Hi Campers!

I'm Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief of +Mashable and the Camp Counselor for today's #TinkeringTuesday  at #MakerCamp ! today we're going to learn how to make a simple  animated movie that we can post on YouTube!

From almost the very first time I picked up a crayon, and for as long as I've been drawing, I've been interested in animation. The idea that a series of images could create the illusion of movement was like a little bit of magic--and that it could be done so simply made me believe I could be the magician. 

In the local Five-and-Dime, I found some rudimentary flip books and soon I was creating my own. When personal computers arrived, I naturally gravitated toward the art applications and anything that let me create cartoons and animations.

With the Internet came the animated GIF (yes, they're as old as the World Wide Web) and a new platform for simple, animated clips. Later, I combined my love of photography with a wealth of powerful, yet easy-to-use software tools to create animations featuring real-life objects.

Which brings us here.

Today, I'll give you the basic skills and tools you need to create your own, simple animations. These steps are useful for short animations and full length movies. The only limitation is your own time and patience. The work is sometimes painstaking and difficult, but the end result is nearly always, well, magical.


-An Idea
-A Script or Outline
-A Digital Camera
-Removeable Memory Card
-Light Source
-A Set
-Real-World Objects to Manipulate
-(Optional: Silly Putty)
-Windows Live Movie Maker (or iMovie if you’re a Mac user) 
-A YouTube Account

Once you’ve got what you need, check out my step-by-step photo instructions here:


You can also watched my own finished product by clicking the below video. 

Most importantly, have fun making your own little movie! I want to see what you come up with, so put them on YouTube and share them with us here by using the #MakerCamp hashtag. 

I’ll be talking more about stop-motion animation today on a Hangout at noon PST...tune in and I’ll share some of my experiences and tips. 
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