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Landon Abney
Tech obsessionist (Yes, that's a word now)
Tech obsessionist (Yes, that's a word now)


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It is beyond ridiculous how bad of a security failure this has been.

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A few years ago one of the students that worked for the College of Engineering IT team unfortunately committed suicide. He had continuously told his parents how good working with the IT team had made him feel though, so with funds raised after his funeral they treated us to a lovely evening on the Crystal Dolphin boat up in Portland.

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+Trello has so many potential uses it's mind-boggling. This is a great collection of boards to look over for ideas if you aren't already using it ;)
Got blankboardphobia? Check out our Inspiring Boards org to get those creative juices flowing

When syncing with Feedly the post sorting order (oldest first) does not match with Feedly.

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It's unfortunate that they have to do this on the Amazon app store, but if you want the Plex app for free and don't have a Plex pass subscription, today is your day 😉.
Check it out! The Plex app for @Android is FREE today on the apps store. 

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This is probably the most brilliant analysis of goblin kind I have ever read. Thanks for the share +Yonatan Zunger!
Have you ever asked yourself the basic question, Why are goblins so terrible at everything? Presumably the answer to this is "no" unless you've regularly played a fairly old-school edition of D&D or M:tG or some other game that uses goblins as your sort of generic, low-level antagonist which you're supposed to rob, pillage, enslave, or otherwise reenact colonial history upon. But if you have, you may have asked yourself: in a world so red in tooth and claw, how the heck does a species known for its inventions blowing up, for being eaten by every predator in sight, and for nonetheless being mindlessly aggressive in battle actually survive?

I am grateful that Max Gladstone has analyzed this through the lens of evolutionary biology, and revealed to us the terrifying truth:

Goblins are a fungus.

Via +Jordan Peacock.

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It only took 10 months, but Hangouts for Android is finally caught up with iPhone users!

We even get a little bit extra in that we get integrated texting as well.

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+AnandTech puts out an excellent article yet again in this review of the new Samsung 850 Pro drives.

The article provides an excellent review of how NAND technology works, as well as a look into how Samsung's new V-NAND technology works.

For those of you who want the summary: This drive blows everything else out of the ballpark in every aspect: Endurance, speed, consistency. If you are planning on buying a SSD and can wait till these become available I would highly recommend it.

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Welcome Gabriel Ratchet!

Jack's been lonely since Frosty Paws went back to his mom so we decided to get a new cat to keep him company. We got Ratchet from Heartland Humane Society on Wednesday. His brother had just been taken the day before so he was in the same situation Jack was in.

After the first day of not really agreeing with him Jack has warmed up to him greatly, teaching him how to play and everything. Ratchet in turn has become obsessed with Jack, following him everywhere around ;)

I'll try to refrain from spamming pictures of him every day lol.

Edit: Neither of us really liked the name they gave him from the shelter, so we've settled on calling him Ratchet.
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Chrome is finally moving to 64 -bit builds on Windows! Dev channel only to start with, see the link to find where to download it ;)
Try out the new 64-bit Windows Canary and Dev channels
#chrome   #chromium   #windows  

Today we’re announcing the addition of 64-bit support to Chrome, with two brand new 64-bit Dev and Canary channels for Windows 7 and 8 users, giving a faster and more secure browsing experience. To try it out, download the 64-bit installer from our Canary or Dev download pages.
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