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I did an "Ask WT1" video today, and I answered 20 audience questions!

Don't mind the boy band One Direction below. Nothing to see here...

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I'm a Brit & I love your dancin' :)) lol especially in your You Tube Tshirt ... does that make me a weirdo? ... don't answer that
+Imari Marshall oh dear lol I feel sorry for you guys x har har, perhaps they will stay over there ... ? ! Can we have someone back in return? Perhaps Billy Connolly, just a suggestion
I think your dancing is ....., so I have more questions for you: what other type of dancing do you like?. Do you play the piano?, Because I see you have a piano at home. I think you like music, do you like classical music?, Do you play chess well?. Your vídeo is very fun.
that Hodain dude pic looks sexy xD

you don't have to be gay to love one direction, I love them too O_O (I didn't say that). Thanks for answering my question Lamarr :)
Well, I checked out this wheezywaiter guy. I didn't find him funny or entertaining but that's just me.
+Lamarr Wilson Sorry, didn't mean to sound so negative. I think it great you mention other Youtube/Vloggers, it give me a change to check out something new. There is so much good stuff on the internet that I either stumble upon them or someone give a shout out about them. So, thanks for doing that, I'm sure they appreciate it too.
dude you need to watch season two its way better bronys ftw!
Great, but what's facebook?
anytime you do one of these Q&A bits I walk away with more Q than A.... WTH?
Love you're vids man subbed. Keep up the good work

what a crazy dream : poop on the cars; dude you're really awesome
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