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Wow. Australian Computer Society (ACS) conference in Canberra: 26 speakers, not one woman. Apparently there are no women in ICT in Canberra with an opinion on how it's 'shaping our world'. Happy to see that sexism is still alive and kicking.
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I would have thought in Canberra they could have found one?
The field is dominated by males and not because women are excluded on the basis of gender. I very much doubt that gender had anything to do with the selection.
If their selections were made without gender bias then so be it. I'm not one to defend the ACS however I doubt this was deliberate
I doubt it was deliberate, either, but it very much shows how much a boys club the ACS is. When I ran Girl Geek Dinners in Canberra, we could get 60 women to a dinner. I'm sure one of them would have something interesting to say on this topic.
It doesn't have to be deliberate to be discrimination and also bullshit. They made sure to choose speakers from a variety of fields, pity they didn't also look for ones from a variety of genders.
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