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Can BlackBerry 10 Save RIM from the Abyss?

The platform looks sharp (but then so did WebOS and we all remember what happened to Palm), and the prototype is pretty slick (but looks a tad too much like a fat iPhone). Yet, Android and iOS devices are so many years ahead can BB 10 ever catch up? Let's hash out RIM's last, best bet for relevance.
RIM has officially given developers the essential tools for creating BB10 apps.
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One thing that I learned from the Palm Pre -- wait for the final release. Wait to see if what's promised matches the experience. With Palm they were able to demo much more -- and ultimately the experience not that much better to convince people to switch platforms.

I also find it interesting that not much had leaked out prior to this keynote. In prior years I always felt that BlackBerry devices and OS were some of the most leaked hardware ever. just about created their whole initial reputation around leaked BlackBerry.
ok, I'll elaborate. no for the same reasons that projects never recover once you're behind...
- you've proven your strategizing/estimating/planning skills are suspect by getting behind
- now you have the work you forecast you'd have done PLUS the work you didn't get done
- the second bullet is now THREE orders of magnitude more challenging than having stayed on schedule in the first place
I do not think the question in the article can be answered without knowing when the phone would be released. The first order of business for BB10 would be to make sure its remaining users stick with it. Every month of delay pretty much ensures that remaining user base dwindles.Once a user leave BB and its services it will be much hard to get them back.
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