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How to make your friends HATE you.
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That is SO wrong in so many ways!!
how to make friends TROLL style haha
You better keep them cold or people could die !
Nah, it's Mother's Day. I'll be doing that to my kids....hahaha
except that one guy, he'll probably thank you.
That is just weird!!!!!👾🍻🍻🍻
I really hate mayo!!!!!!😷😷
So wrong, and such a great practical joke
This would make me do more than hate him...I would have to kill him!
The fatty inside me is telling me that he could have done much worse to those doughnuts to make his friends hate them...
yy whouldd yhuu putt mayo on doughnuts Crazy
I'd kill my friend if he did that. Overall good joke.
He should stop and try one before pranking his frends.
He just invented a new flavor of donut for those who don't want all that extra sugar. lol
You could always take it to traffic court :)
...and someone will say "OMG these are the best doughnuts I've ever had" xD
OH NO ! don't do that they'll give you life for a Red light Camera violation ! lol
Oh dear... there are no words.
wow sweet........lolz
This is hilarious. I love harmless pranks like this
I don't have to try that hard, it comes naturally :(
Excellent ! I love mayonaise !
Good God! That looks delicious! ;}
NO way !! yea I would hate you !
Nobody seen Van Wilder, it was the dogs bollox :-)
I would totally hit that.
I wish that I thought of that. Soon get rid of some scroungers.
You sir are a genius!!!!!!
I just took cookies in to work, let them eat them all then sit a photo of a bunch off cookies on a toilet seat on the counter. Of course it's best if your not around when the picture is found
mayo isn't as bad as miracle-whip salad dressing might be
I always liked the joke where you fill a clean mayo container with pudding and eat it like nothing's wrong. This one is good too
Good idea. I think I'll try that. LOL
"Irresistible cream filling. I call first dibs" [Chewing slows]


That's classic.
omg i wud not like to b his friend...i HATE mayonnaise!
That's an old carneval tradition in some parts of Germany. We always used to fill one doughnut with mustard...
This is a crime against Doughnut-dom and against the Geneva Convention.
Baaaaahhhhh!!!!! U are wrong for that! 
Shame on him, nobody is ever entitled to mess with donuts and be unpunished ¬.¬
Well, it's not the worst thing you could put in a donut. If you've seen the right movie, than you know exactly what I am talking about. Ew.
If i did that to my friends i don't think i'd have any left
ye canna do much else to get someone to hate ye.
if i did tht i would hve got smacked!
I would do that to my brothers. Haha
what a waste of good food ...stupidities finest hour
thats seems really good whos ready for donuts not me i rather barf then eat those
hahahahhaHAHAHA damn that must taste awfull
1.Cover your mouth with your hand
2.Post this comment on 3 other profiles
3.Open your hand
4. Look at your hand
in Spain we called this: How to make one bad thing out of two good ones ¬_¬
HAHAHA!!! omg i would love to do this to my boyfriend ;) Be a laugh :)
Still to find food that mayo doesn't improve! These donuts looks yummy ;)
who puts mayo inside of donuts
I wouldn't hate the guy -as long as he has some Albacore Tuna. 
My husband would love them. I think a better joke would to put something like gum that turns your mouth black in them!
why would i want a friend hate me
r u going to eat that couse if u r then that is gross
im going to use that for the next april fools joke lol
But I thought white people love mayonnaise!? Lol #UndercoverBrother
if my so called friend did that 2 me i wouldve beat him up! i would even punch him in the face extra hard cuz i hate hellmann's
he can do that to me cuz i love both doughuts and mayonaise :)
Awesome!!! I use fear factory's mule seaman myself but that is over the too!!! ROFLMAO. HAHAH
omg lol am sooo gonna do that now ^_^ learn him to keep his mouth shut
colocando maionesse nos sonhos ,que horrivel.
Oh those poor donuts 
Lorri M
That's pretty high up on the evil scale right there...
its many ways you can make your friend hate you
Could be good, it is Hellman's.. :)
Hey, it could have been a three layer, chocolate, Ex-lax, marble cake. :P
Drop them off at the police department
Yeah, with HellMann's I would never talk to him again. LOL
its like making an ice cream cone from lard or butter... lol
Man, they figured out my sweet and tangy doughnut recipe!
i doubt ive ever seen anything grosser!!!!!!
THIS IS BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE! not a practical joke!
Why would anyone intentionally want to make their friends hate them?
This is good because it helps your friends to eat healthier.
Dude, That is NASTY... But also pure genius. I'm gonna have to try this one myself
That is so wrong. And it's such a quick way to get your a$$ beaten.
He would become my daughters BEST friend. Being a mayo sandwich kind of person. Literally, two pieces of bread slathered with mayo. Then, slapped together and eaten with delight. I was going to say relish. But, the confusion that would add to the composition of her sandwich would have been a bit much.
yes, i have, i like brad and maionese, thankil.
that must taste weird as heck.
uhhh.... disgusting much? ur a weird friend
omg really why use donuts
This fat guy says, "Not cool, man. Not cool."
someone's not on a diet then! :P
🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤Fail thats frickin mayo?
Lol im doing this next april...yes, maya, you will pay for all of the bitchy pranks i have recieved!!!
Yummy! And I mean it. I love mayonnaise!
Gela Gh
Oooh that's so wrong!!!!
They will surely hate you forever.
Disgusting lol !:) good 1 Though.!:)
Disgusting. You're still cool Lamarr, but this will make me paranoid around creme-filled doughnuts forever.
I love it and might have to use that
I think I would puke if that happen to me
He should be glad I don't know him, if he gave me one those doughnuts I'd knock his block off 
I sniff and poke everything before I put it in my mouth {heh}, so this would never work on I'm not a big fan of doughnuts. But I'd love to see this play out in real life. ( ^ . ^ )
I gotta try to prank someone like that one day lmao
I think I saw this on an old episode of Paula Deen... ;)
At this point you would have no friends.
eeeeeeeeewwwww.................That is nasty stuff you are doing is that for your mother does she like that because it looks nasty
Just take out the donuts and put veggies in their place.
because mayonnaise is so much worse for you than cream filling lol martha
A sick sad mind is a terrible thing to wast..
i love ur show, Lamarr, but this, this is too much.
Too funny, but actually, I'd at least try it,
Incorporate some bacon and you'd have a hit!
sounds good what is the problem... just add some browned ground beef and cheese and you got a tasty treat!
y would u want ur friends to hate u
da a good one lmaooo...
LOL. Such tenacity....he must possess such a finely tuned white-hot hate.
Thats soooooooooooooooooooo MEAN! BUT IS IT WRONG I FIND IT FUNNY?!?!?!?
1 cover you mouth with your hand 2 whisper a wish into your hand 3 post this on three other coments 4 look at your hand
LOL awesome practical joke!!!! though strangely I can see this backfiring when someone who really really really likes mayonnaise eats one of these, and by the way if you really like mayonnaise that much is a epic durp! x)
ha ha ha ha! That is hillarious!
We have a tradition in Germany where you server Donuts at midnight on new years eve. And all of them are filled with marmelade except one which is filled with mustard.
wow...hate might be a little too generous!
Some kinds of plays also cause serious discussions and untill...deaths.
if am your friend ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮
Ive done that with ketch up and told them it was jelly filled
eeeewwwhhhhhhh.... but a great prank.. I must try this
i'd probably still eat it though
That looks soooo delicious!
and, incidentally, how to kill off your hateful friends!
I know how to make it worse, put some bacon in it
It diffidently make you look at your pastry treats closely next time.
aww haha, sure wouldn't wanna be one of the people eating those! lol
lmao, I would love to see their faces as they bit into one... that would be priceless.
At least its only mayonaise it could've been something much worse lol
Waste of food! Please justify by the aftermath picture :x
oh just imagin what that would taste like! nasty!
wow i would laph if someone ate those
The candied onion is also another all time favorite lol
mayo in donuts for payback sounds awesome!
heads would roll if somebody did that too me...-_-
I've done this before... but with Twinkies. And yes, they hated me after.
Thats Awesome! I know who I will do this too.
What is REALLY sad is that it probably makes them MORE healthy!
Damn I'm on this for 2 mins and there fights going on :?
Could be worse. Anybody remember Van Wilder?
wonder who his friends were
+Mark Heine It's that Mayo should NEVER be put inside a doughnut. Never. I like Mayo, but No.
Nav H.
About to vomit thinking about how it would taste.
lol that is hilarious! looks like guy has a great sense of humor, hopefully his friends agree!
This man came from hell to mess with his friends. Brought his product: Hellmans.
more like how to get your ass kicked.... with extreme prejudice.
The funniest part of all this is how angry these comments are. Seriously though, that is a dick move.
That is disgusting on soooo many levels. 
after this amigo be ready to call ambulance heart attack is touch u door
no fue mi intencion ofenderte,mis disculpas
What a bunch of fuckin' bawl babies ! I think it's funny !
Melt some cheese on them and they would be rockin'. 
James G
I don't know, Matt loves Mayo
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