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I still have the old look. How about you?
Google s rolling out new redesign to Google+ that allow users to create a more customized experience on the site.
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ctrl + F5 refresh the page
New ...have to get used to it!
Old look, but I'm guessing that it's either a slow roll out or it's a matter of clearing the old cache.
New - going to take a little getting use to.
the last few rollouts took so long, i've yet to get them... ;)
Hah! Just refreshed and got the new look. Woohoo!
New • but my "saved searches" are not so easy to access now? I use saved searches to "filter" my Stream so I can quickly find content read it and move on...
Just got mine. I don't like the narrow column for posts and all the empty white space between posts and the chat list. I would rather see the post column wider. Otherwise, it looks nice.
I actually closed the browser and reopened it and then I had it, just refreshing the page didn't work.
I cleared my cache and got it immediately
I closed the window and re-opened and got it.
Brand new & liking it rather a lot.
New G+ is OK. Like most of it so far. Wait and see mode for now ...
top engagers and tech writers getting it first? hMMnn...
I closed the window and reopened and still have the old look.
I closed Chrome and reopened it. Now I've got the redesign. Very different! Still forming an opinion about it.
If you squint, it looks like old-school Facebook....
Still old. Why do they choose who is gonna have the new updates?
Still old, but looking forward to the new...yet another reason to shift from FB to G+
I've got the new version, different ... will have to adapt to it
I have the new look. Jury is still out.
Consistently crashes on the iPad 3 when using the desktop version with Safari and Mercury browser. 
I finally got the new look this afternoon. I wish it was more customizable.
Well, I got the new one, Lance, and I think I like it. So far, it feels better and looks better than ever.
I have the new one. I was thinking about dropping Google+. Now I think I'm gonna stick to it for the time being, to see whether it is better with the new look.
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