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Or are YOU boring? This video applies to Google+ as well. Watch/Share/Enjoy!
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LOL-ish Facebook IS boring.
have you tried Airtime? It's boring...
AHHH the return of the GLOVE!  hehe

And .. I concur.. Google +  it's where the fun is at.
i watch all the posts on my "friends" circle :)
Was gonna say, Google+ is much better.
Ouch, the truth hurts.  I like to think I'm fun.
YOU're boring, Lamarr!
nah, jk. You're actually one of the funniest Youtubers I watch.
Yeah. . .
Google+ is much better
Google+ is the best. Respect to Face,but hey some people made there profile for pets! How wear is that? Hear you 'talk' to people. I adore my pets but I'm not so crazy to make profile for them.
I'm new to g+, so I just started to get the "ghost town" jabs from fb fans. Thing is, the ghosts here seem to have better spelling skills and manners. I stopped logging in to fb about a year ago. My 900 friends are obsessive about the documentation of the excruciatingly mundane.
It's so true I don't even go on Facebook anymore because I know that all I will find are some dumb statuses " LMS if you know who this is", and then it is a picture of Obama...
You all are the bestests!!

It's a word, deal with it.
I think you'd never let facebook, you'll feel nostalgic if you did.
Facebook is boring. But G+ is like a ghost town half the time. The things that are 'trending' on G+ are like hundreds of references, not hundreds of thousands if not millions. I'm lucky to get one person to +1 my shizzle.
Do you know what led Egypt to “freedom”? Facebook and the ability to post freely without limitations. Facebook even took pride in this accomplishment when it happened; what logical reasoning is behind taking pride in people using your service to change the world and now limiting speech a year after?
there are at time face book is so boring I fart at times.

Other than that it is good for staying connected with your family.
Problem with facebook? Too many zynga game notifications... Turn 1 off, 2 new games pop up. THE HORROR!!!
Yes, yes you finally mentioned the queen.

My day is complete :)
G+ is about finding things/people that interest me and interacting.  Facebook is about finding old friends/classmates/family members and simply keeping them up-to-date (which most of the time is boring stuff).
Interesting perspective.  I get the "Dad, I'm bored" thing a lot.  I'll let you know if they shave their head or throw a chair.

Now that I think about it, I must be really really boring at work.
I once slammed someone's face into their NetBook. Don't disable your Facebook account, delete it.
Facebook is a bore and now they have added ads im not hapy i liked it when facebook was about me and my friends thats why google+ is better
+Sam Stoffe Going public. Once you announce IPO your butthole puckers up and things that were once cool threaten your wallet.
OMG!!!! What a funny Guy he is really NOT BORNING HAHAhaaaaa
I think google + facebook has overtaken. However, facebook was and remains a paradigm in social networks.
My dog's looking at me. What have I become?
Dan J
LMFAO ...i lost it when you busted out that MJ glove

very nice!
I don't know if Facebook is boring, I just hate going to it because after the Google+ redesign making it so good looking, when I go to Facebook I feel like someone is hitting me in the eyes with an ugly stick! 
Google+ is better than Facebook tho.
Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning's 4:30am here
I use Facebook for family overseas picture screw them others what you call friend !! They all phonies fake ass hole !! 
Facebook ok for family only !! As far friends negative that why I do not read there drama or feedback !! It's wast time 
Facebook is hella boring.
+Chris Gleason you just need to start doing some more searches and adding folks. Get some shared circles, the plussing will come.
Typical Facebook status update: Blah blah blah typical sob story blah blah. Like this story and share it if you have a heart. I know only some of you will share this story blah blah blah....

Oh gosh please shut up
u kidding me facebook is epic
all you need to do is get some more friends and talk about interresting topics pretty simple right
also don't be a bitch about facebook
he looks like biggie smalls LOL!
"biggie biggie can't you SEE?" 
the problem is when you go on Facebook everyday your gonna get bored. Facebook is not boring, like you said +Lamarr Wilson If you're bored, you're boring.
It's boring, because you are talking to a "Wall" ..
The public release (and failure) of the Facebook IPO is going to be the nail in the coffin for Facebook's decline. Facebook will soon be outdated, but will Facebook users come and join Google+?
No, Facebook is fucking boring. I don't want to hear about your stupid problems that everyone fucking goes through. IDGAF.
and man what's with people blaming the tools all the time?
You not getting enough interaction? Then it's not the tool you're using... it's just that people probably don't like you!! 
Facewhat??? Faceplant cause thats what happened to their stock Bahahaha
+++ it if you think facebook is boring
Neha Pd
Yahaa! You made my day! xD
Personally, i feel more annoyed than bored by Facebook. My news feed is constantly cluttered with pictures asking users to share if you like or to share if you agree with it. These post are replacing new that i used to get. In turn i filter out or remove friends that constantly no this making my Facebook a little more lonely each time :(
10 comments on facebook for same post and 100 + on google +! Please dont leave the earth lamarr, we need you here! :)
ha very clever! i couldn't agree more
This video applies to Google+ as well
G+ is a tool to find persons with the same interests you have. How the hell can that be boring?!

Great video as always :)
Hello, Human. Your video caught my eye. Let me introduce myself, Don't be affraid, my name is Bill, I'm from the planet Mapam. I am here to destroy your planet, unless someone completes the Panther Challenges. Who are you, Human?
the "google plus" mind-control thing was kinda expected, but awesome (made me actually laugh out loud, as in LOL) :D 
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