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This Johnny Vegas thing can't be true can it? Wig and Beard and a fake Instagram pic? Could he really be that bad?

If so, how could anyone still support this guy?

He has shown a total disrespect for the Team (Which pays him millions of dollars btw) and the Fans. You can say all you want about Pettine not trusting him, b ut I am pretty sure his antics during the season warrent exactly the level of mistrust he got for the team.

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This is a story about my hometown. It is in rural south central PA. When I was growing up there in the 70s and 80s almost everyone hunted or had guns. I can not recall there being much if any gun crime at the time.

While times change, it's is still pretty much the same there today.

I guess the out going mayor forgot the First Rule of local Politics: Know your constituency. 

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This is an awful

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Good side is that we are going to cover lots of people who didn't have coverage before. The issue i see with the story is that nothing is taxpayers are going to foot the bill for this. And if you say we aren't, where is the money coming from for all these policies?

I really wish the media would stop saying "free." That implies that no one pays. We all know that isn't true. The insurance companies didn't give those policies away. They will just bill the govt who will use tax money to pay bill. So in the long run we are paying anyway.

No such thing as "free...."

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First you need to learn to catch the ball. Then to hang onto it...then finally run with it. So far you can't get past the first one yet.

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My fav topic. As we continue to debt various topics, let's not forget about this one. We need to get this under control before we can make the rest work. We can't just spend money like it doesn't matter. That is the way a child looks at things. We need to learn to live within our means.

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Ok...since we pretty much rolled down this hill to cover 10% of the population, why aren't we outraged that roughly 1 or 2% of existing people will lose their existing coverage? That's a fact that can't be true because on at least 100 occasions the president said they could keep their policy if they liked them. I heard him. And say what you want about well I know he said, but he ment...either the statement is true or it isn't. No gray area.

So now I wonder the following:
1. If this is a lie, how much else is a lie?
2. If it isn't a lie, then how out of the loop is he?
3. How can so many people see the issues before the people that wrote the law? 
4. How bad will this get once the employer mandate comes into effect in 2015?

I think we are headed down a long dark road with no headlights and a broken GPS. 

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If found this report interesting and here's why:
1. The WH knew people would lose the benefits they were happy with. It doesn't matter if the policy is good or bad, people were happy with the price they were paying and the coverage they had. They should have been allowed to keep them. Please note the quote in the story that turns out to be untrue.
2. While I will agree that Obamacare will do good for some people, you need to agree that it will harm some people too. I get lots of posters here that just can't say that. They sound like robots. "Everyone will benefit...everyone will benefit...over and over.

I think we can agree that while the program is good for some it is also bad for others. While this is true of most laws the big problem here is the WH kept people in the dark. They should have been upfront with the facts and honest and open. 

Now they just look like liars...period.

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I am actually less concerned about the spying then I am about the lack of control. If the president didn't know about it, who is getting fired at the NSA. Since no one has been fired over the weekend. I would say he knew.

If he did and he approved spying on allied heads of state, then we can expect nothing less then a very negative reaction from them. And for them to no longer trust us at our word.

We got caught with our fingers in the cookie jar.

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Too funny....
The Trick-Or-Treaters will be here this week... looking mostly like this.
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