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So I've been doing live streams of my video game stuff, and I use this service so that I can stream to multiple sources simultaneously.

Lately I've been streaming Battlefield 1, & Paragon, but once a month a few friends and I get together to play Fantasy AGE/Titansgrave and we stream that too.

Anyway, here's the link:

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So... my friends and I decided to start a live stream of our original Titansgrave campaign.
Here's the YouTube Playlist of our two sessions so far.

If you're interested in watching our live stream sessions the proposed dates are on the video's details below them, we try to start somewhere about 7:30 or 8:00 PM Eastern on the dates proposed, but they are subject to change and sometimes we have larger gaps.

Also, we have a fairly large party and are running out of space, so bear with us on that.

Post has attachment The mother is worried about this kid. Hopefully someone spots them.

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The cup is where it belongs and it should stay here #Crew96

So I figure I'll post this up (I posted it on the reddit for titansgrave too).
Someone asked what people printed out.
Here's my response

Myself and every one of my players has a copy of the following pages (from the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook).

I'm listing them in a manner in which I created double sided sheets.
Page 31 (Front) and 79 (Back)
Page 33 (Front) and 34 (Back)
Page 38 (Front) and 39 (Back)
Page 36 (Front) and 68 (Back)

I've created (using the Windows Snipping Tool, MS Paint, and a document editor (Word, LibreOffice, etc) printouts of just the grenades section (scissors or paper cutter for straighter lines).

Each of my player characters also has a printout of their entire class section.

Of course, Character Sheets as well I had them put their base stats in pencil, but we all have binders and I got clear plastic sleeves for paper, so we can use Dry-Erase during combat or when things need to be changed rapidly (like status effects), then on levels they all just make their permanent changes by erasing and re-writing.

I have copies of all their original base character sheets too (and back stories). When we're done with this campaign I will also make copies of their character sheets (and any changes they've since made).

The mages however do not have printouts of the Magic chapter (I don't want to use THAT much paper, I have 3 mages!)

One of my mages grabbed index cards and wrote down his spells/effects/etc on them to help himself out with that. Anyone else?

Well, we got approved for our apartment...
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