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The "Friend Zone" SUCKS.
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The friend zone is the best possible if both sides agree on it wholeheartedly and not out of tactics and speculation.
Hi lamarr wilson what meaning is there?and one day i will invite in uganda here in africa lots of questions about that are waiting to be answered.
I have the same problem :(

it should be avoided at all costs .....
yao xu
Card of friends.
BAT MAN: There are some Biological problems with this couple that's why thy can't be together"
Awww, you can be in my pet zone. Just stay off the couch.
Every thing have side effects . . . Super Man:P
Shit.. this is a picture of my life................. Friend Zone SUXXXXXXXXXXXX forever!
+Lamarr Wilson Am i allowed to post a link here in order to get valuable feedback from users, particularly women of Google+?
=o= i though she is cpt. american's wife
hahaha...........itsss Fun to b friend :D
oooohhhhh... ohhhhh!!!!
superman already has a girlfriend !! This pic is all about having an affair with his best friends girlfriend(Batman)!! :D
Superman Likes Super Girl not Wonder Women. . . Wonder Women is Bat Man's. . .
Supergirl is Superman's cousin.
la garcha, qué no ! ! ! re podían estar juntos, pero ambos eran homosexuales :s :s
Superman is a player... he already has a girl, and now he's trying to get wonder woman
here is phrase men should use more often "I have plenty of friends I do not need another one"
The funny about life is that we have put some people also some people put us there...
sucks to be in the friend zone !! :D
i love super heros just kidding im not an idiot
when you put enough sexual presence and intent in your dealings with ladies right from the start, you'll never fall into friends zone.
Even Superman gets cock blocked...
ha ha hah ha what do u do think that?
m ar
spoiled superman... :D finally he shows the nature of feminine...
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