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Lan Hoang
Wanderer, Bookworm, Realistic Idealist, and occasional Existentialist
Wanderer, Bookworm, Realistic Idealist, and occasional Existentialist

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My latest article for Oxfam Novib's knowledge exchange platform, E-motive. This time on Compassion! :)
"Nowadays, we hear and see the rising significance of Empathy and Compassion everywhere, especially in workplace. These are all important traits to have when it comes to developing higher Emotional Intelligence, which is believed to be crucial in more advanced societies."
#compassion #thichnhathanh #empathy

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"Look at the reading lists of most book clubs, and you’ll see all the same books, the ones that have been shouted about in the press. If you actually calculate how many books you read in a year—and how many that means you’re likely to read before you die—you’ll start to realize that you need to be highly selective in order to make the most of your reading time.” And the best way to do that? See a bibliotherapist, as soon as you can, and take them up on their invitation, to borrow some lines from Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus”: “Come, and take choice of all my library/And so beguile thy sorrow…”

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But that naming struggle was nothing compared with figuring out what to call the parts of the world we cover. Third World? Developing world? Global south? Low- and middle-income countries?

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The relief he referred to is familiar to every migrant I know: the love of the unfamiliar, the joy of discovering different cultures, and in many cases, the thrill of escape. Our exile is never only painful, it is also liberating—a chance to stand alone in the world and self-create.

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Option 2. You go work for the UN. Keep the job you love and the lifestyle that goes with it. Your salary jumps to levels that used to get you all riled up after a few drinks back when you used to work for “honest” down-to-earth INGOs. Now you’re cynical about them all and aggressively defend your need to raise a nest egg to plough the way for the family/dog/cottage/brats you’re planning. You’ve done your bit after all. You do this for a while before you realize you sacrificed every dream you ever had in this work and can no longer look yourself in the mirror.

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I am not Catholic, and yet I find myself drawn to the women saints. There is something about them that I admire. Maybe it is simply the lengths to which they went to avoid marrying. When St. Catherine’s mother said her hair would surely attract a good suitor, she cut all of it off. When St. Lucia’s pursuer said she had lovely eyes, she cut them out and presented them to him. (“What,” I imagine her asking him as he screamed. “I thought you said you liked them.”) Then there’s St. Olga of Kiev, whose feast day is my birthday. Emissaries came to her and suggested she marry their prince. She had them all buried alive.

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"I smiled at the realization as I walked home, marveling over the cosmos while swinging my dangerously thin purse. Finding work that I enjoyed wouldn’t always be possible, and it would seldom be easy. But that lawyer’s unexpected lecture helped me understand that I had a choice with each career move I made: I could fixate on finding jobs that would help me afford beautiful universes small enough to hold in my hand. Or I could seek out work that would remind me that I was, wondrously, living inside of one."

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"As a Canadian, I get really irritated when countries require me to have a visa to visit. It is just such a drag to have to get the passport photo, go to an embassy, and fill out the paperwork, you know? The worst.

I stopped complaining about that when I fully comprehended that for many, their nationality means they can’t just pay the visa processing fee and go. It means that they can’t go at all.

For a Cambodian to visit the United States, they require a host in the US, a ton of money in their bank account, proof of their English proficiency, and they are also screened via an interview process.

For a Canadian to visit the United States (or Europe or Morocco or Malaysia or, or, or…), they have to show up at the border with a passport."

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Recently joining UN Women Viet Nam, my team and I've been a part of the global ‪#‎16Days‬ of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Starting from November 25 until December 10, we hope to tell you more about the issue of violence against women and girls worldwide.

If you want to know more, or just simply interested in following the activism side of our work, do check out/follow our Facebook page! - :)

“I have to say goodbye more times than I would have liked, but everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we do it, even if it’s for the greater good, it still stings. And though we will never forget what we have given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward.

What we can’t do is to live our lives always afraid of the next goodbye, because chances are they are not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a goodbye can be a good thing, when it’s a chance for us to start again.” :)
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