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My galaxy nexus shipped! Goodbye HTC hello pure Google!!!
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Keep us posted. I tried a Samsung Captivate about a year ago. Disappointed I went back to IPhone. I remember thinking if google could control the whole thing they could have a competitive product.
I already know that I'm gonna like it.  I got the Nexus 7 about two weeks ago and now that I've tried a pure Google's all I want.  It's a shame that Samsung, HTC, and Motorola skin the O/S and fill it with unwanted bloatware.  I've learned my lessons with smartphones....go pure or go home.  If presented with a choice of cell phones again I would immediately narrow my decision down to an iPhone or a google device.
After using my GNexus since Friday...I love it!!!!!  Gnexus now and forever!
That's great! Competition makes everyone better. 
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