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Today is National High Five Day! So let's High Five the USA for sticking it to Apple, are you with me??? :)

+1 & SHARE! #highfive!!
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What happened with Revision3? I don't see your show on their list anymore.
my face hurt, I got slap too many times xD HIGH FIVE!!, please don't (I was joking)

Books are old school, E-books FTW (I'm wondering why the book didn't hit me too).
So true. People would buy way more books at a more moderate price for e-books. The current ebook prices stop any kind of impulse buying.
I like high fiving and missing on purpose. \o/

I'm with you though. HOWEVER. I greatly prefer books in print over ebooks. 8D
I agree, I love ebooks, but I don't buy them because of the price, I do buy music and movies anyway, if this trial makes the ebook market more price competitive then I'll start buying them
Dude, I don't care what anyone says, you are awesome! (oops, did I just type that?) High Five!
Oh really, LOL!!!. Oh really... Oh really. LOL!!!. A star is born. Have to talk to Steven Spielberg to work on his next film.
Love to read? Thank a teacher.... Can't afford to read? Thank Apple.
I loved Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! :) It should be the same price for e-books. Or tiered. But, text book publishers are already ripping people off with printed copies.
Great vid !!! ;-)
I worked for Apple in Cork Ireland for 2 years for a buck and a half
They make profit over the backs of their employees.
Recently i read that they let their parts being manufactured in China, under very, very poor workconditions.....Apple ? It's all about the proifit for the shareholders, as much as possible, without regrets and respect, because they think their there have the right to do so.
Oh how well you know me. :( Ok, I admit it: YOU WERE HOT.
Lamarr I am blocked! Your videos don't show up on my subscription box! Please fix I don't want to create another account!
The highest of fives, but Apple admitting their wrong, come bro you know better then that
High Five Lamarr for making my day! :)
And the funny has returned! High Five
Feelin like Oprah.... You get a High five and You get a High five and You get a High five and You get a High five and
Cuidado amigo. Um bocão desses os morcegos podem confundir com uma cavera. E coco de mrcego fede prá danado!
The cuddling Apple bit will give me nightmares for a week. Thanks +Michael Wilson lol High five!
I'm kind of torn about this one. One thing you have to realize that these authors aren't getting their due like they should. Within a week that a book is published, I can go to the library and pick up that same book for free. You can't do that with movies. But I do agree with your logic! HIGHFIVE!!!
well i don't really think that apple is great, actually i hate apple, really hate it.Anyways who care it's just my idea; <<HIGHFIVE>>
I am laughing all over right now :D :D :D
what are they going to do anyways, i'm not even in the U.S.A
+1 if you hi-fived back. 👍👌😊
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