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Lolwut?? :)
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I like how your shirt collar wiggles like that.
+Kevin Staff still a way better job than I could ever do. Besides, it looks pretty cool even if it wasn't intentional.
+Kyle Polansky Thanks! I guess I forgot to mention the mirage effect is because his finger is a source of perpetual energy. :) 
I made that mistake of staring right at it then woke up 3 hours later........Not good.
The fact nothing else is moving makes it that much funnier!
yo lo puedo hacer sin necesidad de alterar la foto real.. allí se ven los pixeles distorsionados y se nota el radio.
He can't figure why his finger Just Won't Stop MOVING~~~~~~!!!!!
its so disssstttttrrrrraaaaacccctttttiiiiinnnngggg..........
funny dbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdb
Pak, anda sedang apa..? hahaha...
That finger is in rare videos..and when he pulls it homo..its funny as hell !!
Godammit +Lamarr Wilson until these f00Ls can make thier shoulders jiggle like you they should shut the hell up..hehe
Sometime it left and right .Sometime it before and after . It's my illusion ?
What happened to his finger ???
How a proctologist waves hello to a fellow Dr.
You should make a model of your hand and sell it as a souvenir you could make millions 
hmm now wt should we call this? quite interesting though...........
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