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So, CNN used a clip of my video in today's report about "Hot Problems." It's at the end, but watch the whole video; it's gold. :)

'Hot girls' make world's worst song?
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Saw this on NSFW yesterday...its terribad but so awesome.
Oh, I kind of feel sorry for them now. Except I'm hot.
I seriously doubt you could make a better song - as terrible as this one is.
Ty Moss
How does CNN get away with using these clips without asking? lol
You know they have the same problems that we all have, just that they are hot. Thats all they are saying...
She said I was hot. I was like...DUH.
I only came to see the sexy black dude in the end.
+Lamarr Wilson Thats like Janet Napalitano coming up to me and saying I'm hot. More awkward then cool.
OMG she said you are hot! (She luuuuuvs ya!) :) And she watches your videos. OMG OMG OMG. Awesome stuff.
Ummm. Sounds like rebecca black drunk times 2, and blonde.... wow... um in other news
Nice Clip +Lamarr Wilson you stole the segment! lol
How much ladies are outside screaming your name? xD must be 1000's, man your famous now and that reporter wants you lol
It is not that bad in fact I prefer it to songs like "Baby" and "Friday".
hilarious clip -- they can edit these things in their sleep now, get the response video clips, the remakes, the comments, voila! CABLE NEWS!
For more good music like Friday and Hot problems check out "My Jeans", it never got enough views!
lol... They got 1,000,000 views? Hey, blame the RIAA...they set the precedent... 15 years ago, their video would've been a Rebecca Black Comedy to Rebecca Black's TGIF parody... :-O
Is there a hashtag for all the kidding about the 'hot girls' video?
Thatsss a very nice sssssong you've got there..... Lolz no. Not even a creeper would kill himself for this shit :P
Jeanne Moos thinks you're Hot Lamarr.
It's still better than 3 second rule
can't deny the truth, they really are HOT
I dunno, a bit of auto-tune and... maybe... just maybe.
Toni H
Why are we giving these trolls all of this attention?
Yeah i saw this on CNN last night. This morning you were on Fox 8 in Cleveland,OH.
congratulations to rebecca black for creating an army of bad singers
OMG d0000d U R FAMUS IRL now!!!!111!!
Sorry, that was obnoxious. I'll try to control myself in the future.
Worked great when the music hit.
Haha! She said you were hot Lamar!
AAAHHH not available on mobile darn u cnn! I will have to watch after work now. I cant wait that long!
now theres an idea . over weight tech guys have problems to :) I love you tho :)
Congrats for getting national exposure. I hope it bring in more followers to your show.
"Now he's hot!" HAHAHAHA! Very cool :)
Well... Since "Friday" was removed from YouTube, that might be the worst song.
i never heard that but i dont want to put my opinion about all i know is that the sing horrible thats wat every one is saying so that so im going to agree.
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