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I like big BUCKS and I cannot lie...
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While Batman is superior to Ironman... I'd be Ironman. His gadgets are much more fun.
โอ้อยากเล่น อยากดูยังไง
Iron Man cheats by having a computer prepare for him.
fãnzaço, idem idem idem.
batman isn't rad because he is rich its because he is an obsessive genious. if he was poor he would just have awesome improvised tools.
Tony stark really isnt a super hero, hes more of a badass whos framed as a superhero
Quite true, but I still wouldn't call him a super hero, more of a super-badass
MacGyver isn't normally out looking for trouble or kicking peoples asses and usually made things on the fly whereas batman would be hunting fools in a modded honda civic with tools and plans.
Leon J
Iron Man is a dick. He plotted with other known dicks namely Dr. Strange & Reed Richards to banish Hulk from the planet.

Didn't work out so well you dicks, did it?

reference - Planet Hulk.
Never said he wasn't a dick
Leon J
Sorry +Mike Bates. I just love the Hulk too much to not point out the dickishness of those guys whenever one of them shows up anywhere.
+Leon J never seen the hulk so i wouldnt know, i hear hes pretty awesome though.
Ben Bernanke is the true Beyonder, making everyone do everything with paper. owned!
Keep in mind that these are fictional characters, guys. :)
My two favorite heros. You know why? because they can both technically exist. Maybe not in the near future, but they are both possible. So technically MONEY is and/or will be the greatest super power lol
no argument there!!!
#shitnoonesays i dont think people say YOLO enough.
Well in the case of Ironman money + genius = superpower
I have a big problem: I do not like money because i have not.
well tieir super powers are genei (??) thats why they have money and then can do that. hmm whats the plural for genius???
$ can't buy happiness, but, it sure can make life easier, plus, you can buy cool stuff.
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