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Panther Games by Lance Zimmerman
Video Games I am creating using C++ 11 along with the SFML 2 library or C# with Xenko.
Video Games I am creating using C++ 11 along with the SFML 2 library or C# with Xenko.

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I'm making Choplifter using Unity with voxel graphics. I'm using MagicaVoxel to make the assets. This is so I can easily make Terra with my artist mate +Jenni Jewell as I discussed in an earlier post.
I'm also going to make Base Defender using the same graphics style as well.
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I've finished my Asteroids project that I made using MonoGame 3.6. I've included the release binary for download so others can play it. You can download that here.…/…/Asteroids/Asteroids%20DX%201.4.14.rar
If you want to see the source code, that is here.
In this version I've remade the UFO and background sounds. Enjoy the most authentic, true to the original version of the game I've made so far.
I made a vector graphics engine for this one, and it includes child/parent objects. Currently completing Asteroids Deluxe using the same engine.
N key to start game.
To rotate ship, use Left and Right arrow keys.
Thrust is Up arrow key.
Fire is space or left CTRL key.
Hyperspace is right CTRL key.
When entering your initials, use the Down arrow key to go to the next letter.
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I've started working on remaking the classic Williams game Joust using MonoGame 3.6. My mate Jenni said she liked that game, so I picked it to do next.
I used the edited code from the engine used in Asteroids, and made a new Sprite class to replace the vector class.
So far the player can fly, land, and bump into the shelfs.
Making the art using Paint.Net took some time, about a day. It is all 16bit style, using only 16 colors. The player sprite is only 20 pixels (Same as the orginal.) square. I scale it up all the sprites to almost four times for the game window.
If you want to see the source code, or the sprite sheets you can find it on my github here.
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I've released Asteroids by Atari done in Xenko! A new game engine I found that is both free and open source. You can find out more about that here.
When learning a new game engine or library I first make Asteroids, and make it as close to the orginal as I can. This one is just about spot on, my best one yet. Feel free to check it out here. where you can download the binary too.
You can read more about it here.
Thank you for your time! Game on!

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Alpha 1.2 is done! I've cleaned up the save and load code, it was doing floating point errors when it got large.
I've added, Grab Color, Change Color, Zoom In/Out Rotate X/Y/Z with a reset to zero. I also added keyboard shortcuts to make creating faster. Just move it around with the arrow keys and plus minus and place the cubes.
Those are the changes!
You can get the source here.

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I've made some great progress on Voxel for Polycode! Version Alpha 1.0! As you can see there is now a color picker that replaced the text fields for color! Also those are floating windows, you can move them around the main window. Flip and spin were added as well. Color picker took me all day to figure out.
Next, X, Y and Z coordinates displayed, edit/replace cube get color of cube and zoom in/out. I don't think I need a clear, if you delete the file name or use one that does not exist and click load, it clears it.
You can get the source here.

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I've got enough to show on my current project, Omega Race. Here is the player ship creation. I thought I would also show how I recreate it from the original. On my right monitor is a screenshot from the original arcade game I made using MAME.
I count the pixels, and figure the best vector points for the lines, those are the purple pixels. The blue is the center.
This is Alpha 0.01. Player Ship Displayed.

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Beta 0.10 posted to github.
Complete game. All sound effects, and visual effects are now finished and included. I created all sound effects myself using a sound synthesizer. I clean them up and make turn them into stereo sounds using Audacity.
Fixed a few bugs too. Shields now recharge slowly when not in use. Pod AI (Death Star) now functions as expected. Shield dims when used as shield power drains.
I wont be doing anymore updates unless more bugs are found or game play difficulty needs adjusting. Please try it out, see if you can beat my all time high score. (In screenshot below.)

Added release version so anyone can try it. Just needs Windows XP or above, and Visual C run-time for .net 1.4 available here.

Download the game and enjoy. Click here to download.…/Asteroids%20Deluxe%20Release%20B0.10.rar

You don't need the audio file for the released game, that is for the source code. The audio files are included in the above rar file.
See for the source code.

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It took some time, but I got the score working using vertex lines. I'm still working on the code that checks to see if it is clear to start play again after the player loses a ship. I also need to add the player ships left display under the score. After that it will be high score, and the game over screen with high score list. The high score list will be saved to disk just like the SDL2 one.
As you can see CPU usage is very low, it averages about 3.5%. In debug mode that is low, when compiled for release it should be around 1%.
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