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Who doesn't love a free book?

My friend, +Laurie Varga wrote her first book last year and it's great! I have read it and I love it.

Get your copy in the link below!

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Getting book reviews can be an absolute drag

Some of them come easily from acquaintances and loved ones who feel obligated to help out but after the initial excitement everything takes a nose dive.

Of course, being too busy to do anything about it doesn't help marketing matters. You get out of it what you put into it and lately, I've been giving Like a Bird no love so any form of action has been non-existant. I've been working to change that.

Recently I had a strange and awful experience with someone I hired to help me market the book. Thankfully, I got a little help from my friends, especially +Lany Sullivan who introduced me to +Shawn Manaher the founder of a professional resource to help acquire legit book reviews. Anyone who wants to review Like a Bird can get it for FREE by signing up with their email address. Easy peasy.

I can't say it's a magic pill or anything (yet) because I just uploaded my book today but I'll keep you posted on the results.

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Can backlinks lose value?

What do you think? +David Kutcher answers this question in this week's video.

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More Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools with +David Kutcher

If you aren't catching these weekly, that's totally ok. These videos go out EVERY Tuesday, so watch at your convenience.

What I love about these videos is that they are small, bite sized videos that you can watch over and over until you "get it". For someone like me who does not understand GA well, it's great to be able to watch these often as refreshers.


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Legal Tips with +Sara Hawkins

As we all know there are pitfalls all around us in business and some of them can cost us legally which can be expensive. We have been working with Sara to bring you bite size pieces of legal information (this is not legal advice, hire your own attorney for that) that can help you make decisions in your business to reduce your legal exposure.

Check out this playlist we have growing with Sara. There are lots more to come!

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How to use the UTMftw Chrome Extension

If you downloaded the UTMftw Chrome Extension last week, then you will definitely want to watch this second video with +David Kutcher on how to use the extension effectively to track your links.

Amazing how much information David and I can cram into 15 minutes!

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Do enough recordings with me and we eventually will capture you in a funny moment!

Thanks +David Kutcher for the laughs!

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UTM codes to improve your Marketing? Oh yes!

+David Kutcher has done it again. He brings us solid value, tons of insight and more freebies in this week's video about UTM codes.

UTM codes have been around FOREVER, but many small business and bloggers either don't know about them or never use them because they were just to hard to figure out.

In this video, David not only explains what UTM is, how to use them and the power behind them to monitor where your traffic is coming from, but also to figure out what links and campaigns are actually generating revenue!

Learn more in today's video...

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Parenting Your Parent

Many of my friends know some of what has been going on for the last 4+ months, but I thought it was high time to put pen to paper about it. At some point, if you're luck, you may get to parent your parent through something.

Here's my story on it...

#parentingyourparent   #caregiver   #caregiving  

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We're not the biggest.....YET.... But I am so grateful to those of you who continue to watch, comment and support us each week! 

We hit 14k views in 1 year and added another 11,000 views in 4 months for a whopping 25,000 views to date! THANK YOU all so much! 

Growing an audience without actually buying followers and views is hard work. Don't think we haven't been tempted by those tricks....but we decided that we wanted to grow our channel 100% organically and we are sticking to it, NO.MATTER.WHAT! 

You all are what makes this work!

Subscribe to our channel!

You guys all just made our day! The first week of January, we were so grateful to have hit 14,000 views in our first 12 months on YouTube, but you've taken us to the next level by adding an additional 11,000 views in 4 months! WooHoo!! We are continuing to climb and grow and we could never do it without YOU!

Remember to stop by, subscribe and join us on our quest to continue adding value to our businesses!

In a world where everyone is buying views and followers, we are so grateful for those of you who follow and watch with us each week!

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What is DMCA?

Can this help or hurt you? Make sure that you know how to protect yourself and your work with these legal tips from +Sara Hawkins

New videos drop daily here:
What is DMCA?

+Sara Hawkins has started her new Legal Tips series today! Tune in each Thursday as we cover legal tips that will CYA in business and in social. 

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