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Raise Your Hand if You're Still Running Windows XP

It's technology's dirty little secret: Hundreds of thousands of people are still using the now decade-old operating system. What about you? Share your tale below.
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We're still on it at work... Though I wish we were on Win7.
Still using XP Pro in a VM daily.
ive still got an old laptop (2005 acer) running it.. still works well haha
I must confess.. I still believe..
Yes and everytime I have to boot up my 5-year-old Dell Win XP laptop, I dislike it more, not that I've gotten used to the 8-second start of my Chromebook. When the beast dies, it's hard to see replacing it with more Win.
Unfortunately, I still am... I am almost embarrassed to admit it.
We are almost finished swapping out all of our Windows XP machines at work..does Windows XP mode in virtual pc count?
I have some XP VMs that I use when I need Windows. Last version with no-activation volume licenses...
Count me in.
I use WinXP on my netbook, notebook and work PC with 4Gb RAM.
You are not quite correct sqaying that it is 10 years old: the name 'XP' is 10 years old; but the code itself is 1 or 2 years old (the date when SP3 came out).
I have a DELL INSPIRON 1501 with Windows XP since 2006. It came with VISTA and it bluscreened the first week I had it. And I immediately installed XP. Been using it with zero problems for 5 years now... needs new RAM though.
I am running side by side netbooks. one xp, one win7. when i want to get something done, i use the xp netbook.
I tried Vista for a while but it sucked so I went back to XP
XP at work (trying to convince someone to let me prototype Ubuntu at work), Currently Ubuntu at home (Vista in a VM occasionally). Saving for a new iMac.
I run WinXP on OS X Lion under Parallels 7, and I think it's much better than Vista.
Still running XP on some home computers. don't want to spend the money to upgrade or the time to install Linux.
I'm on Mac now because Vista was hell & 7 took too long to arrive. XP in a VM for minimal apps.
The only time I ever resorted to going back to XP was during the terrible, horrible, no good days of Vista
I use several OS: Windows XP; Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)
win 7 and arch linux here...
Still have to deal with XP at work.
Oh yeah. The brand spanking new HP laptop that my employer just handed to me is Windows XP SP3. I think it will be next year before Win7 is imaged on new machines.
Yeah... Until I get me a new computer next year 
We're actually migrating over our XP clients to 7, we're about halfway done.
I instantly switched to vista (which was great btw) and after that to win7(which was even better).I could never use WinXP again.
Please tell what was wrong with vista? It never crashed or had any problems on my computer.
Yup. XP on 2 of the 3 PCs in my house.
Windows XP? That's older than all three of my kids! Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.7 for me.
Only people around me that still run XP are the aging systems we have at work. I'm slowly but surely moving our entire enterprise over to W7. Everything just works so much nicer, including being in a domain, file/print share etc etc.

Most of the XP machines we have on hand (~12 of them left) are more than 4 years old. And most of the ones who have not been swapped are waiting on different software suites to officially support W7 like Fabtrol and Tekless Structures (Which works but not good enough). Some of the guys have been forced, by me, when their computers have died to W7 and they love it. Heck most of them use it at home anyways.

XP was good, is still mostly good, but it's time to lay her down with DOS.
+Stuart Gow lucky you, I mainly did. I had about 5 machines I've ever really had to deal with that had Vista. And all but one was incredibly horrible. The other was a $2500 laptop which ran it ok if you could ignore all the nag screens etc. I hated / still hate Vista. W8 I feel is not going to be a winner either.
Both home machines have Win 7. Still running XP at work, but I would like to change that to 7.
Chrome OS at home (I used to play with lots of different Linux set ups) and XP at work.
I run it in a VM so I can get in on a silly old VPN. Fun! Otherwise, I'm running Mac OS X / Windows 7 / Ubuntu... :-)
I went rogue and installed Win 7 ( dual boot Ubuntu) on my work computer.

I run OS X and Chrome OS at home. Android on my mobile devices.
XP at the office... for now. Windows 7 at home.
Steve C
I still have many clients running WinXP for their business desktop. Home systems are pretty much all Win7 now.
XP at work (not by choice). Win7 and various linux at home.
I've still got a couple machines at home that are running it.
Nope. Win7 at work and a mix of Win7 and Ubuntu at home. I use some XP systems as test clients because much of my audience use XP, not because I use it.
Yup. I have a home theater system still on XP. 
XP at work (running some legacy apps which no one thinks will run on 7, much less 8)...and since I also work at home, XP there too. It's really a pretty nice OS on decent machines.
This Win XP machine has worked
001 Days BSoD free

765 Days remain
to achieve our goal
One of my Work machines is Windows XP. It is working fine.
Work laptop is a Windows XP machine... they've been "evaluating" Windows 7 for ages. 30K+ employees worldwide.
Nsw (Australia) education department still using. 
Guilty! I don't even feel bad about it. Should I feel bad about it?
i got xp on my old hp its great, ho stopped upgrading the laserjet 1000 from 20 years ago so i can print from the printer driver on Win 7 so i have to use xp for that lol i like xp better than win 7 lol
Sure, I run it in VMware Fusion on my Mac, but only to test for browser issues when developing websites. (I even run Windows 95 in VMware for testing too!) One of these days I guess I'll have to spring for a copy of Win7. Sigh.
Still present in my corporate environment together with Windows Server 2003. Upgrading to Win7 is finally planned though ...
Our ERP software at work didn't run on Vista so most of our machines are still XP. Just started rolling out Win7 machines.
Xp at work and on a laptop. Windows 7 on the desktop.
I installed XP on my PC last week as I need it purely to run Photoshop, it is VERY low spec.
I'm running XP. It does everything I need it to do.
XP on the work laptop, Vista and 7 at home. Plus a few Linux Distros!
I accidentally converted to Ubuntu a couple years ago. I had my home machine dual booting and the XP partition corrupted. I kept putting off fixing it for a full year when I finally realized I hadn't touched Windows during that time. I've been Windows-free ever since!
We still have a bunch at work. for one of 3 reasons. 1) PC was deployed before Win7 was approved (Vista was never approved) 2) OS was reinstalled, but the hardware only has a Vista license 3) there are still some apps which are not yet certified for Win 7
Hard to justify paying for win7 when I already own XP. I have multiple pc's but why buy an OS if you don't need it? 
I have it on my netbook, but happily, we're about to FINALLY go to Windows 7- just in time for Windows 8!
I still run it in a VM and I also have an old P4 laptop that I run it on. Being a tech writer, I need it to test and compare different things.
I am curious what percentage of businesses are running it still. I would image it's a high number.
It's still run at my job, on several computers. Why? Older applications that we use 'still' require it and haven't migrated over to Windows 7 yet. I'd say we're about a 50/50 split now Windows 7 and XP. (Welcome to the 'advanced' technology in the medical field)

At home I mix it up with Win7 & Ubuntu.
We just switched from 2000 to XP, at work 3 months ago. My XP desktop and netbook are running great. It might be awhile before I consider a new machine, might be to 8 then. Mac? hell no!
Put XP to bed already, bring on the new kids- ChromeOS et al 
My harddrive with xp died so I upgraded.
Only PC computer I still own runs XP. All of the Windows 7's have burned up.
I still have XP running on an old laptop in the office which my secretary uses. It has 256MB of RAM and a Intel Pentium M processor. It is not like I can upgrade it. It still works... no point throwing it away either.
Only my wife's work desktop (company supplied) is still on XP. All other PCs, including my HP netbook are running perfectly on W7. I don't understand all the negativity towards W7. It is far superior to XP, and is easily the equal to OSX. As for Linux, I dual boot Ubuntu 11.10, but it isn't nearly as polished or useful as either OSX or W7. My next PC purchase will be a Mac, dual booting OSX and W7/8. 
I might add, I have NEVER had a BSOD with W7. 
Yes, here at work (HP) we are still using Windows XP... That's because the companies we are providing I.T. services to are still using this ancient OS (",)
Still using XP at work. I also have it on an old laptop, that I still use to play a couple of games that are incompatible with Windows 7.
Running it on my Thinkpad, plus three other laptops in our house. I have yet to find a good reason to upgrade. Oh. That's right. You can't upgrade.
I still use XP on work. Still a top OS. At home, I use 7, because it came with the PC.
I am running Win 7 as my main but for a VM test box, I have XP. XP is main OS at work.
I'm still on XP because when MS announced Vista, I was finally fed up with the MS licensing machine - Vista Home, Vista Home Special, Vista Home A Little More Special, Vista Personal, Vista Intimate, Vista Pro, Vista Super Pro, Vista Extra Super Pro, on and on... Come on, its the same damn OS just crippled in various ways to squeeze out more licensing $. I even bought a home desktop replacement off Woot specifically because it shipped with XP. My next platform will be Mac or Ubuntu.
Like most of corp America we're using XP at work.... It looks like the switch won;t happen till the MS extended support cutoff in 2014. I have 7 and Linux at home and loving both of them. My work machine takes 10-15 minutes to start up!
Mostly switched over to Linux for home use, but have Win7 for school, and use XP at work (like so many others here).
About half of the computers I work on are XP. They are mostly older customers who use the computer to check e mail and read news. They "like it the way it is".
No merits, no upgrade.
Funny you should ask. I just bought Windows 7 Pro and am in the process of upgrading my last XP machine. I still have to run XP mode on my Windows 7 machine at work to keep one ancient piece of software alive. I loved XP but I despise XP mode in Windows 7.
If it works don't fix it.
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