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Tupac was a HOLOGRAM at last night's #Coachella event.

I decided to SING a Tupac song in this new video!

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If they do a hologram of the Beaber I'd go too... just to throw things through him. :D
If he appeared this way while he was alive, he might still be.
I read somewhere on the internet that they are resurrecting Jim Morrison next weekend
subscribed to your channel on friday and made a google+ just because of you. love your videos
you should be a karaoke singer, your good man xD

wow! that's awesome, they could make alot of money for that
Well, don't become a singer :P
Deep deep titanic.... joke... attempt.... :)
Lily L
Gosh you're so fast on these things. As others have mentioned, hologram concerts have already been done by imaginary character Hatsune Miku. She's even performed in the states to a very large and enthusiastic audience!
I confess that today your video I liked it very much because since you have started singing it is raining in torrents and this means that there will be no drought this summer in my country. Oh really, Wilson, it is maravillosoooooo!!
I kinda knew Tupac was a rap person. I didn't know he was dead. Show's ya what I know! :)
:b I don't blame you for not knowing; it's hard to keep up with these things when they don't always get in the news.

We are officially in the future.
Thanks for +1ing me, Lamar! :D
I'm not of fan of Tupac but I love technology meshing
with music in a very entertaining way.
Stay tuned... Your favorite dead entertainers, ELVIS, SINATRA, MORRISON, HENDRIX, JACKSON coming soon to the Flash Back Stage in Branford, MO.......LOL:)
not gonna hate,but who gave them the right to pull it off ? did pac sign like some agreements before he died ? or is it just like Chappelle showed us in his skit "I wrote this song in 94' " ?
Tupac says if hatsune miku can do it, I can do it also!
Please no Justin Bieber holograms. It would mean that this will never stop. Oh dear god, hell on earth...
I'm glad the technology is spreading but I am hoping it won't make my favorite singer (Miku Hatsune) seem less unique. I am glad for the fans but I want to be mad about it :p #savemiku
Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Why would you pay to watch a hologram?
I would say you are paying for the live experience. It is no different than a regular concert unless you perceive it as different. It is still fans going crazy and a singer on stage :D
Kenny G
I don't know if I'd pay to see a hologram sing to me. I might pay to see holograms play sports, like soccer, baseball, hockey etc. That would be cool. ;-)
the gorilaz had been doing something like this since a couple of years back.
+Adam Reed the program is actually called Vocaloid... Project Diva was the game series about them.... they did a tour in America last year.... I couldn't get tickets :(. The main singer is called Hatsune Miku... look her name up on Wikipedia, there is tons of info :p
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