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Times are tough for the world's most choreographed heroes.
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Reminds me of that one time I saw a bum with a sign that read, "Need money to refuel private jet." I thought it was clever.
Yes, his job was out-sourced after Zeo, and most done with CGI :)
That suit's very slimming on you Lamarr
Love this cool !! I would give him food and money and take him to a homeless shelter .
Pat D
I might give that guy a few bucks if he teams up with Gamera and Sailor Moon and they fight the whole cast of Jersey Shore. =D
Noooooooossa e o Jaspion ja deve ter morrido de fome kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
He deserves something just for wearing that costume :P
holy shit, we have to do somehting
I will sell my Zords for money to give to him so he can by food.
i forget. which power ranger is this guy from
thats Zeo Ranger 5 from Power Rangers Zeo
In Japan, he's a cultural icon who is respected by Super Sentai of past, present, and future. In America... he's just another manic monster killer. :(
lolz that is awsome but how would somone poor get that awsome suit
that's just sad
he only wanted to defeat the evil overlord of darkness... and evil...
no way..............
Idiot wasted money on some dumb costume. . .
The super-heroes of the present days are also fighting for the daily food of theirs,,,
Geez, everybody's out of work. lol
You know it's bad if the Power Rangers are looking for handouts.
i would SO give him a sword and tell him to take out my brothers :P
Someone start a new a power rangers series so that guy can have work again
oooookay now dats just plain wierd
Haha I would give him some money just for being creative and having wits
well, he gets money for being an idol
I have to admit that my family and I saw the Power Rangers in person at their height of fame! So sad he looks now.... :( LOL
Currently they are on the 34th team, the new team (#35, Gobusters) starts on the 26th of this month I believe.
Oh, if only he could fight a giant monster, then he never would be in that situation in the first place.
if he can't afford did he get the suit?
I'll give you an Oscar Meyer Lunchable to see you morph.
go go power rangers!
+Bob Brown It's okay to Vent bob!! There is an easy way to not be bothered by "What's Hot" - - Don't click it.... That or it's the only thing that pops up in your + cuz you haven't added any circles. I just found it Ironic that while bitching about what's hot you just added yourself to the what's hot list!!!! You will come around bob....
Times are really tough, if THIS guy needs work, LOL!
kill my enemy and i will give you a year supply of food...
He was good in Kung Foo. Class today. Look at the star that teacher put on his head
Plus one to +Richard Rushing for knowing what season he's from and +Pat D for the Sailor Moon reference!

I knew G-Plussers were cool :D
He needs to be on a corner with more traffic..:-D
Oh my gosh that's hilarious! xD
That is sooooo coll man! i wish i was able to do that! im just a normal person i wish i could :( man your so lucky!
Don't give him money. He might use it to buy another superhero costume. LMAO
omg thats a sad yet hilarious pic. i used to luv power rangers, me and my friends would always play power rangers on the playground and i'd insist on being the pink one.
eso es para eso sirben los heroes pa pedir comida :P
...he can't buy food, yet he can buy a power-ranger costume... it just me or is something wrong with that?...
He is in much need of super powers.
Found a way to stand out. Thats gotta count for something.
At least he's willing to do something!
How much is your Zeo crystal?
This ain't no way to treat a (kid's TV show) hero...
+John Hawes He's probably had the same one since this one ranger was cool.

He doesn't have food now, but not because he bought this earlier.
stand up to find a job. You have more inner super power than you think you do. Don't waste your power.
if i was 4 i would give him all my money he would be a whole $10.00 richer
Wow! You had $10 when you were 4?
You should have a photo of a monster across from him holding a sign " will fight over choreographed heroes for fun"
lol thats pretty funny where is that???
I saw a monster the other day
It was red and had a star on its face and wore white gloves!
Go figure!
Very difficult for everyone. Especially for me who work as port operator, loading and unloading ships at soy beans and liquid.
ha ha haa poor red power ranger
Only the red guy? I think he should be have other 4 brothers...
stnd up ranger ! Go for job and earn möney !

Wow, it's a hard time even for our hero. Is the urbanization has lessened the amount of monster in the world???
waz up with the picture, usted tan esta pido.
that is so sad i feel bad for that dude i will also cook for you
Economy is tough on all walks of life, feel for ya Red Ranger!
Every 1 is having trouble......super ehhm..flop hero
Omg just saw a power ranger commercial
why not fight my maths teacher?
I'll fix him a four course meal if he could get my math teacher fired!!!! Lol
Oh, I don't know ... its kinda funny
if hes hobo where did he get the coustume
ha ha... ya... whatever evr happnd to these guys..... extinct??
ha ha .....haha...... red ranger lost job because no monster in city
i think power rangers are silly. when they fight i think some one else is in the costumes while the charaters talk off sceen
Okay so let's put this guy up against the whistling Spiderman! Taking bets now!
this is life.. but love the costume hahahaha !!! brother watches that show!!!!!!!!! And Dana I agree
I knew there TV show wouldn't last XD
in japan, he was supplanted by the next generation!
What I was wondering where the power rangers went!
what the Power Rangers wont do to stay in business but y the Red Ranger
Fight Facebook for me! It's a giant monster who eats people's time.
Also fight Apple Inc. for it eats people's common sense of price/value ratio.
And you'll still have a lot of work to do after you're finished with those two!!
Economic downturn.... Guess Giant also in recession..
I never thought this would actually happen... :)
haha...ha. Have you seen a ghost behind behind the lgiht?
I mean the Zeo Rangers have been out of work for years... all that money will eventually dry up...
Once power rangers start begging, we are all screwed
hahaha...really tough times :)
Well, fight those monsters in politics... Go.go.go. Rangers. Kip it up! Godbless. (ryanaledo)
laughed my head off at this ...many thanks lol
do you love watching such? although the color is too bright
would luv to chat
i feel sorry and all for this guy, but.... where did he/she get the suit?
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