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Do you want 7.51GB of FREE Music from #SXSW ? Of COURSE you do!

Since 2008, the organizers of SXSW have offered LEGAL torrents of the of the artist showcases (SXSW is originally about the music), and they have handed that job to the public to publish this free music.

Music is from established acts and upcoming bands, so filter thru and keep what you like, delete what you don't!

I think it's cool that they offer this free and is an interesting model for getting theses band's names out there.
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Surely it'd be better distributed if they asked TPB to promote it on the front page.
I don't remember what I form I download it in, but I remember downloading music from SXSW back in 2005.
I already have 30GB of music. Yup, I'm quite the geek.
my country already have free music on internet...we have this special server called piratebay
+Jakub Celo Celušák TPB will be shut down any day now. Having more torrents like the the one provided in the link makes the defense for file sharing site stronger.
Kubo zas nemusis radit vsetkym... :)) bud rad ze to funguje a nepadlo to ako médžaaplód
It's a sad day when Google + is full of ads.
+Will Stuart what exactly do you see on other social networks? People are interested in products sometimes so they share them with others. And if others like that same product, which at least 109 people do, then the word spreads. Welcome to social networking dude.
Don't be hating Travis. I just don't like it to have a crap load of ads. It's better when just a few people on say "google +" can talk
Welcome to life dude, people like different things.
Raemy Carey you racist douche
Are they available in another format since I no longer have a torrent client and it seems a bit overkill just for this.
Why the excitement, free music, passée, I'll give you 8GB, just keep it calm though.
what is exacly this my friend ? A harddisk or something else... computer gets slow when use that why? A lot more wish to get more wisdom
Yep ...sometimes when they cut me off to do their thing!
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