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Calling all Aromatherapists :) I have a unique product to offer, it is a Therapeutic Necklace/Pendant, you can called it a individual diffuser. The pendant is made of glazed kiln fired clay. The necklace is waxed cotton with an adjustable sliding knot. This beautiful handcrafted ceramic pendant makes it possible for you to carry the healing power and rejuvenating scents of essential oils with you everywhere you go. There is a large range available, both in colour & design, that you can see on my website Special offer available for Therapists!
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Saint Germain Flower Essences in the UK
Saturday, 08th October – 9:30 am to 11:30 am
FREE Lecture – Limited Spaces - with Rosana Souto

The use of flower essences formulas in sprays at a school in Brazil - “A pilot research project with Saint Germain Flower Essences”
“How effective flower essences can be when used in sprays
to address common issues of school peer groups?”
Introductory workshop: Blessings from the Brazilian Atlantic forest to enlighten your life - with Rosana Souto

£ 126.00 – Limited Spaces

8th October/2106 – Saturday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm & 9th October/2106 –Sunday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

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When you are thinking to learn Reiki, other aspect to take in consideration is the possibility to have a Reiki session with your future Master/Teacher. It's a great opportunity to check her/his workplace, procedure during the consultation, healthy & safety care, style and manners. Get in touch with me to arrange your Reiki Session.
Let's Reiki guide you :)

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Aroma Diffuser - Necklace / Pendant
A beautiful way to have your fave essential oil with you all the time!!
Available in our web shop at
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