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you are crazy in a good way lol :)
Congrats +Lamarr Wilson! Well deserved!

So now that you are a vlogger, I would love to see your video-setup :)
A regular video will STILL go out today; this was just a pre-recorded promotional video for YouTube's press release. :)
I would love to have you O_0 to teach me I.T lol xD. Congrats!!! :)
You fucking tease! I thought we had something special! Man you crazy! :P
+Lamarr Wilson I hope your new found fame won't change you and that you will still remember us little people as you continue your meteoric rise on the interwebs. :) congrats on the recognition and getting into the program.
More confusion +Lamarr Wilson Haven't you been a Vlogger sine the beginning? How can you be Youtube Next Vlogger if you already been doing Wilsontech1 for several years? This is not a dig on you. I'm just trying to learn more about how Youtube community is set up.
+Lamarr Wilson Ooops, it was a contest and you were one of the winners. Sorry about that. A very big congrats to you.
Matt F.

Spot the I? :)
Awesome man, as an ex-school administrator ...I applaud you!
iv subscribed to you on all of my 6 accounts! love your channel keep it up!
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