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(1) Thinking that religion is more of a problem than rape does not mean that one does not think rape is a problem. In fact, it's consistent with thinking rape is more of a problem than other people think it is. For instance, if you asked Sam to rate how big of a problem rape and religion are on a scale of 1-7, he may choose 6 for rape and 7 for religion, whereas someone else may choose 4 for religion and 5 for rape. Sam would be thinking rape is worse than this person, even if they thought rape was worse than religion.

The ordinal ranking of moral priorities is simply not an indication of one's attitudes about the absolute moral badness of those acts.

(2) Thinking that rape is natural does not mean that one thinks it is good. Harris may also think that we have an innate predisposition for religion, which he clearly thinks is very, very bad. Likewise, he likely believes we have an innate tendency to become violent and to behave selfishly under certain circumstances. You are making a basic error in jumping from Harris's description of what is the case to a conclusion about what he thinks ought to be the case. Pointing out that rape is a "natural" human phenomenon is not an endorsement of it. At all. Indeed, Harris makes this point in the very quote you use when he says

"You can't move from that Darwinian fact about us to defend rape as a good practice."

The Gricean implicature here suggests an anti-rape attitude. So in the very act of making an anti-rape remark, you've quoted him as being pro-rape. 

Finally, one of the reasons Harris is against religion is because of its pernicious effect on women's rights. It is almost certainly the case that one of the reasons Harris despises religion is that it has made it easier for men to rape and abuse women.

Sam would also say the same thing about genocide. One of the most horrific acts of genocide in human history - perpetuated against Jews - was fomented to a significant instant on the basis of centuries-long religious hostilities. Sam Harris opposes religion in part because it promotes genocide and rape.

You have presented no good evidence Harris is a "rape apologist." If you do cannot defend these quotes as credible evidence or provide better evidence, you should consider amending this post with an explicit concession that this accusation is indefensible.

[And I know most of you atheists are complaining that, as with my last piece, I’m taking Harris out of context. Perhaps I am. But I don’t care. After all, atheists like Harris, Dawkins, and Hitchens have no problem taking the Bible out of context or perverting church history. Consider this great justice.]

This is deplorable. If other people engage in unethical and dishonest behavior, it doesn't justify you doing so.
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