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At any moment, my head should EXPLODE.

From this video: THEY THOUGHT I CHEATED!!!
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Gene K
I suppose you do look like a boiling kettle.
wow i see you again.. sir lamar wilson.
thanks for sharing your video.
Gene K
This needs some music, I can't think of anything suitable though.
Please take a vacation. May be you need it!

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blaca blaca blaca
The kids loved this...the 3 year old keeps looking at the "funny man"
you gonna keep dong that until your head falls off lol
pa wee
some cookies??okay all mine than :D
hahaah what's wrong with you? haha
Hey!! Man!! calm,lol Always,Lori H-Smith 7th.May 2012
H iL
吓坏小朋友 :)
+Lamarr Wilson you know, now your videos and jokes and your so called "World's funniest tech reporter" is becoming boring, monotonous, stereotypes and all other words that describes what am saying.. No more fun. Any new video i see of yours, 1st it used to be FUNNY WOW, HE'S Good and Talented! but now its more like, Dude, get off that dark corner of your house, move your fat ass around and do something new! if nothin then do some reviews, do some of the usefull things, looking at you is more safocating now
+VIJAY PATEL .........shut up!!at least he's got a sense of humor.............AND IF U WANT TO suffocate,GO AHEAD!no one will miss that crappy attitude of ur's
huh Tarith i was saying the samethings, but now that am used to his stuff (i have been following him over 2months now) its getting boring
dude.......if u dont like his posts, then take him out of ur circles!(or stop following him!)
Chill guys, am not saying i dont like him, i am still his fan, just that as a fan i want him to do something new coz its getting boring.
Really Lamarr Boring? I am not seeing that in any way. I just don't like the JUMP CUTS.
+VIJAY PATEL you obciousualy have not seen his latest videos, MY YouTube Changes he is going a diffrent route that HE enjoys and that HE finds funny. He makes the videos for HIM and then uploads them to YouTube so that if you like them too, you can enjoy them. Also, go back and watch his first videos, then these new videos will be AMAZING!=
I am playing music from my play music library while this is on my screen.... Oddly enough, some of the lyrics match up...
John I Am his follower since a long time. I watch all his videos and it's normally 3am for me when he releases his new video and I watch it coz a subscribed to his channel!
This animated gif fits perfectly with the sound of metal #SOAD :P
Your head has own life, it's very dangerous for your neck. Should go to the doctor???. Lol..
Pat D
Strangely enough the second I saw that animated GIF "Man-are-ya-crazee" just popped in my head =D
looks like your pontificating anxiety pow boom bang pop
OY Vay, one can't watch this for more than a couple of seconds.
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