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This is probably the FATTEST video I've ever done, and that's not a pun.

This is the subject of today's #sssSTOPITWednesday funny video!

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so fat she doesnt pump blood she pumps fat
Okay, you really don't have to be a size 0. But damn, she is trying too much.
Hey!! Lamarr that looks very Yummy that Pecan Pinwheel cake.I put pure butter on these & grill them,then I either have a cup of coffee or hot tea with it.Always,Lori H-Smith 16th.May 2012
Please!! stop Torturing people with this Delicous cake!!!!
Wah thats J__G__Normas..need to show this to +criketsringing , OO crap! ave been Slapped..
I don't think she wants to be that big. I don't think she is striving for that. I think it's an underlying pain that she has grown tired of fighting and so therefore, she's decided to give up on her self worth and devalue herself (which is what she really feels deep down inside) and just go full speed ahead in the wrong direction. When someone has so much pain that this is the manifestation of it, they can sometimes grow tired of trying to feel happy or valuable. What better way to deal with her true pain than to hide behind tons of flesh and call it intentional and then give it the ludicrous label of "I want my body to match my personality." I say to her, using the words of the great Lamarr Wilson, "sssSTOPIT" and "are you crazy?" It's possible that I am wrong but, seeing as how only an eensy weensy teeny weeny percentage of the human race finds this attractive, that means the rest are tearing her down and making fun of her and that has to hurt. Therefore, it makes NO sense for her to want this for herself.
+Lamarr Wilson oh no, no criticizing. I agree with you. I think I just wondered about her motives. I will refrain from psychoanalysis as well. I'm a psyche major. It tends to pop out from time to time. Sorry.
+Kelline Pickett HAHA it's fine! Your comment actually makes sense in the context; this is how you think all the time. :)
normally if you call a girl fat they'll kill you, susan like being fat so I can't really say anything about that. I want to ask her one question can she fit through the doors in her house?
so is susan offended when people say she's lost weight?
Lamar. you win one internet. ... >=)
Man, I'm glad I found you here on plus! What gives with rev 3? I had started watching you with my dose of totally rad show and epic meal time and now you're gone?
I haven't been with them in over a month and a half. No specific public reason; I've moved on and am doing great!
aww hell no that Bitch Crazy and her man Insane LOL
Man, that's disturbing that someone would willingly want to do that to themselves. :-(
mighty morphin power rangers.......classic :D
Why would anyone won't to be fat!? You can't move around like you need to. If a fire happens you are not getting out unless there is a big truck to pull you out.
Are you kidding me?!? +Lamarr Wilson you're spot on! What kind of image is this to promote?! What's this world coming to? Oy!
Pat D
I went and read the article... wow... this lady has some serious issues that go way beyond eating. It's really sad.
+Kelline Pickett my personal feelings are that you're on the right track but only that person understands the real depth of what's happening. And I think +Lamarr Wilson hit it right on too about the impact this has on society. If we're going to live in a society, then we have to show that same society some respect.
Hahahaha. 1:15 = classic look! Nice.
+Daniel Porter, Walmart has nothing to do with it. You could very well shop anywhere and gain the weight. Or shop at Walmart and be perfectly healthy.
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