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This is NOT a good sign.

You might crash into Billie Jean, and that could be Bad, like last year. Remember the Time?

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Seriously, though. That sounds like quite the thriller.
Wonder what smooth criminal set that up. Wish they would just beat it and stop causing trouble. Whoever it is needs to take a look at the man in the mirror and reevaluate where their life is going.
For some strange reason I feel like doing the Moon Walk!!! Hmmm....
Now can I sue Michael J. if I don't stop and get into a wreck? I'm calling my lawyer. lol
I guess this sign is for all the "Black or White" "Speed Demons" out there.
I don't know, Lamarr. It's not like this is a black or white issue.
+Nathan Sann There's a song he made called "Ghosts" that I was going to use to reply to you, but then I said, "Too soon." :)
Alright, that's just goofy...
Lots of Bad puns here . .
Hey I'm looking at "The man in the mirror" and he is just a pretty young thing!
Chuck Norris never stops. Everyone stops for Chuck Norris.
I think Dirty Diana did this. I think she wants to blame Ben For this.
Whoever put that sign up, was probebly there first joke.
wow Ron Ellenbecker you got problems, or no life.
Is there a restaurant near that sign,sriously.
once i saw a stop sign that said "Hammer time" underneath
I remember back in the '70s when the Nixon campaign's slogan was NIXON NOW, Democrat activists used to take the slogan and put that on Stop signs. In Philly, there used to be ones that said AND THINK.
gia v
LAWL! Sweet.
this is my recommendation to Teeri, especially game of console, i'm sure you are master in it.
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