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The Aventador was presented exactly one year ago at the Geneva International Motor Show: here is her first family album. It seems our latest jewel is growing fast, don't you think?
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I will buy this car tomorrow

if that does not happen, read this comment again the next day..
This is the number one car in the world that I want!
Here are my top five
1. Lamborghini Aventador
2. Lexus LFA
3. Nissan GTR
4. Porsche 911 turbo
5. BMW M3
Back to LSD!! Good Audi for not taking "your" own feel to a trademark that has & will been Lambo's!!
Do the officials at Lamborghini have my full address? When can I expect my free car to arrive?
These are gorgeous. Lamborghini once again succeeds in impressing me with their attractive design. I especially love the burnt orange one because that and matte black are without a doubt my two favorite car colors.
lamborghini at g+? cool. now, i speak native español and decent italian, aventador is none of those. where did the name come from, and what is it supposed to mean?
An absolute work of art - had the pleasure of seeing the first Aventadors in Dallas last summer
Hot as hell, who doesn't like a Lamborghini?
SICK Lambo!!! I've seen one before!!! I want one sooooooo bad!!!!
It is a very nice car and all, but I still prefer when Lambo was Lambo, not Audi with a bit of window dressing.
Saw the Aventador on Top Gear, and it looks like an amazing machine.
Electric, full body carbon-fiber in future?
A work of art in the auto world, Lamborghini. And the Aventador is a great example of it.
Great cars. Wish I could have one some day.
El Ryan
i totally agree, i love cars. and dont tell me i cant cuz im a girl. TOO BAD
I want it to pull into my driveway one day... when I get my liscense. 
Some of those pictures look like renderings in the Source engine.
tery t
My preferred car is a Bugatti Veyron SS, but this lambo would be OK too. :)
It's nice.. But where is the new LM002?
I would do almost anything to get my hands on (and own) one of these Beautiful Cars!!! how about family video...while smoking tires :)
+marcos gonzález The name of the Aventador comes, as usual, from the name of a bull. In october 1993, he took part in a notably bloody and violent corrida with a torero in the town of Zaragoza (Spain) that earned him the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera" for being so brave.
yellow bottum cheek, yello bottel sippin, yellow lambageeny, yello top missin
Interesting pictures...the car is breathtaking ant the
nice,fast,powerful and puredrive
one of the bestcar in the world
sssssseeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy baby!!!!!!!!
Jan Lap
....or in white
This car is kick ass! but they should make a limited edition Rwd edition Aventador
bueno a mi parecer, es la maquina mas codiciada del mundo
wow! che macchina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O
Lamborghini ist der schönste und der schnellste Wagen
i think that Aventador - the best Lamborghini ever!!!
Unattainable Dream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
aventador is a fantastic car
Urus is a dishonor
riposta a giuseppe marsicovetere: nn ho un' aventador,ma da quel ke sento in tv quei soldi sn spesi bene
u should add some pics of the reventon as well, that car is just amazing
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