a refreshing perspective! Thankyou Lany for taking my dull unenthusiastic idea for an event and spinning it on it’s head to create an exciting concept that I can really get my teeth into!

You read and understood my brand and style immediately and knew exactly what would work for me.

I’m truly grateful for your help and will be in touch again soon to pick your amazing creative event brain

He’s now going to pursue a really fun and exciting event idea that will not only help him build his local community, but will create life changing experiences for each person that shows up.

Get Business from Your Local Community by Hosting a “Mastermind”
I was chatting with another CEO of a multi million dollar company. I asked them if they have any local businesses that they would LOVE to have as clients and they said exuberantly, YES!

How do you go after other local businesses in your area without doing a boring, expected sales pitch?

I advised this CEO to create a CEO roundtable with other local CEO’s. Not just any CEO’s though. I advised reaching out to her ideal client. CEO to CEO. Create a dialogue with other people at your level. Create a relatable dialogue. NO SALES PITCH NEEDED. This CEO can create a 6 month or year long mastermind with other local CEO’s where they can all come together to share their frustrations, struggles, get feedback and counsel from each, share successes and eventually do business with each other. Sounds like a win, right?

YES! That is clearly a win.

Here’s the benefit of approaching business development with mastermind events like this....

Read the rest here:

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The most successful events have a digital marketing strategy.

My team and I have seen so many business owners make mistakes when it comes to marketing their events, so we created a video series to help business owners Learn How to do Digital Marketing for Live Events.

There are quite a few moving parts in planning an event, but then when you add in the promotion of your event you add a whole new circus of crazy to the mix. It can be (and is) overwhelming if you are doing it by yourself, so first and foremost my team recommends that you have a team.

In this video series we cover EVERYTHING. You can access the video series here.

Checkout this list…..

Start Here:

Digital Marketing for Your Live Event Intro

Then Go Here:

Tips for your live event landing page
Analyze Your Audience…. BEFORE planning your event
Build Your Digital Marketing Team
Social Media Set Up Part 1
Social Media Set Up Part 2
How to Choose Hashtags for Your Event
Pre-Event Promotion

How to Use Your Social During Your Live Event

What to DO with Your Social AFTER Your Event is Over

Who Needs to Sell Event Tickets? You or Your Speakers?

Promote Your Event with Affiliates, Influencers, JV or Partnerships

Promote Your Event with Sponsors and Vendors

How to Promote Your Event at other Events

Build Excitement & Sales for Your Event with Entertainment

Using Analytics to Track Sales

Use Testimonials to Promote Your Event

Benefits of Live Streaming

Bonus: Why Speakers Need a Tech Rider

Yes, that is 28 videos!

Here’s the deal. You actually may not need to watch all of these videos. Watch the first 7 videos....

Read the rest here:

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I really wanted to start this post out with the question…


…but I thought that maybe that might scare you off from doing events, so let’s change the question.

Are you PROTECTED from lawsuits or legal issues caused by your event?
Less scary?

Maybe not so much.

Here’s the deal, if you are creating or organizing event, even something such as a local networking event like #LinkedInLocal or Meetups, you need to protect yourself. We live in a crazy world and the last thing you want to do is face a lawsuit over anything. People will sue over the venue, access, content, food, communication and so many other unimaginable things. While most of us would never think to sue, there is a small percentage of humanity that will sue because they feel wronged. There are also instances where people do get injured at events. A good/bad example of this is the Route 91 shooting in 2017 that rocked the event world. There are situations that are completely out of your control.

9.99999999 times out of 10 you will not experience something as awful as a shooting and we all pray it never happens to our clients and their communities.

How do you protect yourself from the unknown legal pitfalls?

Hire an attorney – Really Expensive
Hire an Attorney to draft legalese contracts that every single person has to sign – Really Expensive & a little overboard
Use a Liability Release form (Attorney reviewed or created), that every attendee signs – Less Expensive, Highly Recommended and Standard Operating Procedure in the event space.

I was chatting with friends in other countries and many had no idea how this impacted them. Wherever you are in the world, you will want to reach out to legal counsel and discuss where you’re lacking in protection in your event and business. I have heard horror stories about events going bad and the last thing you want is a lawsuit against you, your family, your team, your business, your speakers, sponsors or anyone else on your team. You want a Release of Liability that has umbrella protection of anything, everything and everyone.

No matter what, I ALWAYS recommend that my clients have their lawyer review their contracts and all release and consent forms for maximum protection.

What about images, audio and photographs of your event?
Do you think that you have rights to use any and all media that you collect automatically?

Not so fast…..

Read the rest here:

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If you run a marketing agency, especially a digital marketing agency and don’t have an event arm in your business strategy you are doing your clients a disservice.

Hold up, don’t be mad. I’m trying to help you out here. I recently chatted with Anahita Safarzadeh about what marketing agencies are missing out on when it comes to events. There is so much focus on the digital side and you are working SO diligently for your clients. It’s an uphill climb to get visibility, to get their product or service out and to get engaging customers. I know your struggle. We live in a very loud world where everyone is trying to get attention.

How do you stand out in the chaos?

This well known but underutilized tool called events.

If you showed up with an event strategy for your clients that pulled their customers into a face to face, hands on experience you’ve just changed the game. You’ve now opened up another marketing channel that probably was not in use… WOMM. Word of Mouth Marketing. WOMM is a powerful marketing tool. It is not dead. It is alive and well. Look at every movie you’ve watched and who have you told about it? What about that bad customer service or the great sales on shoes? You’ve called your friends, told your co-workers, cousins, bosses, nanny, neighbor, everyone and shared an experience that you had with a brand, company, movie, etc.

This is why events are so dynamic and this is why it’s your responsibility to show your clients that value of creating live events.

If we go back to my post about having an event budget, you will see that I talk about what the major consumer brands are doing. They are actively every year putting their products in the hands of their consumers.

I hear you saying, well I don’t have a product that I can give away. I disagree. You can pull anyone in to play and test your product in your offices. Create a fun tech day and invite potential customers to come in, eat some food, learn about your services and get their hands on your product live and in person. SIMPLE.

You don’t have to pass out millions of samples, you can invite 5 to 10 local businesses in for a day or a couple of hours.


Read the rest here:

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You need to create an expense line in your annual marketing budget for events.

Every year businesses determine what their marketing, sales, sponsorship, advertising, social,etc, etc line items will be in the budget.

If you are an entrepreneur and not doing this I would highly recommend you find a money manager and start doing this immediately

What many businesses forget to think about (or it’s an afterthought) is events.

Events are magic.

Alright, maybe that’s not the best selling point for me to give to justify adding events into your annual budget. Let’s look at every major consumer brand in the US. Every single one of them does events. They spend hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to get eyeballs on their brand and samples of products in consumer hands.

The #1 reason to do events is visibility and brand awareness.

These brands look for an ROI, but do you know that it’s not always a cash/revenue ROI that they want to see?

They want to see impressions. How many people saw our product and within that there are calculations to figure out the reach of what one individual consumer is actually worth in impressions. It’s a complicated math game.

So, if these brands think it’s important why don’t you?

You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Let’s start small.

You are an entrepreneur and have a service that you offer (coaching, tech, social media, etc). You can invite 5-20 people to an event and charge then $0-300.

This event can be held in your living room, an art gallery, a golf club or resort, a gorgeous meeting space in a local hotel. Heck, even the local library. These spaces will cost you anywhere from $0-$1500.

You invite your guests to come to a local half day or one day event to learn from you on a specific area of your service.

You show up and deliver an abundance of value and they walk away feeling like they just won the lottery. What really happened here?

You just made an impression. Hundreds of them.

If you delivered tons of value,

They are going to see you in a different light. They will see you as the expert.
They will tell their friends and business associates about you.
They will share your info on social media.
They may hire you for your expertise.

Read the rest here: #eventplanning #eventprofs
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